This Really Happened: Hoplophobe Soils Itself Because… GUN!

September 11 was a historic day in America. It was tragic. It was emotional. It was dark. But it was definitely historic – a painful part of American history that is never to be forgotten.

Enter this asshole. OH NOES! Teh EEEVIL NRA™ put a GUN on display in its museum! A GUN! How awful!


New York Police Officer Walker Weaver did not survive that horrific day on Sept. 11, 2001, but the NRA is pleased that his gun was recovered.

The NRA writes, “Officer Weaver never made it out that day … but his revolver was recovered from the ashes.”

Let’s start with the fact that the pistol is a bit of history. There are cameras that survived the 9-11 attack that belonged to a photographer – Bill Biggart – who did not, that are displayed at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Why? Because it’s a NEWS museum, and therefore, tools that a photojournalist used to capture the news are prominently displayed there as part of news history.


Likewise, the NRA’s museum is a FIREARMS museum. The pistol that belonged to a fallen officer who died on 9-11 is part of history! Therefore, it’s perfectly appropriate that the tool the officer used every day to protect his life and the lives of others is prominently on display there as part of firearms and American history.

Yay for the gun! #GunsLivesMatter.

Yay for lack of rational perspective! #HoplophobicBuffoon.

After Weaver’s family donated the gun to the NRA National Firearms Museum and with the 14th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the NRA writes, “Weaver’s revolver holds a place of honor today and serves as a somber reminder of the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line daily.”

I don’t know where any of you were during the bombings, but I was one or so miles from Ground Zero,  just hoping that one gun would survive as we watched in horror as citizens and first responders tirelessly dug through the rubble, day after day.

So you’re using your alleged presence near Ground Zero to give yourself credibility? Well, I was pretty near the Pentagon – where 125 military and civilians died at the hands of psychotic murderers. And some of those folks even carry guns as part of their jobs… you know… in the military, you cretinous coward! In the military – especially when we deploy – we carry our firearms with us all the time. They are tools.

This look familiar? Care to make fun of it, you deplorable, callous cunt?


These weapons are part of our jobs – especially on deployment. Just as Officer Weaver’s pistol was part of his job – and the only part left his family was able to recover. So your smarmy, oleaginous sarcasm is neither warranted, nor appreciated.

With each dig into the ground, we hoped to see just one barrel peering out into the sunlight.

With each word you show yourself to be a pompous, insensitive nitwit, that has not a gracious bone in its body. This is the only thing his family had left of him in the wreckage of that horror – the tool he used every day to protect himself and others. And you have the unmitigated gall to wax sarcastic about it?

And one did. It was Officer Walker Weaver’s gun. He didn’t make it but the NRA is very happy that yet another gun is OK.

I’m sure Officer Weaver’s family is gratified that they are able to donate the only thing left of him they were able to recover from the rubble to a museum to honor the the man who courageously bore that tool on the job and preserve it as part of history – history you apparently do not understand or respect, you sniveling cock monkey.

The courageous gun lobbyist organization used social media yesterday to attack surviving family members of gun violence.

And by “attack,” you mean “asked a legitimate question about the #whateverittakes movement and its intent toward our rights.”

We’re sure the gun rights group was relieved to hear that the guns used in the aforementioned acts of violence survived, too.

We’re sure relieved that your pusillanimous pantshittery against guns is so profound, that you would denigrate the only item that was recovered from someone who was murdered by psychotic terrorists and begrudge that tool becoming part of history merely because you insist on personifying an inanimate object.

Forget the thousands of lives lost 14 years ago, and let’s take a moment to honor the gun that pulled through such a terrifying event.

Forget the fact that the gun is the only item that was recovered from one of those victims. Let’s hate on it, because GUNS!

And now, I’m going to go throw up.

Translation: Look how sensitive I am! I’m going to throw up because INANIMATE OBJECT! I sarcastically attack the memory of one of the victims of a vicious terrorist attack on our nation, but I’m righteous, because I’m attacking a GUN!

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  1. Does this ignorant twit even realize the reason this poor murdered policeman carried that weapon was to protect folks like her, who would be utterly defenseless without such protectors?
    If she felt threatened, she would be the first to call 911 to rush armed police to her aid, never giving a thought to the disgusting hypocrisy of that action. She abhors weapons and probably violence, but would happily call an armed surrogate to perform violence on her behalf to protect her. She is from the same filthy ilk that threw excrement on returning soldiers, never connecting that the soldiers fought and died for the hippies’ right to freely express themselves.

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    1. That would be a no, I’d gather. These panty shitters rarely understand what they’re doing. They just emote.

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  2. Buffoonish libtards: Jewels of Publik Skools(tm) and Oxygen Thieves extraordinaire!

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  3. YGTBSM… They… just… ARRGHHH!!! The stupid should REALLY hurt…


  4. The teeth of the sheepdog that protect the sheep frighten the herd even when dug from the grave… how common…


  5. I started to read some of the comments on that article, but had to stop as the illogical reasoning and stupidity of some of them was too bad to continue to tread through.

    Off topic: Sorry to hear about the issues you’re still having with the house, Nicki…hopefully things will start getting better for you soon.


  6. Doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish civilians from military


    1. He doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish human decency from hoplophobic assgoblinry.


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