Sad Puppies 4 Rebloggery

Sad Puppies 4. It’s ON, bitches!

The beautiful and talented Sarah Hoyt, Kate Paulk, and Amanda S. Green are running this year’s Sad Puppies 4.  If you’re wondering how it will be run, here’s a snip:

The Hugo awards has entirely too small a voting and nominating pool. Five thousand votes is the largest number ever received? Two thousand nomination ballots? That’s piddly. For a field loved by millions, it’s nowhere near enough, and makes it easy for any small clique to corrupt the idea of awarding great SF and start giving themselves awards.

We want at least ten thousand nomination ballots. Tens of thousands of votes (which means tens of thousands of Hugo memberships, either supporting or attending). So many votes and voters that it’s almost impossible for any one group – and yes, that includes the Sad Puppies – to dominate anything.

So, SP4 is all about MOAR! More voters. More votes. More people. We want to make the Hugos bigger and more representative of fandom as a whole, to bring people in rather than give them an asterisk that looks kind of wrong (especially beside the rocket) to try to drive the “interlopers” out. SF is a big tent: we don’t want to kick out anyone, even writers of bad message fiction that makes puppies sad.

To that end, this thread will be the first of several to collect recommendations. There will also be multiple permanent threads (one per category) on the SP4 website where people can make comments. The tireless, wonderful volunteer Puppy Pack will be collating recommendations.

Notice nothing is said about politics. Nothing is said about race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. The goal – and you see it here and at Kate’s site in writing – is to bring more people to sci-fi fandom. Period. There will be no “slate.” There will be a list of recommendations hopefully from all walks of life and all sides of the political and social spectrum. This is the mission.

I accept.


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  1. I agree that this is one of those cases where “moar” will be better, Nicki. I’m sure this has been covered elsewhere but not where I’ve seen it. Where may I find information on obtaining a supporting Hugo membership?


  2. Worldcon is being held at MidAmeriCon next year. The registration page is


    1. Thanks…


  3. Yep, lets bring our friends and all their friends… 🙂

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