Lady Bountiful and the Illusion of Heroism

“It is INCREDIBLY insulting of you to think that people of other races, creeds, orientations and/or genders need YOUR lady bountiful act to open the door for them.”

Sarah has it exactly right. It’s also incredibly conceited. It’s a belief that you’re so fabulous, that you must bestow at least some of that fabulousness, much like fairy dust, on those Great Unwashed.


According To Hoyt

So I promised I was going to handle what was fundamentally wrong with the argument between my “raccoon identifying friend” and the “white knighting for the leftist agenda” writer he was engaging on twitter. (Because it really even wasn’t white-knighting for minorities, as I’ll explain.)

I know some of you guys are too young to remember this, but there was this fad in the seventies where “feminists” (usually very young girls who had just been sold a load of goods at school by some angry female teacher) would turn and punch whichever man opened the door for them, because “you’re treating me like I’m not capable of doing it for myself.”

I remember this vividly because coming from a culture that had a lot less public politeness, it seemed just plain dumb to me.  Besides, now as then, I opened the door for EVERYONE if I was walking ahead, and…

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  1. I open doors for anyone behind me. It’s that racial/sexist/imperialist manners thing my near poverty Depression era parents taught me. Now that I am in late middle age, I let teen/twenty something women stand while I sit. Do get a bit miffed when a young male or female takes the place of an older person I try to give up my seat for.
    “Honor thy mother and thy father.”
    I honor and sacrifice for those weaker than me. I do it out of respect, not denigration. I am sorry for anyone’s feelings I have hurt, but I can only control me, not you.

    I think of my little mother and father, sacrificing so much for me, and believe in a Christian duty to do the same. I am a Kantian, think it would be a better world.

    If all else fails, watch The Middle.


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