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What if…

It seems that at least a few universities are pushing back against the wave of sniveling Special Snowflakes™, who are flooding the halls of higher education with their fears, their perceived offenses, their alleged “trauma,” their claims of oppression, and their unreasonable demands for “safe space” to isolate and insulate them from dissent!

WTHThe latest is Oklahoma Wesleyan University, whose president kicked a Special Snowflake™ in the nuts after said offendapotomus complained because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on love that he claimed made him feel bad for not showing love! Apparently, the Special Snowflake’s feelings were hurt, because the sermon challenged him to be a better person, and therefore, the person giving the sermon was branded a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

This instead of looking into mirror and making a change. 

To quote this wise man, “This is not a daycare! This is a university!”

But apparently, these Special Snowflakes are too special to adult, so they are demanding America’s colleges become their mommies and daddies. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we raise the legal adult age to… say… 25 or so? After all if you’re a legal adult who can’t tolerate constructive criticism, dissenting opinions, or your worldview being challenged, what are you doing making adult decisions about your life? You should have a university administrator mommy or daddy who will instruct you how to live your life, so as not to harm your fragile little ego or your sensitive little reproductive organs.

It kind of makes you wonder what kind of bubble wrap the parents of these clammy, entitled, bleating cry bullies have been wrapping them in. Pink. Large bubbles. Lined with fur. And maybe binkies and a soft blanky.

So what if we just stopped catering to these fragile flowers?

What if every time a whiny douche weasel gets publicly chafed labia over the names of Mars’ moons being too violent, we oblige by changing Phobos and Deimos (Fear and Terror) to the even more frightening Sanguis and Decollatio (Bloodshed and Beheading)?

What if the next time some entitled millennial complains about facing the same problems the rest of us face in life, but blames it on being a “person of color,” because mommy and daddy aren’t as able as those privileged whites to throw money at them like white parents supposedly do, we issued them a white, redistributionist liberal who agrees with their philosophy, if they promised to leave the rest of us alone?

What if the next time a BLM protester physically assaults a white student on a college campus by pinning her against a wall, while screaming hateful, racist epithets such as “filthy, white bitch,” the white student throat punches that screeching cunt so hard, her vocal cords fall out of her ass? Would they get the message that their color, their alleged “plight,” and their grievances do not excuse physical assault and will be returned in kind?

What if we gave sniveling, whimpering limp dicks demanding “a rare space where their blackness could not be violated” their own “separate, but equal” facilities? Would they even remember what they were about? Would they even understand the kind of foul, twisted, demented demands they’re making? Would they even remember and respect those who marched and fought against the very same sick thing for which they now clamor?

What if we allowed privileged Snowflakes who attention whored by starving themselves, while hiding the fact that they are the spawn of millionaires, to just starve? Would they sneak a Snickers while no one was looking? Would they give up, because their stunt was a worthless ploy for attention, and everyone recognized it as such?

What if the next time a “feminist” (and I put that word in quotes, because no real, independent, strong woman would actually break down into mental illness due to social media disagreements) screeches about Twitter giving her PTSD and complains about her irritated vagina, we show her photos of women raped by ISIS savages, little girls mutilated in Somalia with shards of broken glass and rusty blades, so they never enjoy sex, and a photo of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot for daring to demand an education, and point and laugh at her for being such a sniveling candy-ass that she wound up bedridden and unable unwilling to work, because people were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mean?

wendellAnd what if next time a privileged Hollywood entertainer dildo who likely lives in a nice, gated community with armed guards and police who respond in no time to emergency calls, claims that “If every Black male 18-35 applied for a conceal& carry permit, and then joined NRA in one day; there would be gun control laws in a second,” we take as many of our black friends as we can shooting and offer to buy them an NRA membership for a year or better yet, a membership to their state gun rights association, no-compromise Gun Owners of America, or the Zelman Partisans, who understand racism and prejudice and fight to counter it every day?

Then tweet the photos from the range trip to this sanctimonious shitslurper, and direct his stupid ass to Colion Noir for an education.

What if society just stopped affording deference to these blubbering, mewling brats? Or better yet, ridiculed them at every turn?


Back from Thanksgiving Hiatus

My son came home for Thanksgiving. I miss him daily while he’s in college, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to say “goodbye” when he drove off on that misty, chilly Sunday morning. I hadn’t seen him since I helped him move into his dorm in late August, and it seemed impossible that this kid grew another inch and matured another mile during this time!

I have a photo 2012-9-14-RedWineof his 11th birthday celebration framed on my desk. He had moppy ginger hair and a baby face. I can’t help but see that little boy in my clean-cut, somewhat clean-shaven… sort of… young man.

So, I decided to cut my blogging for the week and enjoy the time I had with the kid. We got last minute tickets to the Caps / Jets game, which the Caps won, and which we watched from very cool seats in a suite at Verizon Center. We went to get coffee at the Starbucks where he used to work. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and ate too much food. I’m currently still getting over the food coma!

Now it’s back to work. Back to reality. Back to the problems I left behind for at least a while.

I told Danny this would be a lean holiday this year, and he was beyond understanding. I’m sure Sarah will be as well. I raised my kids to appreciate the love they get and even small gifts that are given with love will be treasured! grimes

Yes, I will have to take the house off the market and hand it over to the bank, because I can no longer afford to pay the mortgage and my rent. I’ve put thousands of dollars into that place, and thanks to that child-molesting scumbag Cooper and his shrew having first stolen, and then wrecked my house, the time to sell it has passed, and I will lose thousands of dollars both in equity and in repairs. But hey… at least I won’t be financially responsible for it any longer. And maybe we can stop living paycheck to paycheck when I won’t have to pay the mortgage in addition to my rent anymore.

Overall, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. I didn’t do a blog post for Thanksgiving about it, because I didn’t want to think about all the crap that went wrong this year, and then sit around trying to look on the bright side of every single shitty event. Frankly, examining each sore is exhausting, and trying to come up with something positive like a bandage to cover it is even more so. In the end you kind of wind up looking like Rick Grimes after a fight with an abusive spouse.

I’m just grateful to be still alive, still healthy, have a great set of kids and animals, and a balcony where I can sit and sip a glass of wine after work. And oh, boy, I’ve gone through a lot of wine!



Irony of ironies!

Since 2013, the mainstream media has been beating the drum for Saadiq Long – the Air Force officer who was barred from traveling to Qatar to visit his supposedly ailing mother. Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian, who just a couple of years ago irresponsibly elevated lying, irresponsible, traitorous piece of shit Edward Snowden to the level of hero for a number of clueless, paranoid conspiritards, championed Long’s plight, and CAIR and MSNBC which see the “Islamophobia” boogieman under every bed, sniffled about Long’s placement on the no-fly list.

Now, I’m no fan of barring people from travel without due process. I’m no fan of no-fly lists. But I also know enough about the way information is collected to understand that sometimes, that info is dead on.

In the case of Saadiq Long, that intelligence was proven accurate, because guess who was recently arrested in Turkey for trying to join ISIS!

A man, who just two years ago was the poster boy for the far-Left media’s attacks against the U.S. government’s no-fly list for “unfairly” targeting Muslims, finds himself and several family members sitting in a Turkish prison — arrested earlier this month near the Turkey-Syria border as members of an ISIS cell.


U.S. and Turkish officials confirmed Long’s arrest to PJ Media, saying that he was arrested along with eight others operating along the Turkish-Syrian border. So far, no U.S. media outlet has reported on his arrest.

There are thousands of people on the watchlist, and supposedly, more than 40 percent of them aren’t affiliated with any terrorist group at all. The other 60 percent appear to be individuals affiliated with groups such as al-Q’aida, Hizballah, Hamas, Taliban, and others. This isn’t Islamophobia. These are designated terrorist groups. That said, the majority of individuals on the watchlist have committed no crime, and from what I’m reading the Terrorist Screening Center accepts almost 99 percent of nominations to its list. That doesn’t sound too discriminatory, and it certainly doesn’t sound like they’re targeting Muslims.

Perhaps before screeching from the rooftops about Islamophobia in a case of someone who was placed on a terrorist watchlist, the media and CAIR should check to ensure that their cause celebre isn’t an actual… you know… terrorist.

An observation on third-wave feminist weirdos

I had a conversation on Facebook this morning with a bunch of writer friends prompted by the latest in third-wave feminist weirdness, where they literally display their vaginas to the world as some heavenly entities for everyone to worship.

We’ve seen vaginal knitting, where some performance “artist” (read: some attention whore with daddy issues) decided to shove a bunch of yarn up her vagoo and knit a sweater. I can’t imagine how that sweater would smell – probably some horrid mix of wet dog and sweaty twat – but I also can’t imagine any rational reason why anyone would advertise this to the world, other than “LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!”

brain_bleach2_4427We’ve seen some weirdo make yogurt out of her vaginal discharge. Yes… yogurt. She apparently had to shove a wooden spoon up there to get some bacteria out, and she apparently ate it too. Hey, if I wanted to chow down on vaj, I’d go out and find myself a girlfriend, and lady… I’d be willing to buy you the coolest sex toy I find on the Internets if you find a way to erase that image from my brain! I certainly wouldn’t take the time to ferment yogurt out of my own snatch. She and her friends claim it was just this “weird little experiment” she did on her own time – nothing connected with class, not for a grade. And yet, somehow, the media got a hold of this story, and Cecilia Westbrook became instantly famous. I wonder who went public with this little story…

Now there’s this. I warn you now – if you’re easily grossed out, stop reading. I’ll even give you a fold, so I don’t expose you to the kind of noxiousness these creatures are now parading around for the world to see!

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Make fake clock bomb. Take to school. Get arrested. Profit.

Remember Ahmed Mohamed? I had some sympathy for the kid when his story initially broke. He made a dumb looking clock inside a pencil case, and his idiot teacher decided to call the police, because it looked like a “hoax bomb.” The kid was subsequently arrested, questioned about the “hoax bomb,” and then released to his parents. I also didn’t think the incident had anything to do with “islamophobia,” but rather the idiotic “zero tolerance” policies that around the country led to a kid being booted from school for chewing a breakfast pastry into the shape of a “gun,” an honor student getting in trouble for bringing a butter knife to school with her lunch, a kid getting in trouble for pretending a chicken nugget was a gun, and a first-grader being suspended for bringing a Cub Scout utensil to school that happened to contain a knife.

But there was always something unsettling about the whole thing. Instead of condemning the reactionary “zero tolerance sense” policies that landed his kid in hot water, the kid’s father began to immediately screech about “Islamophobia” and racial profiling. “Zero tolerance” policies are idiotic, nonsensical tripe that allow school administrators to lazily toss kids out of class for “safety” reasons, without using a shred of thought and logic to examine each individual situation. These policies have threatened the futures of hundreds of kids, without regard for race. I would submit that a Pop-Tart chewed into something ambiguously resembling a gun is much more innocuous than the “clock/bomb” Mohamed brought to school that day. So why is it that Mohamed’s father decided to use his child to paint American society around him as bigoted?

This might explain it.

The smear effort made Ahmed the target of anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists and caused his family to flee the country for their own safety, the family’s lawyer claimed Monday in letters addressed to City Hall and Irving ISD—demanding apologies and a total of $15 million to stave off a civil rights suit.

Never mind that the incident resulted in the kid getting an invite to the White House, got a hug from the President of the United States – an African American man who was elected to the highest office in the land… twice (Quite the racist country we are, right?), visited Google, Mecca, met with the Queen of Jordan, and had a very creepy audience with the genocidal maniac president of Sudan.

clock kid

He looks so traumatized taking a selfie with former NASA Astronaut John M. Grunsfeld, doesn’t he? The horror!


That doesn’t matter. He was apparently oh-so-scarred by his experience, that the family decided to move to Qatar and leave this horrible, racist country that allowed him to become a national hero, meet the President and even a former NASA astronaut after bringing something to school that, let’s face it, looked like a bomb.

And the only thing that will mitigate the trauma? You guessed it! Money – $15 million to be exact.

Any sympathy I had for this kid is gone. This is no longer a “stupid school administrators overreact yet again to a harmless object” story that I’ve written about over and over again on this site. It is now an “opportunistic pig tries to extort money from taxpayer, because ISLAMOPHOBIA, and… SHUT UP, RACIST!”

I don’t see the President inviting a little deaf boy named Hunter Spanjer to the White House, because idiot school officials attempted to prevent him from using sign language to say his name, because it violated their “zero tolerance” for weapons policy.

I don’t see public apologies, meetings with dignitaries, invites to the White House, or trips to the DYI Network for the Chicago teacher who was suspended from his job for showing hand tools to his second grade students as part of a math lesson. Screw drivers! Pliers! Wrenches! A box cutter! OH THE HORROR!

I didn’t see a whirlwind tour of Chef Geoff’s restaurants, a hug from the President, or meetings with the Prime Minister of France for Da’von Shaw, a Bedford, Ohio high school student, who brought apples and craisins to school for a “healthy eating” presentation he was giving to his speech class, took out a knife to cut the apple, and wound up suspended for five days for bringing a “weapon” to school.

None of them sued the idiot school districts for millions of dollars. None of them tried to extort money from the taxpayers for some alleged “bigotry.” None of them became grievance merchants, even though they were treated with much less deference and respect. They weren’t covered by the mass media. There was no mass outrage.

Ahmed Mohamed got all that and more, and yet, his father chose to make a spectacle out of the incident, snottily move his family to Qatar, because it’s oh-so-hard to grow up in America, and then attempt to extort millions of dollars from Americans!

This isn’t about racism. It’s about greed, plain and simple. The bastard wants money, and he’s using his kid to coerce that money from the taxpayers.

Because getting scratch from the Qatar Foundation that’s been accused of being linked to Hamas is apparently just not enough.


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