So Now What?

Well, if you aren’t aware, there was another campus shooting yesterday. An unhinged loon opened fire on unarmed students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. I didn’t want to write anything about this yesterday, because details were scarce, and initial reports are almost always wrong.

Preliminary information indicates 10 people were killed and more than 20 others injured in a shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College on Thursday, said Oregon State Police spokesman Bill Fugate.

Of course, that didn’t stop the White House from doing a blood dance on top of the bodies of the victims before they were even cold. Spokeshole Josh Earnest spewed the usual “sensible gun laws” mantra before the details of the shooting were even revealed.

Earnest said the “vast majority of Americans” support stricter gun laws, including closing the so-called gun-show loophole. But he said Obama is “realistic” about the dim prospects of congressional action on gun control.

Dear Spokeshole – you might want to check your information before puking forth utter garbage.

Most Americans do NOT support stricter gun laws. This has been proven again and again by various polls. But in addition to that, Oregon already has universal background checks! That law has been in effect for two months, genius, and it did absolutely nothing to stop this shooting.

But hey, never let facts get in the way of a good panic mongering!

It doesn’t matter that we don’t know how Christopher Mercer-Harper got access to firearms.

We don’t know if he was in any way prohibited from owning them in the first place.

We don’t know his motives, and we don’t know how long he had planned this massacre.

This White House doesn’t care. It just continues to push the old, hackneyed “sensible gun control” mantra, disregarding the fact that it’s about as sensible as a football bat…

Ignoring – apparently willfully – the fact that this loon was specifically executing Christians (because apparently only minorities, non-Christians, and other “protected individuals” can be victims of discrimination and hate)…

Overlooking the fact that by the time police arrived at the scene, nine people were killed and several more wounded.

Dial 9-1-1 and wait.

I don’t mean to impugn police response to this tragedy. They got there quickly and took out the maggot efficiently. But the average police response time to an emergency in this country is nine minutes. Even if the cops had arrived at lightning speed, and even if they only took five minutes to get to the scene, it was too late. How many victims do you think could be shot in that awesome five minute time period?

I hurt for the victims and their families. What happened is a horrifying tragedy. My son is in college now, and I do think about what would happen if there was an active shooter on campus. Certainly, he has no access to firearms over there, and he’d have to cower under a desk with his fellow students should this ever happen, waiting for the police to arrive, and hoping against hope that they don’t take too long as he watches his fellow classmates get murdered.

Yes, these thoughts do stomp on my brain. He’s my child. He and his sister are my life. He’s the sweet, redheaded baby I held in my arms 18 years ago and whose little face I kissed as he grinned that toothless grin at me. Would I demand more disarmed victims should, dog forbid, something happen to him? Would I pressure the legislature into giving psychotic murderers more targets to shoot at with impunity?


I’d want as many trained, law-abiding citizens as possible to be able to carry their tools of self defense in as many places as possible, including my son. I’d want him to be armed, trained, and ready. No, I wouldn’t want him to live his life in fear, but I would want him to be situationally aware and to know what to do in case tragedy strikes.

I will probably never see those common sense changes to this nation’s gun control mentality – at least not in my lifetime. After all, never one to let a crisis go to waste, Hillary Clinton is already making gun control part of her presidential platform. So I guess for now, I’ll settle for this administration shutting the fuck up until they get the facts, instead of rolling around naked in the blood of innocents and then doing a little dance on their graves.


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  1. Earnest said the “vast majority of Americans” support stricter gun laws, including closing the so-called gun-show loophole.

    How many of these laws have actually been put up for popular vote and won?

    Of course there’s also the example of Colorado. Several state congresscritters that voted for their more restrictive gun laws were recalled by irate voters.

    Nationally, gun control has been losing since the mid-nineties. It’s been gaining ground in a few of the “usual suspect” places, but overall it’s been losing.

    But they figure that if they make the lie big enough and tell it enough times people will believe it. Standard propaganda tactics since at least the 1930’s.


  2. Tell us how you really feel Nicki .. 😉
    I’m not sure how we can stop this from happening. Make psychological evals part of the permitting process? Never happen, likely wouldn’t help, private purchase channels and all, plus a killer will always find a way to kill. I think recent efforts to not glorify these a-holes might sour their desire for notoriety but as demonstrated last night .. no sooner was the request made by LEO’s to not divulge this fools name .. the media did ..
    I think the responsibility falls on US the public to identify and report these fools, but then what, are we going to sanction weapons confiscation .. I certainly wouldn’t want to crack that door with this government. We’re going to need our weapons I fear ..


  3. First of all, there is NO gun show loophole. That is crap, and we all know it.

    Second, owning/using a gun is a CHOICE in this country. No one is forced to own or use one, but it is extremely useful to know how to use one in an emergency, if necessary, and also how to disable or disarm someone who is using a gun to hurt/kill people like the Oregon shooter did. (I refuse to use that thing’s name. Period.)

    Third, the lib-retards need to pay attention to what Princess Leia said: The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems (people) slip through your fingers.

    I suggest that anyone with offspring (they aren’t little kids, they are adults now) at a university or college get their kids into self-defense classes the summer before going off to school, and it should include finding a way to distract and/or disarm a shooter, and maybe disable him A working fire extinguisher can do a lot to stop someone like the nutcase in Oregon. There are practical things that anyone can learn to do.

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    1. First of all, there is NO gun show loophole. That is crap, and we all know it.

      +1. It makes my head hurt every time I hear someone in the media regurgitate this false narrative.

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      1. It’s not about the loophole. What they want to do is ban private sales, and we all know it.


  4. Zero already is trying to shame gun owners, openly saying these tragedies should be politicized.


  5. Absolutely disgusting display of blood dancing, as usual.


  6. This MUST be a phony story. Oregon has pretty restrictive gun laws AND Umpqua CC is a “gun-free zone,” so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for someone to have obtained a gun and walked onto campus and shot a bunch of people….isn’t it?


    1. As I understand it, UCC is technically not a “gun free zone”. Oregon law does allow campus carry, but apparently campuses can impose internal restrictions, as seems to be the case with Umpqua. But Oregon does have “Universal Background Checks”….the holy grail of gun control….and ti didn’t prevent this rampage.


  7. Umpqua WAS a “gun-free zone” by it’s own code of conduct. Even the single “security guard” on campus had to be unarmed! This moron has a dating site post on which he described himself as “Conservative Republican” and later as a “Satanist,” which seems to be mutually contradictory. I suppose he described himself as a “conservative Republican” thinking he’d probably get no dates if he told the truth about being a Democrat turd.


  8. Interesting note: There have been 42 mass shootings since 1984. 43% of them are owned by this administration.

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  9. Took the cops 8 minutes from the 911 call to confronting the shooter. Shooter shot himself as soon as the cops showed up. Wish someone with a gun could have confronted him earlier.


  10. […] And yet, the first words out of the maw of the White House spokeshole after last week’s tragedy were lies about public support for more gun control, including the hackneyed mantra about the nonexistent “gun-show loophole.” […]


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