You Have GOT to be Shittin’ Me!

I woke up this morning to this.

Ethel Rosenberg, who was executed with her husband for treason in 1953, was honored Monday by the City Council on what would have been her 100th birthday.

Three council members joined Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer in issuing two proclamations lauding Rosenberg, a Lower East Side resident, for “demonstrating great bravery” in leading a 1935 strike against the National New York Packing and Supply Co., where she worked as a clerk.

The proclamations also said she was “wrongfully” executed for helping her husband, Julius, pass atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.

I really thought this was satire. I even asked the friend who posted this on Facebook whether this was a joke, but apparently, it’s all sorts of real. Even the Wall Street Journal reported on it.


This is exactly how I feel about this deranged attempt to romanticize treachery and betrayal.

The Rosenbergs, if you didn’t know, were treasonous maggots convicted of conspiracy to commit treason by selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets. But that doesn’t matter to the freaks of New York, who took it upon themselves to award the Rosenbergs’ two grown sons proclamations honoring that traitorous sow. The progtard worship of these commie assholes isn’t anything new. For decades they claimed the Rosenbergs were innocent and tried to blame their convictions on Jew-baiting and anti-Red hysteria. But then, a bunch of Russian cables was declassified and released in 1995 that pretty much stuck a fork in the progs’ claims of prosecution. In other words, even the most strident among them had to admit that the Rosenbergs were, indeed, the scum we knew them to be.

This mass of documentation shows that Julius Rosenberg began his espionage career before the German invasion of the Soviet Union (a time when Hitler and Stalin were allies) and that he continued for years after the end of World War II, when the Soviet Union’s only potential opponent was the United States. This evidence also reveals that Julius was a more active atomic spy than the FBI, prosecutors, or his most ardent opponents ever suspected. The risks and sacrifices he took for the USSR surprised even hardened KGB officers. During a two-year period, from 1946 to 1948, when security concerns had caused the KGB to cut off communication, Rosenberg kept his ring together, stockpiled classified information in the hope that the KGB would get back in touch, and provided financial support to his agents.

As for Ethel Rosenberg’s role, the evidence is unequivocal. She recruited her brother as an atomic spy and provided logistical support to Julius’s espionage activities. She knew at least two Soviet intelligence officers, and they considered her a loyal and trustworthy compatriot. 

So the progs have been silent on the Rosenberges… until yesterday, when apparently they decided to honor the traitorous twat for her “great bravery.”

Great bravery…

Would that be her courageous  stance against the rights and freedoms that communism could not, by its very nature, protect?

Would that be her great bravery in betraying the United States to a tyrannical world power?

Would that be her daring spirit in pushing her own brother to an unspeakable evil called the Soviet Union?


Decades after the absolute and unambiguous evidence was made public about the Rosenbergs’ treason, all of a sudden these dimwitted fools are trying to honor someone who tried to hand the United States over to the abomination known as the Soviet Union and give said plague a tactical advantage over this nation.

As someone who grew up in the USSR, I find the actions of the New York City Council appalling to my very core. I can’t imagine that anyone who lived the horror and privations of what that shit pit of hell was, could possibly defend anyone who worked to sell this country out to the Soviets! I can’t imagine anyone who has actually lived that maggot-infested wretchedness wanting to protect anyone who actively worked to give that abomination a nuclear advantage over the United States!

And yet, here we have clueless, spoiled fuckwits who grew up with the freedom to say what they want, achieve, work, and read and watch anything they want, honoring someone who actively worked to take all that away! When I say that those who promote communism as a virtue have actually never lived it, I mean it. These are people who have no understanding of what communism really is. They grew up warm and happy, enjoying the freedoms this country strives to protect, and they yearn for an ideal that does not exist – an unspeakable, soul-draining monstrosity that stifles creativity, achievement, individuality, and creativity.

Worse yet… they aim to stifle the truth about the monsters that were the Rosenbergs – to paint her as a hero and the victim of Jew hatred, or communism hatred, or whatever other victimhood they can invent to excuse her behavior! They are so desperate to resurrect their communist hero, that they are willing to sacrifice truth for it.

Today’s leftists don’t care about the truth. They don’t care about justice. They care about promoting their agenda, no matter what the cost – even if it means honoring communist degenerates who wanted to destroy this nation.


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  1. It’s the People’s Republic of New York, dear. Temper your expectations. Personally, I think it’d be fabulous if we could kick them out of the United States.


  2. I am absolute floored by this.

    I grew up in a central Illinois town that was a target city for Soviet missiles because of its railyards, Caterpillar, GE and Firestone factories, grain processing plant, and the two hospitals located there. It was 35 miles from Rantoul AFB. My grandmother’s house in Lincoln, NE, sat in the middle of a ring of Minuteman missiles, because there was a SAC airbase located there. She used to take us to dinner at the base.

    Those assholes helped create the Cold War and Krushchev’s missile bases in Cuba. And we’re supposed to honor those bastards?

    Not if Hell freeze and then flares up and wipes out effing Moscow and Lenin’s tomb. Those people doing this should be shoved down one of those methane cavities in Siberia and left there.

    Jesus Christ on a crutch!!!! (Sorry, Nicki, don’t mean to cuss.)


    1. Sara, seriously? You think I care about cursing?? 🙂


  3. “When I say that those who promote communism as a virtue have actually never lived it, I mean it. These are people who have no understanding of what communism really is. They grew up warm and happy, enjoying the freedoms this country strives to protect, and they yearn for an ideal that does not exist – an unspeakable, soul-draining monstrosity that stifles creativity, achievement, individuality, and creativity..”

    I suspect that people who support communism (or it’s cousin socialism) are envisioning something like, well, a commune, where people live simply, share their food and their bodies, yada, yada. It’s idealistic, but not terribly realistic. And I don’t know, but I imagine that’s what they are striving for when they support the notion. I think the more a person has experienced what (a good balance of) capitalism and socialism have to offer, or been taken advantage of by a socialist, the more the blinders are lifted and they are disenchanted with such an idea.


  4. Dafuque? What is wrong with the politicians in NY? That and CA are two states I hope I never have the displeasure of seeing.


  5. Can’t say that I’m surprised in the least…..given the zip code of this asshattery.


  6. Welcome to the new society. No honor, no accountability, no consequence .. unless of course your too right of center


  7. I have no words to describe the loathsome perfidy of the Rosenbergs, nor their equally loathsome present-day apologists and supporters, Nicki. Thankfully, you did.

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  8. Who would expect any less from a city that would elect a known communist for mayor.


  9. As a man who saw with his own eyes the true results of Communism in action, albeit a fair while ago, I can state categorically that the clowns who proposed this ‘admiration’ can have ever only read of the true delights of Socialism and Communism.

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