It’s Not Racism When They Do It

I shouldn’t be amazed at the continued racism, prejudice, and utter appalling lies perpetuated by the SJW crowd. After all I’ve written about them enough on this blog. Every time I finish an essay, I promise myself to ignore these nits hereafter. I don’t want to give them any additional publicity or clicks.

But invariably, every time I read another repugnant screed by one of these howler monkeys or their screeching harpy handlers, I’m once again motivated to eviscerate them (in a purely figurative sense, for those whining offendapotomi who will invariably shriek that I’m somehow threatening physical violence) and their destructive efforts to marginalize those who don’t quite fall in line with their agenda.

Enter this… “writer.” I put “writer” in quotes, because this… person’s offensive diatribe is actually painfully irrational, illogical, and downright false. It’s an attempt to smear a group of people whom she does not know, does not care to know, and apparently barely considers human, judging by her lack of regard for this mythical adversary she and other SJW scum have erected for themselves.

The first paragraph of this dumpster fire of a piece immediately dives into the cesspool of “Let’s blame the evil whitey for objectifying women.”

In the movie Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s dad, George McFly, is the archetypal original nerd — an awkward, bookish white guy who has no natural game with the ladies, the George of 1955 reads sci-fi comic book magazines that spin space fantasies to accompany our nation’s Cold War policies. By 1966, these space fantasies could be glimpsed in full swing in the new television show Star Trek. While the original series ran for just three years, it spawned a multi-generational franchise of movies and TV shows. In hindsight, those early episodes seem undeniably cheesy, but at the time they were far more serious – not only about the starship Enterprise’s mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” but also about the importance of Captain Kirk meeting hot alien babes on all of the strange planets they found.

See? Star Trek was all about white Kirk humping alien babes! This shows a basic lack of comprehension for the show and an attempt to excoriate something she obviously has never had any interest in other than as a well-pummeled punching bag for her ideological hatred of the white patriarchy.

It wasn’t about breaking racial barriers in the era of the Civil Rights movement, depicting males, females, and aliens cooperating and forming lasting bonds to achieve the same goal!  The first interracial kiss on television… the numerous interracial – and even interspecies – relationships… the portrayal of a future in which people really are judged by the content of their character, where tolerance and diversity aren’t just terms with which to beat your ideological opponents over the head… nah… This ideological spawn of Mao and Stalin can only focus its myopic vision on Kirk’s libido.


Because you see… apparently somehow Star Trek is responsible for sexual harassment.

No, she doesn’t specifically say it, but by tying a current sexual harassment scandal that resulted in the resignation of renowned astronomer Geoff Marcy to Marcy’s lifelong dream of researching other worlds as a voracious reader of science fiction…

Well, you see where this is going.

Geoffrey William Marcy, future award-winning astronomer and UC Berkeley professor, was only twelve years old when Star Trek premiered. A couple of years later, Marcy discovered astronomy. According to a 2001 profile in the LA Times, he would often sit on his rooftop in southern California and gaze through a telescope. “He was 14 and he was obsessed…by the age-old questions that animated the science fiction he devoured… Were there other Earths teeming with life? Marcy was certain there were.” A few weeks ago, Marcy was being discussed as a potential Nobel Prize honoree. Then BuzzFeed leaked the story that Marcy had been found guilty of sexual harassment.

Talk about a ham-handed, puerile attempt to tie Kirk’s straying cock to science fiction to the current scandal! Could this creature get any more ponderous?

Star Trek, Kirk Man Whore —> Marcy watches Star Trek, Kirk Man Whore —> Marcy is interested in other worlds that science fiction has been exploring —> sexual harassment.

Um... What?

Um… What?

Now, let’s say this up front. For the record, sexual harassment and unwelcome sexual contact is beyond repugnant. Marcy’s acts as described in this Buzzfeed article are disgusting. No one in their right mind shoves their hand to a female colleague’s crotch and grabs on! What kind of professor in his right mind gets inappropriately touchy with students? And worse yet, if these incidents were well known and systematically ignored, there’s a systemic problem with UC Berkeley and the astronomy field writ large! No one – male or female – should be forced to leave the field they love because someone sexually assaulted them without repercussions! No one!

I once knew of a guy who was autistic, but really good at what he did at a particular agency. However, after he leaned over and began eating the hair of the woman sitting in front of him on a shuttle bus, he was eventually let go. Didn’t matter how good he was at his job. He. Ate. Her. Hair. Granted, he didn’t really have much control over his behavior, according to the account I got, but you know what? He was gone anyway.

Marcy, apparently sexually harassed numerous students, and his pawing was an open secret on campus. He then proceeded to excuse his behavior as somehow accidental. “It is difficult to express how painful it is for me to realize that I was a source of distress for any of my women colleagues, however unintentional,” he said.


I don’t care how socially awkward you are. Your hand doesn’t “unintentionally” grab someone’s crotch or wander inside someone’s shirt. No excuse. None!

Hope that’s clear.

But condemning the behavior of the university and the professor wasn’t good enough for the “writer” of the dreck I cited above. No, she just had to take the opportunity to smear the SJWs’ favorite punching bag, the Sad Puppies, with that tainted brush, because Sad Puppies = anyone the SJWs hate.

The mental acrobatics and irrational contortions that she obviously had to go through to reach this conclusion are making my eyes cross! You see, the Sad Puppies, in the addled shit show of a mind of this particular imbecile, want to bring back the good ole days of science fiction, which are replete with misogyny, degradation of women, and the SJW morons’ favorite boogieman: the domination of old white men.

So, they exploited a “loophole” in the award nomination process, she claims.

What. A. Dumb. Twat.

There was no loophole. Zero. A bunch of fans used the normal nomination process to nominate works they liked – without the usual deference to political agendas, social messaging, or any of the other crap the SJW and their howler monkey supporters worship. They merely nominated the works they liked without regard to politics or social justice agendas.

The Sad Puppies are upset, she claims, because it is “no longer safe to automatically assume the average sci-fi fan — or protagonist — is a straight white guy.” Of course, none of the Sad Puppies I know said any such thing. What this purveyor of sniffly Marxist crap is quoting, as if it can somehow be attributed to the Sad Puppies, is an article by the pasty, white, frothing “culture editor” of the notoriously leftist Vox, who erroneously claimed that somehow Sad Puppies wanted to return science fiction not only to its space opera roots, but “to celebrate works by politically conservative authors, whose views may sit outside the mainstream of the current community.”

Well, instead of actually researching facts, the howling SJW rodent simply doubles down on the stupid.

Let’s set aside the fact that the Sad Puppies campaign and eventual slate was made up of deserving authors who would “not otherwise find themselves on the Hugo ballot without some extra oomph received from beyond the rarefied, insular halls of 21st century Worldcon ‘fandom.'” Note, there’s nothing said about color, race, sexual identity, gender, political affiliation, or anything else the Puppy Kickers deem to be more important than actual quality writing. As a matter of fact, knowing a number of the authors on that slate as I do, I’d be hard pressed to pigeonhole them into any kind of political ideology. Some are a-political. Many support not only gays serving openly and proudly in the military, but also getting married. Some are, in fact, conservative, and even though I’ve had my disagreements with them over the years, they were always respectful and never bitter.

This sniveling, lying twat is all about the bitter. “According to one Sad Puppy author, ‘A few decades ago, if you saw a…space ship on a book cover…or a barbarian swinging an axe, you were going to get a rousing fantasy epic with broad-chested heroes who slay monsters, and run off with beautiful women.’ (Female consent to this running-off was not mentioned.) Nowadays, the novel beneath that same cover might involve a critique of sexism, or colonization, or even feature a queer or transgender hero,” she claims.

Well, she’s either illiterate, or a liar. I’d bet the latter. The full quote from my friend Brad Torgersen is here, and if she had actually bothered to read what he wrote, she would realize that the complaint is not about the existence of gay or transgender heroes, as she disingenuously claims, but rather the substitution of social justice issues for fun and adventure. It’s about the fact that good story telling has taken a backseat to the social justice message, and while looking at the cover, the reader expects a space adventure, they’re invariably “treated” to smug lectures on the evils of capitalism or racial prejudice.

But let’s forget her lack of reading comprehension for a moment and look at the juxtaposition of the Sad Puppies issue with the Geoff Marcy resignation.


I guarantee you that not a single author on the Sad Puppies 2015 slate or a Sad Puppies fan and supporter would defend Marcy’s alleged actions! I guarantee you that every single one of them would condemn the sexual harassment. Not a single one would try to excuse the inexcusable!

And yet, here she is, humping the narrative like a terrier long overdue for a neutering.

It’s not that the Sad Puppies slate lacked diversity. Not even close. And the upcoming year’s Sad Puppies campaign is run by three women, whom I’m sure this pedantic sow will find a way to abuse, castigate, and excoriate. It won’t take her long to jump on that bandwagon and throw fellow women authors (ones who are much more interesting, successful, and revered in their field than she is in hers) under the social justice bus, because they dare to be different, independent, and bright without whining about how they’ve been slighted by dick-bearing misogynists, I’m sure.

It’s not that the Sad Puppies want to bar talented, deserving women from being published or read. It’s that they want to bring back interesting, exciting stories and focus on the actual writing, instead of the social agenda contained in it.

It’s not that Sad Puppies authors write only about white male heroes. As Mike Williamson reminds us, his first novel “Freehold,” featured a “female lead, bunches of mixed race characters, and a positive portrayal of a sex worker who was a bisexual Asian/Hispanic.” Mike has written black, mixed race, Asian, gay, straight, and transgender characters. He’s “written atheists, Muslims, fundamentalist Christians, people with medical and physiological handicaps, Pagans, and others I don’t keep track of, because I think of people as individuals, not stereotypes.”

But you know who is constantly humping gender and race stereotypes? The author of this monumentally duplicitous and unfair screed and the commenters who are licking her ass and praising her mental acrobatics.

Thanks this essay is awesome. I’m not a writer but a scientist and a lifelong voracious scifi/fantasy reader, and the Sad Puppies/Marcy/Hunt debacles make me want to scream. I somehow never connected the two (sexist scientists and sexist scifi) together so explicitly.

You know why? Because there was no connection there, you nitwit. There never was! Not until this lying sow somehow twisted a fan movement into a sexism fantasy.

Thank you, this perfectly illustrates why I could never get into the classic sci-fi like Heinlen. I tried and tried but cool tech just isn’t enough for me.

You probably couldn’t get into it, because you don’t have the mental capacity to understand it. Hell, you can’t even spell Heinlein’s name correctly!

Oh my god, I can’t even read male scifi writers, it’s always such boring, boring sexist drivel. I stopped reading male scifi writers recently though and I actually like the genre again!

Based on your writing, you might as well have stopped at “I can’t read.”

But to agree, I did a think last year where I only read female SF/F writers for like six months, and it honestly was one of my best reading decisions ever.

But that’s not sexist or anything. Hell, K. Tempest Bradford RAGE QUIT reading works by white, male authors, but she’s not racist or sexist either.

Women and other minorities in SFF are doing such cool shit right now, there’s no reason to read anyone else …

No, of course not! Why read for quality? Just choose your authors based on race. But that’s not racist.

It’s not racist when they do it!



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  1. Excellent, and thank you.

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  2. If you really want to see racism and anti-gay sentiment, disagree with the current pro-regressive narrative and watch the spittle fly! For the SJW crowd, it’s Narrative Uber Alles.

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  3. She lost me way back at “…fun theater skit-based (sexual harassment) training”. I wonder if she strained any brain cells in the course of performing all those mental gymnastics.


    1. You’re assuming she has some to strain!


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  5. The problem with cultural Marxists is that they see everything — literally, everything — through the lens of cultural Marxist deconstructionism. Therefore, all cultural product is “deconstructed” to its (naturally, of course) racist, sexist, homophobic, cisnormative roots. Actual facts and logic don’t matter at all. The agenda of the activist is all that counts, and an activist can read anything into anything if (s)he tries hard enough. So, it’s raw assertion (usually wrong) backed up with a lot of angry threats.

    Of course, none of these individuals has ever heard the story about the little boy who cried wolf. When you ring the fire alarm all day every day, people tune it out — even in those instances where a fire may actually exist. Thus the constant pulling of victim cards, does a disservice to true victims. And no, the activists take no responsibility for any of it — why would they? Responsibility is never, ever in their vocabulary for themselves. Everything is always somebody else’s fault.

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    1. Bingo!

      And the sad part is that it’s the real victims who will suffer. Claim “fart rape,” and you’ve just shat on real victims of sexual assault and harassment. Claim everything is misogyny, and those who suffer under real discrimination – and yes, it does exist – and their voices are lost in the din. Screech RACISM in every single instance, and you’ve alienated a ton of allies who would have been in your corner had you experienced real racism.

      They don’t care. They want all or nothing in their favor. If you’re not with us, even when we’re completely irrational, then you’re our enemy.

      Well, that’s a lot of enemies they’re making.

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    2. The dumbing down of “rape” has been one of the most appalling developments. Really, rape is right there with murder and molestation, as among the most heinous crimes any human being can commit against another human being. But the misapplication of the term to all kinds of things which are emphatically not rape, has devalued the word — and mocked the actual victims of real rape in the process.

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  7. Listen, the whole “racist” screed is so bad they’re brow-beating our children in the schools while they’re young to get them conditioned for later life control.

    This is off-topic, but still on-topic when it comes to the hyper-focus on race.

    At my urging, my ten year old granddaughter was talking about a classmate that had given her a hard time a few weeks ago and attempted to describe her physically. Cellie lightly rubbed her finger over her forearm and said, “Well, her skin is …. um … it’s sort of … uh …,” I interrupted her and asked, “Is she black, honey?” Cellie meekly looked down and nodded her head. I was instantly angry, but held it back so as not to upset her. I said, “It’s okay to say she’s black.” She looked like she was going to burst into tears when she replied with, “Yeah, but she’s a minority.” As if she felt she had to tolerate bad behavior since the other girl was black. I couldn’t believe she used the word minority in such a context. She’s being taught that “minority” means “oppressed”.

    I wanted to go to the school and slap her teacher senseless. How dare you condition this child to see the world through your lens and deny her the chance to learn to discern good character from bad without taking into consideration the color of someone’s skin.


    1. Only one sure way to break that chain of lies and aggression against children… get them out of the government “schools.” There is no way to fight this otherwise, no “reform” possible. You can’t restore something that was always rotten. You do realize that the “schools” are fulfilling their original purpose quite well, I hope. Lots of great information on that and viable alternatives here:


    2. Thank goodness my G-kids are homeschooled. How can you fight that?


  8. “Well, she’s either illiterate, or a liar. I’d bet the latter.”

    Embrace the power of “AND”……

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  9. “Well, she’s either illiterate, or a liar. I’d bet the latter.”

    Embrace the power of “AND”….


  10. Heehee! I won’t defend Shatner. He was a horndog. He made a point of having a kissing scene in almost every episode of his Star Trek series. There were bets on whether or not he’d ‘get the girl’ in this week’s episode. But he wasn’t the real kissing bandit. That honor goes to Jimmy Doohan, who as everyone who ever went to an STCON knows, made a point of getting kissed by every female fan in the audience. I have a picture of me with him. Shatner pales by comparison.

    And you have not lived until you’ve worn a UFP classic uniform as a Hallowe’en costume and suddenly realize that the reason your rearend is virtually freezing is that the stupid ass-high short mini-dress doesn’t even cover your ass.

    What I take away from this and other, similar articles about the Shithead Justice Warriors is that they are essentially a bunch of spoiled brats who want everything THEIR way and who do not like the real world at all. Unfortunately for them, we cannot choose what we are, nor are any of us under any kind of obligation to conform to their tunnel-vision view of how the world is supposed to be, as opposed to how it really is. And no matter how much they want to change history, it is still there, unchangeable and cast in stone, they just have to live with it. As a result, they’re missing out on a lot of good things.

    It’s a pity, too. I grew up with Heinlein as my favorite writer. He inspired me. He still does. All the early sci-fi writers inspired me, but these narrow-minded children, whose vision is limited to the front yard and not much else, will probably dismiss the work of classic sci-fi writers like Marion Zimmer Bradley and Joan Vinge and Anne McCaffrey, along with classical FEMALE writers like Georges Sand and George Eliot, who used men’s names to write because it was, at the time, unseemly for women to do such creative work. They will ignore female artists like Artemisia Gentileschi, who was raped by her studio instructor and then put on trial for daring to work as an artist. See her ‘Judith Slaying Holofernes’, which she painted subsequent to those events.

    These silly bitches have no idea what women have had to put up with just to achieve something. Same goes for what gays and people of other races have had to endure. The SJWs are Johnny-come-latelies, and not much else.

    They are possibly the stupidest bits of whale offal on the planet. But as someone else has pointed out, the louder and more often they holler ‘FIRE!!!’, the less likely people are to listen to them.

    Sorry for the longish post. Just had to get it off my shoulders.


    1. While I loved Marrion Zimmer Bradley growing up, I don’t think she’s at risk in connection with the current PC craze/purge. Her world view in her writing is clearly pagan, eco-friendly and LGBT-friendly. That being said, if anyone deserves denouncing, unfortunately, MZB does. My childhood memories of those stories are now marred with my knowledge regarding her treatment of her own daughter and her continued marriage to (and protection of) Walter Breen.

      That being said – I agree with the underlying point that the greats are still worth reading. From Asimov to Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp to James White, from Zelany to Pournelle, from Herbert to Niven, the list goes on …

      I’m fairly confident in adding a couple of names to that list who are a bit more modern: Pratchett, Turtledove, and Modesitt. It will be interesting to see who else of the recent and maybe not so recent crop survive into the future.

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  11. Not sure why my comments don’t appear. I’ll keep reading though because I enjoy your writing.


    1. Your comments are showing just fine. Not sure why you’re not seeing them.


  12. I’m a writer… though I write mostly for my own amusement. Don’t follow the news of the “trade” much, and seldom read anything published after 1950 or so – since most things written after that seem to be full of intentional victimhood, gun control and other nonsense instead of realistic stories about people and events.

    Anyway, a while back I decided to see what a story would look like if ALL stereotypes, real and imagined, were left out of it. No mention of race, skin color, sex or cultural preference. Insipid is the kindest word I can find for it. The old “Dick and Jane” stories from first grade are much more readable and interesting.

    All of these descriptive terms are just that, descriptive. That they’ve all been turned into judgments on the rightness, morals and intelligence of the characters – not to mention the real people around us – is not only insane, but destructive to both literature and society.

    I certainly don’t agree with everything Heinlein wrote, or Bradbury, Clark or any others… but I enjoy the complexity and adventure of their stories anyway. Can’t recall ever once thinking the poor wimmins in them were being particularly abused. Most of them had guns or other weapons close to hand, actually.

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    1. Oh, but NOES! You can’t have armed wymmins! 😉


    2. Hey, ML. Good to see you out and about. Check out the sad puppy/ human wave authors. Just like the old days, only updated.
      There is a list of them down the right side of this page.

      Nicki might have a list here, for all I know.


      1. mamaliberty2014

        Thanks! I purchased Nocturnal Lives (Boxed Set) by Amanda S. Green from Amazon and am anxious to read it. SF and fantasy overlap a great deal. I’ve been reading old mysteries for the last few months, so this combination might just work. We shall see.

        Bookmarked the page so I can explore others later. Our library here is quite limited, so I’m always looking for something good to read… when I’m not writing, of course. 🙂

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        1. Amanda is great! We’re friends on FB too. Glad you like.


        2. I’ve only read the first one, so far, but it was fun and I’m looking forward to the rest.


  13. Gee, my main criteria for picking a new SF/F book for my Kindle is if the first book of a series is free if the author is unknown to me. (Ya, I’m retired and live on a budget!) This has led me to some very interesting series and authors, both male and female, but this knowledge was pretty much after the fact if I found the first book interesting. (I gave up on the series that had gay alien/robot trysts.)


    1. Me too, Daniel. Tons of freebees for no risk trials.
      I got KU for my birthday. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth and you get a better class of choices..


  14. As far as racism, I remember an episode of Star Trek with a character who had a face half black and half white. He was prejudiced against the other race whose face was the opposite. I think Frank Gorsham was in it.
    As far as Sci-Fi writing today goes, I tend to find a lot of it too simplistic and unimaginative. I tend to agree that a lot of the older stuff was much better. Bradbury et al. For the sake of honesty, I am a white 55 male. Sorry, sjw’s.
    And no, I am probably the least prejudiced, homophobic, chauvinistic, whatever person you will find. I take people as they are, and their work as it stands, for what it is.


  15. Berkeley’s kind of an interesting place, and by interesting I mean weird. I don’t think their populace (in general) is that in touch with real world issues, and just gets diverted/excited by being liberal social justice warriors. I did an interview with a Berkeley student and talked about both the rough parts of military service and the great parts of it…but only the rough parts made it into her finished work, giving the piece a biased/skewed/inaccurate view that was condemning of the experience. I’m now actually regretting having talked to her. People in the Berkeley system, almost systemically, just seem to have this misconceptions and strange reactions to things.


    1. I think that can be said of journalism in general. Generally, writers like to focus only on what’s “interesting.”

      If it bleeds, it leads. That’s just fact. That may have been the reason for the biased piece, vice anything else, but I could be completely off about that.


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