A Sense-Free Opinion Piece

I posted this fisk earlier at the Zelman Partisans, but I kept it PG-rated. I’m posting it here as well, because we all need a good laugh at this dumbass’ expense.

The Washington Post editorial page editor tripped and his dick fell into a bout of honesty about the gun grabbers’ true intentions when it comes to our rights. This authoritarian swine named Fred Hiatt vomited forth this bit of douchebaggery entitled “A Gun-Free Society.” Given the fact that this beta male has seen it fit to at least be honest about the gun grabbers’ ultimate goal, I figured he deserved a fisk, so here we go.

Maybe it’s time to start using the words that the NRA has turned into unmentionables.

Here we go. A progtard “courageously” challenging the big, bad NRA and America’s gun owners from the safety and comfort of his computer. Because doing so in person would make him soil his unmentionables.


Mass buyback.

A gun-free society.

Let’s say that one again: A gun-free society.

Doesn’t it sound logical? Doesn’t it sound safe?

No. It sounds stupid, irrational, cowardly, and tyrannical.

Wouldn’t it make sense to learn from other developed nations, which believe that only the military and law enforcers, when necessary, should be armed — and which as a result lose far, far fewer innocent people than die every year in the United States?

You mean the countries that experienced increases in violent crime subsequent to banning firearms? No.

Yes, even saying these words makes the NRA happy. It fuels the slippery-slope argument the gun lobby uses to oppose even the most modest, common-sense reforms. You see? Background checks today, confiscation tomorrow.

Glad you can ascertain the emotions of millions of American gun owners. You must be psychic! Hell, personally, I’m just happy you’ve stopped being disingenuous invertebrates and have finally stated your final goal. It’s much easier to fight the enemy you know.

And yes, I understand how difficult it would be. This is a matter of changing the culture and norms of an entire society. It would take time.

Considering that gun ownership is on the rise and more Americans than ever support the right to keep and bear arms, how are you planning to implement this cultural shift, Freddie?

But the incremental approach is not succeeding. It sets increasingly modest goals, increasingly polite goals: close a loophole here, restrict a particularly lethal weapon there. Talk about gun safety and public health. Say “reform,” not “control.”

It’s not succeeding, because we can see right through you. We can see through your lies, and we’ve discredited your duplicitous statistics. The fact that you don’t want to admit how badly you suck at this promoting gun control thingy doesn’t negate the sad reality that you do.

In response, a few states have tightened restrictions, a few states have loosened them. But as a nation — in Congress — we are stuck.

That’s because there’s this little document called the Constitution, and Congressleeches are a bit afraid to tread on it with too heavy a boot, lest the Great Unwashed figure out what they’re doing and kick them out of ofice.

Meanwhile the strategy of modest reform has its own vulnerabilities.

“Modest.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Every time there is a mass shooting, gun-control advocates argue again for legislation. But almost every time, opponents can argue that this shooter wouldn’t have been blocked from buying a gun, or that this gun would not have been on anyone’s banned list — and so why waste time (and political capital) on irrelevant restrictions?

Why, indeed? I’m sure you’ll tell us, Fredster.

To be clear, I believe the NRA is wrong on this, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is right.

Well, no shit! You don’t say! I couldn’t have guessed that from your irrational squawking that a gun-free utopia sounds oh-so logical.

Modest restrictions can help and have helped. The one-gun-a-month law can reduce crime. The gun-show loophole should be closed, and closing it would prevent some criminals from obtaining weapons. Every gun in a home with children should have a trigger lock.

I note the deceptive wording here. “The one-gun-a-month law can reduce crime.” CAN? But it hasn’t. Even the majority of law enforcement officials believe that law is useless, and there has been zero evidence that these handgun purchase limits reduce crime. Nice try at obfuscation, Freddie.

And how long will you continue beating the “gun show loophole” strawman before you acknowledge that it does not exist and that your real aim is to eliminate private sales writ large? Fact is that gun show regulations are no different than other firearm laws.

Come on, Fred. You were doing so well at being honest! Why stop now?

And while you’re sniveling aimlessly that closing the nonexistent “loophole” will stop criminals from obtaining weapons, tell us why you think that your average thug will just walk away dejectedly after failing a background check at a gun show and not get a cheap pistol from a drug dealer down the street? “Darn, I thought I could get a gun at a gun show. I guess I won’t go rob that liquor store at gun point. Darn those laws closing the gun show loophole!” Go ahead! Try!

Fact is that less than one percent of guns used in criminal activity come from gun shows, but you need to blame something. You need to do something. You keep playing with your flaccid pee pee in hopes that something will come out of it, but fact is you’re impotent, so you have to pretend to be doing something to make yourself feel better.

But how many members of Congress will risk their jobs for modest, incremental reform that may or may not show up as a blip on the following year’s murder statistics? We’ve learned the answer to that question.

“Modest.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. And repeating it again and again won’t make it any more true. And by the way, thanks for admitting that your proposed reforms are meaningless.

Fine, you say, but then why would those same members commit political suicide by embracing something bigger?

They won’t, of course. Congress will not lead this change. There has to be a cultural shift. Only then will Congress and the Supreme Court follow.

Oh, this ought to be good.

As we’ve seen over the past 15 years with same-sex marriage, such deep cultural change is difficult — and possible. Wyatt Earp, the frontier mentality, prying my cold dead fingers — I get all that. But Australia was a pioneer nation, too, and gave up its guns. Societies change, populations evolve.

I guess Fred hasn’t noticed that the cultural shift that’s been going on has headed in the direction of both gay rights and gun rights? And that Americans are beginning to realize in bigger numbers that giving up their rights to tyrannical, self-absorbed narcissists in Washington may not be the way to go?  And maybe giving up your rights for no appreciable decrease in crime is not the way to go? And maybe, just maybe, Australians didn’t give up as many guns as Fred thinks they did.

And people are not immune, over time, to reason.

That’s why the cultural shift over time has been in favor of the Second Amendment. That gives me a warm fuzzy, while it makes Freddie here shit himself in rage and fear.

Given how guns decimate poor black communities every day — not just when there are mass shootings, but every day — this is a civil rights issue.

Wait! A progtard actually admits that black communities are decimated by violence? Oh, I shouldn’t get too excited. After all, it wold be politically incorrect to blame the actual people in those black communities for shooting one another! They’re not responsible! It’s those evil guns that are violating the civil rights of those black people who apparently aren’t shooting one another. /sarcasm

Given how many small children shoot themselves or their siblings accidentally, it is a family issue.

Small children… According to the CDC, 147 children ages 0-9 died by firearm in 2013. It’s tragic, and it sucks. A lot. Know now many drowned? 568. Know how many died in fires? 266. These are small children, and yet, I don’t see you soiling your unmentionables at these tragic, preventable deaths.

Given the suicides that could be prevented, it is a mental health issue.

Is that why gun-free Japan has a higher suicide rate than we do?

The Supreme Court, which has misread the Second Amendment in its recent decisions, would have to revisit the issue. The court has corrected itself before, and if public opinion shifts it could correct itself again. If it did not, the Constitution would have to be amended.

Oh, this is rich! Apparently a reporter, who cannot comprehend the plain language of the Second Amendment, feels himself qualified to accuse people whose job it is to actually interpret the Constitution of misinterpreting said plain language. Well… alrighty, then. How pedantically quaint.

I suppose Freddie considers himself an even bigger language expert than the late Roy Copperud, and would arrogantly announce that Mr. Copperud, who was a newspaper writer on major dailies for over three decades before embarking on a a distinguished 17-year career teaching journalism at USC, who wrote a column dealing with the professional aspects of journalism for Editor and Publisher, who was on the usage panel of the American Heritage Dictionary, and was the winner of the Association of American Publisher’s Humanities Award, was also wrong on the plain meaning of the Second Amendment.

He was wrong because Fred FEELZ he was wrong! And GUNS ARE BAD! Because TEH FEELZ!

It sounds hard, I know. But it’s possible that if we started talking more honestly about the most logical, long-term goal, public opinion would begin to shift and the short-term gains would become more, not less likely, as the NRA had to play defense. We might end up with a safer country.

We’re certainly glad you’ve exhibited this bout of honesty, Freddie, and I hate to tell you this (not really), but we already knew what your long-term goal was. And guess what! The trend is still in favor of gun rights.

There are strong arguments against setting a gun-free society as the goal, but there are 100,000 arguments in favor — that’s how many of us get shot every year. Every year 11,000 Americans are murdered. Every year some 20,000 kill themselves with guns.

Hmmm, I assess with high confidence that 2.5 million annual armed self defense instances > 100,000 shot each year. But Fred must have taken common core math in school.

Plus, see above about Japan’s suicide rates, genius.

Without guns — with only kitchen knives at hand — some of those people would die. Most would still be living.

Really? See again about that high suicide rate in gun-free Japan. And if you’re trying to claim that violent criminals will cease being violent because guns are illegal, I have this beachfront property… in Nevada.

Maybe it’s time to start talking about the most logical way to save their lives.

That would require you to sit out of the conversation while adults are talking. Logic ain’t your strong suit.


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  1. Hah! Best one yet. Keep blasting!


  2. As my Mom would advise, Hiatt should his feeling in his purse and think with his brain. I know, I know — he doesn’t know how. Maybe he should take a spell on the office fainting couch.


  3. both gay rights and gun rights?

    I give you Pink Pistols:

    Also, the answer to the claims that “gun control could reduce crime/save lives” is to ask for examples of a place with high violence that passed “gun control” and subsequently had low violence. (They always claim X has gun control and has low violence, but never look back at what the violence was like before that gun control was put into place.)

    And without the cherry picking we have:

    Finally, to deny the right to keep and bear arms is to deny the very right to life itself:

    Similarly, to deny the right to keep and bear arms is to deny the right to liberty:

    And, finally, to round out the trifecta:


    1. Ooooooh, nice map!


      1. It really brings out the cherry picked nature of their “usual suspects” used to “prove” that possession of guns is bad.

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        1. If it weren’t for cherry picking, they’d have no case at all.


    2. Unless you can correct me, I would guess those numbers are people with registered guns. If the US map (top) suddenly turned green, Freddie would be all warm and fuzzy, never once thinking about all the criminals with guns that weren’t being counted.


    3. I would guess those numbers are people with registered guns

      The US does not have gun registration most places if it was just “registered guns” the US would probably be green. The source given is “Small Arms Survey 2007”


  4. In reading that carefully thought-out response to Fearful Freddie, I realized something, to wit: he’s afraid of his own shadow, expects the police to protect him, and would willingly curl up in a corner and allow himself to be shot by someone who is hellbent on shooting people.

    He is, in a word, a coward.


    1. Yes… he soils his unmentionables.


  5. Very nice.

    If they appear to be honest but uninformed, my standard tact these days is to ask “What would you do? How – other than confiscation and outright banning – would you address ANY of these problems?”

    And you know what? It *usually* makes for an informative discussion.

    If they’re ideologues, or dishonest (but I repeat myself…), I find that “GFY”, is by far the most useful and entertaining response.

    Civility and honest, well thought out responses that don’t depend on soundbites and memes, for the civil. Derision, mockery, laughter, and scorn for the liars and their ilk.


  6. The only false narrative from the gun control cabal that entertains me more than their fetishization of the NRA-as-boogeyman….is the repeated citations of the ‘Australian model’, while pretending that they don’t endorse confiscation.


    1. And that the Australians have way more guns than they claim they do.


  7. The Commies are always going on about “in other countries,” America is not LIKE other countries. And I would like to keep it that way.
    And I HATE the “one gun a month law”… As much as I would like to comply, I simply cannot afford to purchase one gun a month.

    Great job on the fisk… Too bad he’ll never read it.

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  9. saltolibreveloz

    Great post. I´m glad I found this place.


  10. Bravo!

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  11. Nicki, great piece. I know I’m to the left of you on many things, but I find myself in complete agreement on the 2A. I’m a NH gun owner and carrier, who sees many of the same dangers from the passing lane liberals(all the way to the left, and speeding onto the median strip). The truth of the matter is these people don’t want to actually be safer, they want to “feel” safer, and that is the crux of the problem, when they feel safer, I feel more exposed and therefore less safe.


  12. If we had a “gun free” society, then the next step is a “knife free” society, then … You get the picture. Look at what has happened to Britian.


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  14. Good read. The Dunning-Krueger Syndrome in all of it’s glory.


  15. Good read. The Dunning-Krueger Syndrome in all of it’s glory.


  16. This was on the Simpsons like 20 years ago – everyone gets rid of their guns then Billy the Kid rises from the dead and shoots everyone

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  17. “Wouldnt it make sense to learn from other developed nations, which believe that only the military and law enforcers, when necessary, should be armed and which as a result lose far, far fewer innocent people than die every year in the United States?”

    Hmmm. I think I saw a movie about a country like that.

    Oh yeah, it was called Schindler’s List.

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  18. “Prohibition”

    Because that worked so very, very well the /last/ time it was tried. This guy is dumbassery on stilts.


  19. An impressive fisking.


  20. Their is no gun-free society on earth! In some places the people have the guns and in some places the police have the guns but I don’t know of any gun-free places on the planet.


  21. Sorry There instead of their

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  22. Most excellent fisking! Keep up the good work!


  23. @QS: “I would guess those numbers are people with registered guns.”

    I don’t see how. We don’t have registration, except in a few places (mostly back door). Probably estimates from sales?


  24. Before they were The Brady campaign, they were known as Handgun Control inc. The excerpt is from a classified meeting document from 1993.


    The document includes an attachment which gives an overview of the proposed license fees for 1994/1995 Gun Control Proposals. This includes an escalation of fees, which start at $50.00 in the first year, and conclude with fees of $625.00 in the eighth year. The enclosure also covers a $1,000.00 fine and 6 months jail for failure to acquire a license, followed by recommendations of $5,000.00 and 12 months jail for failure to maintain a license, and $15,000.00 and 18 months jail for failure to turn over guns for destruction after lapse of license. Failure to re-new a license or notify issuing authority of change of status would be considered a felony. All firearms owned would then be considered contraband and could be confiscated. There is also a schedule for the licensing of rifles and shotguns, and the proposal for arsenal licensing. This includes a $300.00 to $1,000.00 annual fee, and $200.00/gun if over the prescribed limit. There is also a provision for assessing $100.00/50 rounds over the limit for ammunition. Included is an outline covering the suggested fee schedule for a Safe License of $228.00 to $392.00 per year, and Ammunition Registration and License of $55.00 to $117.00 per year to purchase ammunition. Other fees discussed include: Federal Re-Loading License of $130.00 to $175.00 per year. Ammunition Safe License Fee of $55.00 to $75.00 per year. Range License fee of $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 per year. Range Tax fee of $85.00 to $100.00 per person per visit. Inspection License fee of $588.00 to $688.00 per year.

    Go read the whole thing. It’s some scary shit.

    These people are rabid hoplophobs, they believe the crap the say to each other in their meetings.


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