SJWs: The Howler Monkeys of the Developed World

Last week I talked about a young adult author named Meg Rosoff, who, because she didn’t confirm to the RITETHINK of the screeching social justice warriors about how much YA literature is out there to engage marginalized youth, experienced an Internet shrew dog pile of shrieking harpies who not only slung dirt in her direction, but also proceeded to accuse her of privilege and bias, while discounting her views because she’s white! I’ll leave the irony to just sit there a while. They posted their hatred and all over the Internet and attempted to impact her livelihood by encouraging readers to shun her books – all because she dared have an opinion that we don’t need agendas in books.

Rosoff isn’t the first author bullied by social justice warriors, and she certainly won’t be the last. Remember my friend and author Brad Torgersen being accused of using his African-American wife and biracial daughter as “shields” for his alleged “racism?”

Remember the Internet assault on science fiction great Neil Gaiman for daring to not toe the line on trigger warnings?

And I won’t even get into the vile attacks on Larry Correia and Sarah A. Hoyt, with the latter being called everything from stupid to a white, Mormon male.

And it’s not just the Internet bullying. It’s the rudeness and attacks on those who don’t walk the SJW walk. Remember Tor editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden unprofessionally screaming at one of Tor’s authors, because he happened to be angry with her husband? Remember Tor employee Irene Gallo calling the Sad Puppies extreme right-wing to neo-nazis? Remember the “no award” at WorldCon this year – a block vote by SJWs to keep the “undesirables” away from the Hugo awards?

It’s unfortunate that there seem to be more and more women bullying others on the Internet. I noted with no small amount of sadness that the majority of the attacks on Rosoff came from women. I wonder if this is an attempt to compensate for decades of inequalities – both perceived and real – by flexing their figurative muscles against those they allege to be the “oppressors” and getting even.

I also have noticed that the men who support these types of SJW agendas tend to be petty, less than masculine, screechy, and self-flagellating. Remember, science fiction author John Scalzi is living his life on the lowest difficulty setting as a while male. But hey, he’s appropriately guilty about it, so he’s not just accepted in the militant SJW circles, but revered for attacking others who don’t conform to his perception of being a white male in the developed world.

Remember the pedantic, sniffy, pedo-apologist Phildo Sandifer? He’s another one who humps the white privilege carcass like a dog that desperately needs to be neutered.

Phil once engaged me on Facebook in a gun control discussion, and as soon as he realized his usual gun-grabber rhetoric wasn’t going to fly with me, he proceeded to claim he was terrified that people like me actually owned guns, and that I am one of the reasons he wants gun control. That makes me giggle. I’m female. I’m relatively strong for a female; I’m an Army veteran, after all. But physically, I’m no match for a fairly strong guy. I know this. I accept this. I carry, because it’s my right, and because as a female, I understand I’m no match for many thugs. Phil had no problem admitting that he was scared of little ole me, because in the absence of any common sense regarding guns, he reverted to advertising how weak and cowardly he was!

Arthur Chu, whom I mentioned above as the fetid sack of rancid crap that attacked Brad Torgersen, is another one of these screeching pseudo male cowards. His odious history of attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with him is well-known and documented.

These pseudo-males remind me of howler monkeys. They can’t compete in the arena of physical prowess, so they compensate with loud, obnoxious screeching.

In his 1871 book on evolutionary theory called “The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex”, Charles Darwin posited that sexual selection was determined in two main ways: through combat, or through display. For those animals who win mates by means of mating displays, those characteristics that are more likely to win a mate come at a cost to the animal. For instance, the peacock’s tail feathers hinders its mobility. In other words, there’s a trade-off.

For male howler monkeys, that trade-off is an unusual one. The larger their vocal organs, a new study has found, the smaller their testes and the lower their sperm count. The research has been published in the journal Current Biology.

“We have strong evidence that howler monkey species that invest in larger vocal organs produce less sperm,” said lead author Jacob Dunn of the University of Cambridge.

The resemblance is stunning. The SJW howlers are generally effeminate and loud. They attack ideological opponents and are sometimes rewarded by SJW females shrieking harpies with attention or affection. They don’t have the intellectual strength, self assurance, or the testicular fortitude to approach and have relationships with real women, so they choose to screech, howl, and holler in order to attract the kind of woman who appreciates the ability to compensate for weakness with bullying, cowardly attacks – mostly from the safety of a keyboard.

"Male" SJWs and perpetual offendapotomi in their natural habitat.

“Male” SJWs and perpetual offendapotomi in their natural habitat.

They have no problem with bullying others, because a) it’s safe to do so as a keyboard commando, and b) the females who claim to be perpetually offended appreciate the attacks for the illusion of “strength” they provide. It’s not that these “men” are strong protectors of their perspective mates. It’s more like they’re obsequious seekers of their affections, and the Internet provides a perfect megaphone for them to flex their cyber vocal chords in a sad attempt to gain female attention.

And it’s not that these alleged “feminists” seek out actual strong men as mates; hell, from what I’ve seen they actually prefer the pseudo-males they can bully into defending their sometimes outrageous positions! They just like having these spineless pimples around, because then they don’t have to put any real effort into a relationship with a strong, independent, intelligent man, who wants an intellectual match – a rational, emotionally strong woman.

They can just have the howler monkey with the shriveled testes, who will bow to their will, and pretend.



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  1. Howler monkeys? Nicki, you could post a spew alert once in a while!! Geez, I was just about to have a nice, hot cuppa tea. My sides hurt now.

    Oh, God, is the buffalo plaid-clad pajama boy going to show up next and sniffle that you’re just a big ol’ meanie?

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    1. Hey, we all need a laugh on a Friday, right?


  2. Seconding the nose-cola warning. Yer killin me girl. 😀

    “Cecil the Lion is about race too” Of course it is, if he had been killed by a local we would have never heard one word about it. But since the man who shot him is white, it must be played out before the world. 😉


  3. It occurs to me that the SJHMs (Social Justice Howler Monkeys) would become much quieter if only we could once again legalize dueling.


    1. Methinks that things would greatly improve if electric shocks could be employed, and retrain these howlers to remove their hands from keyboard the moment the outrage machine starts to move.


    2. I’ll second that one! “Put up or shut up.”


  4. Oh, how I wish I could say these things at work. Sometimes the environment there demands it. But alas, the HR harpies would see me unemployed in seconds.


  5. Well said, sadly these ad hominem attacks will continue until these pieces of scum are actually confronted in real time and they realize there can be real consequences for their vituperation… Of course a bitch slap across the chops would probably send most if not all of them screaming for mama… sigh

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  7. OK, now I am thoroughly confused. As I understand this SJW/puppies kerfuffle it’s about injecting personal politics into stories – PC. John Scalzi seems to be a real bugbear to the puppies. And yet his most popular work, Old Man’s War series, is distinctly big C conservative. Pot, kettle, dare I say black?

    I am a fan(atic) of fantasy/SF. I cut my eye teeth on Doc Smith and Murray Leinster in the late 1940s. I daresay I have read more F/SF than 99% of y’all. I have never paid much attention to the personal lives or persuasions of the authors. My mental image of them matches my avatar which you see on this post.

    I don’t even understand why I am making this comment at such an ungodly time in the middle of the night. Must be the gin.


    1. No one says Scalzi is a bad writer. And yet, Scalzi claims he’s led his life on the easiest setting because he’s a white, hetero male, while discounting the very real struggle of others whose stories he does not know and never bothers to find out by claiming their lives were apparently charmed like his, because of their plumbing or their skin color.

      They all do this. They want literature to be more for those they considered marginalized, rather than for everyone.


    2. Scalzi has said that he does not let his political beliefs infest his fiction. Whether that shows an acute understanding of the marketplace or hypocritical behavior is left up to the reader.


      1. “Scalzi has said that he does not let his political beliefs infest his fiction.”
        He can say it, but it’s pretty blatant. (Maybe not in OMW)


  8. Thanks to Sarah and Instapundit for making me aware you had a blog with insightful things to say.

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  9. “And it’s not that these alleged “feminists” seek out actual strong men as mates.”

    Strong men as “mates” as in husbands, no; but strong men as in Alphas to have sex with, absolutely yes. The AF/BB dynamic holds very true for SJWs.


  10. “And it’s not that these alleged “feminists” seek out actual strong men as mates.”

    “Mates” as in husbands, no; but strong men as in Alphas to have sex with, absolutely yes. The AF/BB dynamic holds very true for SJWs.


  11. Nature doesn’t change to suit our fantasies.

    I sometimes think about how hard it is for a man to craft credible female characters, or for a woman to craft credible male characters. Some great writers are really not very good at it: Charles Dickens was hit-or-miss, and so was Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot). Shakespeare gave us some of the greatest female characters in the history of literature (Rosalind, Cordelia, Cleopatra, etc.) It’s not easy. But if you don’t have gratitude and admiration for the opposite sex, you can forget it — you’ll never accomplish it at all.

    So these stupid cowardly bullies, despising their own sex (the single-testes men) or the other (the harpies), can kiss goodbye any chance they’ll ever have of writing well about the other half of the human race ….


    1. That’s a good point and an issue (female characters) I’m nervous to approach. Not sure I can do it.

      I don’t think it’s an issue for howler monkeys, they have far more serious impediments.


  12. I agree with your premise, save that SJWs are the howling AND poop-throwing kind of monkeys.


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