Gutless, Anti-Freedom Turd Projects Own Violent Tendencies on Gun Owners

Want a gun? Take a bullet, says a blubbering, irrational pig named D. Watkins in a sputtering, badly-written indictment of gun owners as “cowards” if they refuse to take a bullet to feel the pain of those who have been shot.

“So if you love guns, if they make you feel safe, if you hold and cuddle with them at night, then you need to be shot. You need to feel a bullet rip through your flesh, and if you survive and enjoy the feeling­­––then the right to bear arms will be all yours.” Says D. Watkins from the safety of whatever lair he uses to write his barely literate garbage. This keyboard commando calls you a coward if you want to exercise your basic right without experiencing his violent fantasies of seeing his fellow Americans savaged by violence.

Doing a little research on this noxious tool, I discover he’s a Baltimore-based former drug dealer who decided to become a writer… apparently by lying about his alleged poverty in order to gain street cred with the victim class. According to his bio, he was the winner of Baltimore magazine’s “Best Writer” award in 2015. With gems such as this, “You need to have gun, like taking selfies with pistols, can’t live with out [sic] it?  Then take a bullet and you will be granted the right to purchase the firearm of your choice,” and “recommending that fire arms [sic] be present in elementary classrooms,” and the visionary, profound, butchered English in this, “Bullets are extremely hot and they hurt. I saw them paralyze, cut through faces, pierce children and take life. I have friends, relatives and loved ones be gunned down [sic],” you can certainly see the “merit” of giving this barely literate hack such an honor.

Why is it that pusillanimous, lying colostomy bags of fetid crap such as Dwight here want to disarm you? Projection, I gather. They have violent snuff fantasies, and they project those onto everyone else, fearing that the rest of us are just as violent as he is.

I won’t bother debunking the lies he quotes, such as Hillary Clinton’s “90 people killed by guns daily” lie. I’ve done it already.

But Miguel over at the Gun-Free Zone blogged about it this morning, and that gave me an idea. Miguel wrote:

Dear D. Watkins: If you happen to have a fire extinguisher, I wanna see your self-inflicted burn scars. Otherwise, stop talking nonsense out of your rectal exit.

PS: You can’t have sex unless you pass a bowling ball through the above-mentioned rectal exit. A man should not be allowed to have carnal knowledge with a woman until he experiences the pain of childbirth… without epidural.

Prior to sex, you should probably be raped too. And if you like the experience of your body and your soul being decimated by forcible penetration, you can then proceed to get some nookie. But only if your partner says “yes” every ten minutes. (Does “Oh, God!” count? Asking for a friend.)

So what other right can you not exercise until you experience its worst conclusion?

You cannot drive a car until you’ve been crushed in a vehicle collision, your bones shattered by tons of steel at high velocity. (h/t Brad Torgersen on Facebook)

You absolutely cannot be allowed to be a writer or reporter until you have experienced libelous statements about you and your family. Libel tears apart people’s lives. In some cases, those who have been libeled actually end their lives. It’s only fair that any “journalist” be required to endure lies published about them, reporters at their doorstep, hounding them around the clock, the pain of trying to restore your life and reputation…

Prior to purchasing a knife – regardless of its intended use – you must be stabbed. If you enjoy the feeling of your flesh being carved up and blood spurting out of your body, go ahead and buy that implement. Same goes for hammers and baseball bats, as well as other types of clubs, since they’re used more in murders than rifles are.

Want to buy a pool? You should be waterboarded to emulate drowning. Do you have any idea how many innocent children drown, you selfish, arrogant, cowardly turd?

Want to smoke that cigarette? Perhaps you should be put through some chemotherapy, lose your hair and puke daily, and if you like that, then buy that next pack of Newports and second hand smoke me to death!

Want that steak and those cheese fries? Let’s induce a heart attack, so you can see what it feels like to suffer your body revolting against you as you clog your arteries with crap. Heart disease kills more Americans than anything else and costs us $320 billion, so go get that arugula salad and quit contributing to health care costs in this country.

And after you’ve done all that, learn the definition of “rights,” and learn to use English properly, you moron.

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  1. Well, this permanently discredits Baltimore magazine.


    1. My sister lives in Baltimore. This is par for the course for Baltimore political opinion. The entire city is without credit.

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      1. I graduated Johns Hopkins with a degree in International Relations. I’m well aware. *sigh*


  2. Just another lefty who wants to kill people who disagree.
    He should hope he never gets the chance.
    Spineless worm.


    1. Shocking, I know.

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      1. Oh, and it’s always “should be shot” by a designated state agent of course.
        He wouldn’t dirty his hands, but rather hire it done.


  3. That’s an interesting premise ol’ D. offers there, considering that the very reason I carry is to avoid my loved ones or me being shot, or stabbed, or clubbed, or subjected to other forms of violence. He’s obviously reality-impaired. And judging by his “work”, as displayed in the article, as a writer he’s probably a pretty good drug dealer. Oh, wait; he holds an MFA in “creative writing”. That explains a lot.


  4. This individual is a strong argument for birth control.

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    1. Do you mean the retroactive type? NO NO NO. I was just kidding, everyone, NSA, FBI, CIA,TSA, and any others out there who hate me.


  5. So he lied about his time in the hood, eh? No shocker, really. That’s in vogue these days, with the self-styled voices of the Victim Culture — fake, but accurate. What else is he lying about? Does he think he’s Russell “Stringer” Bell, from The Wire? Always, with the Victim Culture, it’s about the construction and reinforcement of narratives. Facts and truth don’t enter into it. If you can create a convincing facade, and peddle it to credulous institutions, you can create — literally — an alternative reality for yourself. Again, facts and truth don’t enter into it. It’s what sounds good that matters.


    1. That’s the only way they can get street cred. Didn’t you get the memo?


  6. Go Blue Jays!


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