A Nation of Drones

The extraordinary Sarah A. Hoyt has honored me by publishing my guest post on her blog. I know I’ve talked a bit about growing up in the USSR, so you kind folks already know some of the horrors I’ve had growing up there. This is just another account. It’s one that was triggered (and no, I don’t use that term as a pathetic attempt at victimhood) by the ignorant, ridiculous, stupid beyond belief tweet of Phil “Phildo” Sandifer, that claimed anyone who thought communism was evil should be murdered.

No, Phildo – people who say communism is the most oppressive form of government have actually lived it and understand it better than your lily-white privileged ass could! And this post was inspired by that fact.

After years of indoctrination with no access to outside information, everything was normal.

Wiping with pieces of newspaper, because there was no toilet paper? Normal.

Taking a bath in dirty water that your parents brought in buckets from the machine factory across the street, heated, and poured into a bathtub, after all other members of the family “bathed” in it? Normal.

Sharing your one-bedroom apartment with another three-four person family, sleeping on the floor, or on a makeshift bed in what used to be a living room? Normal.

Getting your tonsils removed without anesthesia while you were tied to a chair with a sheet, gagging on bloody chunks of flesh as the doctor cut them out of your throat with scissors, and hearing them plop juicily into a kidney dish she held under your chin? Normal. Too bad the anesthesia didn’t take. You got your share.

Getting beaten up by your classmates on a regular basis for being a Jew? Normal.

You can read the rest at Sarah’s. The fact that an author as talented as Sarah saw it worthy to publish my brain droppings is truly an honor for me, so go over there and read, and if you haven’t discovered Sarah’s novels yet, do give them a try!

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  1. Great column, Nicki! On your recommendation, I’ve bought all 3 of Ms Hoyt’s “Darkship” series plus a Kratman novel that I haven’t read. I appreciate your column more than you may know. Do I have your permission to distribute it to other sites?


    1. W00T!!! Good reading ahead!


    2. Oh, and yes, of course! Distribute away.🙂


      1. Did a link back to Sarah’s page in my tiny LJ. It needs to be seen.


    3. Thewriterinblack – I can only wonder if there was an instructor when you were there, female, about 45-50, chunky with reddish hair. Her husband, also from Russia, owned “Nepenthe” a jet-set sort of restaurant hanging over the cliffs down in Big Sur. (I used to play chess with him every now and then.) I’ve forgotten their names as it was over 50 years ago now.


      1. I went through training in Texas, not California.


        1. I studied Arabic at DLI in Monterey but made friends with a few other language instructors. This lady and I had mutual friends who were a civilian couple and we’d sometimes travel together to Nepenthe where her husband and I (then 22 years old) would play chess. I usually lost, but not always.


  2. I remember many years ago, when I was in high school, we were shown a Soviet propaganda film. One of those “look how great the Soviet Union is” things.

    After the film, the teacher asked for thoughts on the film. I raised my hand.
    “Yes, David?” The teacher asked.
    “I noticed that no one, not one person in the entire film, ever smiled. Not one.”
    Dead silence in the room.

    Some time later, in the Air Force, I was taking the Defense Language Institute Russian Language Course (during the brief interlude where it was taught for AF at Lackland AFB rather than Monterey). Most of the teachers were Soviet ex-pats.

    The stories they would tell….


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    1. My daughter just graduated DLI too! Russian as well. The biggest thing I remember about it is how grey everything was. I always dream and think in color, but my memories of that place are always grey.


  3. Sandifer needs to live in North Korea for a very long time.

    On another note, it was Mikhail Gorbachev who said the USSR was bankrupt after the years and money the Soviets had spent in Afghanistan. He said something to the effect that he was a Communist but even he could see that it does not work. I’m paraphrasing that, because it was well over 20 years ago.

    The difference is, and always has been, that in capitalism you have a chance to try. Success of failure at something is up to you, not the government.

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    1. Sorry, that should be ‘success OR failure’


  4. I’m not on Twitter, but I have a suggestion for Phildo; If he really wants to do the world a favor he can go sodomize himself with a cactus coated in ricin.

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    1. He might enjoy that!


  5. A bit off topic, but did you happen to see the breitbart article about (insert your preferred insult here) SJW journalist Jef Rouner who supports and defends the same pedo decided to tweet said pedo a picture of his own daughter saying “here’s a picture of my kid in her new Chewie hoodie. Hope it cheers you up!”

    Words have completely failed me to describe just how F’d up this situation is. I am not a father but even I can’t fathom a logical though process that would lead to sending a self admitted pedo pictures of any kid much less your own. Mass Shooters, serial killers, terrorists, etc.. I can see and understand the thought logic they use to become those things, but for this not a clue. I really hope for the kids sake that this is simply a case of unfathomable stupidity and unthinking, because the only way such an action would begin to make sense would be if Jef Rouner was also a pedo, and that would be a situation that no kid should ever be in.


    1. I did. Sick, twisted, repulsive… I can’t even…


  6. People who say Communism is NOT the most oppressive form of government ever should be drugged and shoved out of planes over the Atlantic Ocean.

    There fixed it for you.

    Roughly 250 million people dead due to authoritarian regimes modeled on communism or fascism. I think we can safely say that Phil Sandifer is an evil, vile and stupid creature who vividly demonstrates the murderous mindset of communists. He makes our point perfectly that it is an evil ideology and the adherents are sick, twisted people.


  7. What has happened to us as a society? Have we no morals anymore? Have we even no gag reflex? These people should be run out of town on a rail, so to speak, and yet they , and others like them, continue to find ever larger audiences to swallow their venom. And yet pedophiles are allowed to exist and form clubs, to the point where their names are broadcast on television loudly and proudly. I am talking about nambla if you didn’t know.
    When I was younger, if some pervert lusted after my daughter, I wouldn’t have sent him a picture of her, me and my brothers would have gone over to his house and convinced him that he should leave town that very night. Really.

    As far as communism being the most oppressive form of government, I know it is brutal and horrible, but if you think about it, you can see where ANY form of government can become brutal and oppressive. Our own government has proven that many times, although of course, not to the extremes that communist countries have. Because governments are made up of men and women who lust after power and money the same no matter what kind of government it is. Power is a strong drug and once tried it is hard to shake.


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