Phil Sandifer: Doubling down on the stupid

So apparently Phildo, instead of backing slowly away from the Sarah Nyberg pedophilia fiasco or at the very least advocating some mental help for that particular burning dumpster, is now doubling down on the Teh Stoopid™. Because according to PedoPhil, exposing Sarah Nyberg’s twisted urges is much more reprehensible than her actually having them and having admitted to them publicly.

What. The. Hell.


My response to Phildo is above.

“@Nero” refers to the awesome Milo Yiannopoulos on Twitter, the Breitbart writer who pulls no punches in telling it like it is and does it in such a way as to make SJW heads explode all over the Interwebz. Phildo doesn’t like Milo much, because Milo is a gay man who refuses to conform to Phildo’s “gay people are victims of society and privilege” narrative. That makes me like Milo even more, but that’s beside the point. This is about Phildo, who doesn’t seem to think that finding children sexually appealing is an issue, but writing about it and exposing it is.

You know, I really hope Phildo continues down this road of assbaggery. All it’s going to do is is damage his side even more.


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  1. Nicki, I know you don’t like Twitter much, but your post was perfect.

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  2. Predators need to be exposed, regardless of political or sexual persuasion.

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  3. One wonders what crimes and perversions lie in HIS past….


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