The Unbearable Racism of Social Justice Warrior Jerks

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows how I feel about racism. It is the most primitive, irrational, repugnant version of collectivist pseudo-thought that I can possibly imagine. It allows pathetic, brainless mediocrities to glom onto one another and find a delusion of strength in numbers. (Thanks, Internet!) They have no ability to achieve individually, so they gather in groups to castigate and victimize others based on the one thing their enemies cannot control – their race. They have no other recourse. They put others down based on skin color, because they don’t have enough intellect and rational thought to constructively critique them in any other way.

A few months ago a halfwit named K. Tempest Bradford issued a reading challenge to her frothing pack of acolytes: stop reading works by straight, white, cis males for one year. Anyone with an IQ of room temperature or higher can see the racist principles pervasive in such a challenge. Don’t read works based on their content. Don’t read them for plot, characterization, or quality of writing. Shun writers based on the melanin content in their skin and their sexual identity – but only the identity that this puffed up SJW wacko approves of. Because anything else is WRONGTHOUGHT.

Larry Correia did a hilarious fisk of Tempest’s nuttery in February, so please do go read it. It’s a joy to behold.

But if you think the SJW cranks learned something from the ridicule, you’d be wrong.

Recently, a young adult author named Meg Rosoff had the unmitigated temerity to claim that good literature should expand your mind, that it doesn’t have to be a “mirror” for whatever Special Snowflakitude you claim, but rather expand your horizons and teach you about the world.

For this unspeakable WRONGTHINK, the SJW loons have begun to congeal into one, large, racist barrage of fruitcakery, condemning Ms. Rosoff for her views, which are – according to their demented doctrine – are wrong because of her WRONGCOLOR!

The most obvious is a screeching screed at Bibliodaze entitled, “The Unbearable Whiteness of Meg Rosoff: a Dissection.” Again I call on those with above room temperature IQ to pay close attention to the title of this article. The shrill, squealing siren call to shun Ms. Rosoff also includes the usual catchwords, such as “privilege,” “safe space,” and “diversity,” as well as the usual accusation of “bigotry,” which really is the ad hominem fallback of any empty-headed, sniveling, perpetually-offended halfwit, who doesn’t have the intellectual fortitude to hold its own in a disagreement.

In the process, this quivering-lipped SJW lectures us about how Ms. Rosoff is apparently not entitled to her opinion on the mission of YA literature, because all literature doesn’t matter!

“Books are to teach kids about the world, about being different or being brave. I really hate this idea that we need agendas in books. A great book has a philosophical, spiritual, intellectual agenda that speaks to many people – not just gay black boys. I’m sorry, but write a pamphlet about it. That’s not what books are for.” [says Ms. Rosoff]

This, is the literary equivalent of ‘All Lives Matter’.

Rosoff posits a definition of a book’s aim, and directly opposes that aim with the notion of fair and inclusive representation. The message is clear – cishet white stories are ‘universal’; everything else is an ‘agenda’. A picture book about a queer black boy cannot possess the ‘philosophical, spiritual, intellectual’ capacity needed to speak to ‘many people’. This is the crooked reasoning that sees Roland Emmerich whitewashStonewall to appeal to a wider audience (and fail). It’s a false view of the world, one steeped in privilege, that sees the very existence of someone unlike yourself as being inherently agenda driven, and one you never need to understand. A queer black boy doesn’t get to have the same fantastical escape through literature that a straight white boy does because the industry still sees him as a niche interest more akin to a political ping-pong ball than a worthy demographic. This insidious train of thought is racist, ignorant and rooted in ignorant lies about our world and the people who populate it. There’s no place for it in publishing, and the Rosoffs of the industry would do well to listen to those actively trying to change it.

Because apparently, according to this shrew, the only way queer, black boys can escape into the wondrous worlds of literature is through mirror images of themselves, not through great storytelling, no matter who tells it! And if you think that “white” stories are anything but “white” stories, well then you’re a privileged racist. If you believe literature should be for everyone, no matter what color the writer or the main characters are, then you’re an insensitive lout, who doesn’t deserve consideration or respect. If you insist on a world as it should be – judged by the content of its character, rather than the content of the melanin in its skin or its social identity – you’re a disgusting bigot.

The absolute twisted derangement of this pseudo-logic is mind-boggling. If you refuse to judge others by something as superficial as skin color or sexual identity, you’re a bigot. Orwell is probably spinning in his grave so hard, he’s spiraled his way to the earth’s core by now!

What is this hoopla about?

You see, there’s this book by Myles E. Johnson called “Large Fears” that tells the tale of a marginalized child – a boy whose favorite color is pink – who wants to escape to Mars, harboring a belief that he will be more accepted there, because he’s not treated well by his classmates. I haven’t read this book, so I have no idea whether it’s good or not. If I had read this book, I would judge it by its content alone. Is the plot interesting? Are the characters engaging? Is the book well-written and readable?

Well, apparently, that’s just horrible WRONGTHINK, according to a blogger, who thinks that if one judges a book by its content and not by its social message, they must hate diversity and want to somehow marginalize queer, black boys.


Yeah, that left me scratching my head.

Worse yet, because Ms. Rosoff apparently doesn’t think that books need to pound the reader over the head with a social justice message and because she disagrees that one doesn’t need a literary mirror to expand one’s mind and experience the joys of the stories one reads, she’s wrong – not because of any logical, rational reason, but because she’s white.

As stated on her website, “Meg Rosoff is the multi-award winning author of How I Live Now, Just In Case, What I Was, The Bride’s Farewell, There Is No Dog, Moose Baby and Picture Me Gone.” Let me add that she’s White.

Well, gosh! That just invalidates any opinion she may have that doesn’t toe the SJW line of victimhood and oppression!

“That’s not what books are for.” Queer black boys are not what books are for, says she.

Actually, that’s not what Ms. Rosoff said at all, as illustrated by the screen shot of her actual response to this book. Anyone with reading comprehension skills greater than that of a stoned hamster can see Ms. Rosoff said no such thing.


What she said, for the reading comprehension-challenged, is that books do not have the job of being a mirror, but rather they should expand kids’ minds. No, she certainly did not say, nor did she imply, that books are not for queer, black boys, but rather that literature should be for many people.

But you forget – that’s WRONGTHINK, and you’re a racist for thinking otherwise! Apparently, if you hold the view that books should be for everyone, you’re a racist. If you believe that the 2 percent of males and 3 percent of females who identified as “queer” in a Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census need an agenda to enjoy literature, you’re a bigot. Oh, and by the way, if you’re guilty of WRONGTHINK, it must be because you’re white, and by virtue of that unfortunate trait, a bigot.

That is really the only weapon they wield against you, because as much as they try to paint the world as a narrow-minded hive of bigots that victimizes their poor, inadequate selves by refusing to give them a pass on creating quality because of their self-assessed suffering, the world is, in fact, hurtling toward ruthless equality, and they’re simply not prepared for it. They don’t want actual fairness, because they feel woefully inadequate in that even playing field. So they wield the twisted sword of “social justice,” demanding special dispensation for whatever it is they deem to be their particular weakness, painting their ugly wounds and mediocrities as virtues, rather than working to overcome them, while pushing those who are “privileged” enough to not bare their oozing sores to the world into a marginalized role.

This, of course, will never fly with the perpetually-offended progressive self-loathers, whose only goal is to be accepted by the social justice “cool kids,” and since they haven’t figured out a way to parlay their life experiences into suffering and victimhood, the only thing they can hope to do is highlight their alleged “privilege,” apologize for not having suffered enough, and grovel at the feet of those who proclaim their perceived suffering as a virtue in order to bask in their misery and perhaps, if they’re “lucky,” have some of that oozing pus rub off on them.

My prediction is that they will dogpile on Ms. Rosoff and bully her into issuing a mea culpa in order to save her career and reputation from ruin. They will yell about her alleged “bigotry and racism” until she buckles under their condemnations.

I have not read any of Ms. Rosoff’s books, but I plan to. If the racist social justice warrior jerks can recommend reading books based only on race, sexual identity, and gender, I can recommend authors based on what they believe literature should be: inclusive, mind-expanding, joyous, spiritual, beautiful, and intellectual – without consideration to race or anything else that doesn’t have anything to do with the joy of reading!

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  1. OH. MY. CAT!!! Books are meant to entertain, inform, make you laugh or cry, expand your narrow horizons – and this Bradford person doesn’t like that??

    The more I read about these Eternally Offended People who are offended if the wind blows from the wrong direction, the more I pity them. They cannot have things their own way, no matter what. They can scream, shout, harbor ill-will – whatever, but they are pathetic in their attempts to limit ideas, speech, free expression and everything that goes with that.

    No matter how much they want to do so, they cannot stunt or stop the truth. If they don’t like what they find on the bookstore shelves, they are by no means under any obligation to patronize the author. It’s that simple.

    They can have their own ‘recommended reading’ lists. No one is stopping. But they cannot act as social censors, whether they like it or not. They cannot force other people to agree with them, whether they like that or not. All they do is present themselves as spoiled, selfish brats.

    That is possibly the saddest thing I have run across in a long time. You have to wonder how tiny the box is that they are living in.

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  2. Nicki, you’ve said as well as it could be said – and I really enjoy your turns of phrase.

    The screeching harpies of intolerance are always the ones who accuse others of exactly what they are. I sometimes wish they’d put themselves in front of a mirror. It might just shock them.

    My typical response to being accused of anything is, “Your thinking that of me says more about you than it actually says of me.”

    Behind closed doors, I’m using much more colorful language.

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  3. Books,stories, and storytellers are not meant to be mirrors. They are meant to be Windows.

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  4. Reblogged this on westfargomusings and commented:
    I’m not an advocate for ACW2, mostly because it scares the hell out of me and I seriously doubt we’ll end up with more freedom when the shooting is done. But if it ever comes about, my list of people who need to be lined up against the wall and shot as an example for the other precious snowflakes keeps getting longer.

    Evolution isn’t working fast enough, more people need to be shot.


  5. Great post. And there are literally millions of books online now for every niche you can think of. I met a lady at a convention who wrote black lesbian S&M books for a living and self published. And one of the reasons self published authors are doing so well is because people are tired of the message and want more of the story. I think everyone has a right to be proud of their heritage. Talked with my brother this weekend, and we both agreed that we’re proud to be straight white male veterans who assume no responsibility for the things the people who came before us did. He has raised his kids to feel the same way. This doesn’t mean we look down on people who aren’t descended from French and English, who have different skin colors or grew up if different cultures. If you are human, use what intelligence you have, and try to make your life and the world a better place, you should be proud. And about suffering. I had some suffering in my life. I’m in recovery, and completely screwed up a marriage and an academic career because of it. I have worked many minimum wage jobs because I lost a better one, walked miles when without a car. Am I proud of that suffering? Hell no. I might be proud of the suffering I went through in the military, but the other suffering was my own fault, and I do not enjoy pain. So I don’t see it as any kind of virtue.
    Thankfully I am an indie, and make my living as such, and I really don’t see many of my fans buying in to what SJWs may say about me, since the great majority of them really don’t like these whiners either.

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  6. A list of books they hate might be useful.
    Always looking for good recommendations. ;o)

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  8. I watched the movie “How I Live Now” on Netflix and enjoyed it. I didn’t know it was first in book form. I’d recommend you read that one, if you’re looking for one of her books to read.


  9. Niall Kilmartin

    You might be interested in Diana Wynne Jones essays in her book ‘Reflections’. She discusses old and new “rules” in children’s literature, explains why SWJs’ forcing children’s literature to mirror (the SWJs’ opinions of) childrens’ problems would be bad for children even if the SWJs’ ideas were not silly, and has fun along the way (as did I, reading it). Her review of “The Boy in Darkness”, is included to show what a good review of a childrens book (‘problem’ or otherwise) can be.


  10. I savor the delicious irony of their narrow minded group-think which accuses others of doing what they in fact have cornered the market on…bigotry.

    Their lack of accurate self assessment is not in fact their fault however. It is well documented in the Dunning-Kruger Effect. If they in fact had the capability to comprehend their obvious lack of understanding…they would not have it.

    They deserve our pity…along with our derision.


    1. They’re just unbelievable! They absolutely believe that only white people can be racist. Everyone else can abuse anyone who is white with impunity. That’s SUCH a twisted thought process! I just don’t get it!


  11. Follow the money. SJW’s, in large measure, seek to establish and maintain a racial and gender spoils system based upon personal characteristics spun as qualifying for ‘victim class’ rather than productivity.


  12. It sounds as though Ms. Rosoff is being accused of being a “rootless cosmopolitan,” advocating for literature which does not support the appropriate SJW vision of humanity. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


    1. That’s about right. Their lack of self awareness is staggering, n’est-ce pas?


  13. Just a thought: If you DON’T want Ms. Rosoff to be bullied into a mea culpa, encourage her directly: Buy her books, tell her you’ve done so, provide reviews.


  14. “Let me add that she’s White.” No, actually, she’s Jewish, of Middle Eastern descent. My question to the SJWs is, if Arabs are brown, can Jews, their genetic cousins, at least be beige? K. Tempest Bradford, like most African-Americans, probably has more European genetics than Rosoff does.


  15. “Let me add that she’s White.” No, Meg Rogoff is Jewish, of Middle Eastern descent. My question to SJWs is, if Arabs are brown, can Jews, Arabs’ genetic cousins, at least be beige in your racialist taxonomy? K. Tempest Bradford, who would have been called “high yellow” by other blacks in an earlier age, like most African-Americans, probably has more European genetics than Ms. Rogoff does.

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    1. Bradford is just fugly. I don’t care what color that racist twat is! (just sayin’)


    2. My favorite comeuppance was when Eva Longerria took one of those genetic tests, and was dumbfounded/embarrassed to have overwhelmingly Euro genes. Turns out many “white” people are roughly similar backgrounds.


      1. Really! I would have thought we were all more mongrel.


    1. Like I said… They’re dog piling on this poor woman. The bleeding vagoos at themarysue already opened their gaping vagoos as well.


  16. The goombas of identitarianism don’t realize that when they’ve evicted enough people, there will eventually be a very large, empty building, filled with only a very few shrill, angry, tired voices . . . and the rest of the human race will be outside, having fun, and living free, ignoring the identitarian jackasses in the mostly-empty building.

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    1. They don’t care, Brad. That’s what they want. They want an exclusive club of shrieking harpies, who feel all good about themselves, because they alone are “smart” enough to understand their nuttery.


    2. By the way, I read that as “idiotarianism.” Darned dyslexia!😉


  17. Idiotarianist identitarians! (wiggles eyebrows)


    1. OMG – that made my eyes cross! LOL


    2. “Idiotarianist identitarians”

      Hey, that’s a winner!


  18. Always check the handle elloecho on Twitter if you want to see the leader of young adult lit dogpiling.

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    1. I don’t go on Twitter much. I did do a search on Ms. Rosoff’s Twitter handle and found so much disgusting abuse, I got sick.

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  19. There is some truth in the idea that with indy publishing audiences can be found for niche books and books *can* be written specifically for any particular special combination of specialness.

    What I find ever more annoying is how what these people demand isn’t an *expansion* of “this book with a white cis male hero is for everyone” to “this book with a black gay male hero is for everyone”. Why else would they *hear* “books should be for everyone” as “books should be white cis male?” Certainly Ms. Rosoff said no such thing. There are any number, tons!, of scenarios to explore feeling isolated or alienated. One could be the lone human on an alien world… or the lone red head… or the lone gay trans black girl in a school… and most people can identify with those feelings because they are *universal* feelings. A good story helps build empathy for others because of the recognition that this character is “like me” on the inside. Has similar fears and insecurities and can be brave, too.

    But none of this is about universal feelings. It’s about “you can’t understand because of who you are”, or “you can only understand being alienated if the character is just exactly like you,” and certainly, “If you’re white you can’t know anything.” It’s the basis of “you don’t even know you’re racist” white privilege stuff… it’s all about how we’re different creatures… not alike at all, not our skin, not under our skin, nowhere alike.

    So of course “universal” ideas are interpreted as “white” ideas… because what is being preached today is human division and differences. Any moment and they’ll start in on the evils of miscegenation.

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  20. I would strongly suggest that anti-sjw’s read Vox Day’s book:

    “SJW’s Always Lie: Taking down the Thought Police”

    Explains how to combat the problem that Meg Rosoff is dealing with, along with explaining how these idiots think and communicate. Very informative!


    1. Eh. Not a fan of Beale. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have their shit figured out.😉


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