Smells like… Pedo Bear


I don’t have a Reddit account, and I don’t want one, so I don’t plan on engaging you all there.

I am a female. I don’t have anyone’s balls in a jar or anywhere else. My husband would probably curb stomp you for the suggestion.

I support the rights of trans people, gay people, straight people, whatever. I have defended their rights, including the right to marry and live their lives peacefully, numerous times on this blog.

This blog entry is about a pedophile, who just happens to be transgendered. That’s not the crux of the story. This is obviously a very twisted person who finds pre-pubescent children sexually appealing. Wants. To. Have. Sex. With. CHILDREN. If you cannot understand why this is evil, horrible, and sick and equate this with some kind of weird, perceived “hatred” I have for trans people, you’re not just reading comprehension-deficient, you’re definitely climbing up the wrong fucking tree.

If you fail to condemn a person who publicly admits to having sex fantasies with children, and worse yet, try to make excuses for said person, claiming that their terrible, difficult life is somehow an excuse for this hideousness, I can’t fucking help you.

Carry on.


Sometimes you cruise the Interwebz, and you run across stuff that makes you want to immediately take a shower in boiling Listerine. If you know anything about me at all, you know that my hatred for child molesters and sex offenders writ large is burning. Thousand flaming ovens burning. Thousand nuclear explosions burning. Thousand suns burning.

My disdain for those who make excuses for these pernicious shitslurpers rivals that of the actual pedophile. Enter this Phil Sandifer creature that (if that is its real photo) looks sort of like the thankfully expired Anwar al Awlaki mated with Pajama Boy.

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This megadouche shocked me earlier with his claim that anyone who thought communism was oppressive should be essentially killed.

To which I would reply that anyone who says communism is the most oppressive form of government has ACTUALLY FUCKING LIVED IT! But I don’t do too much Tweeting. It’s irritating, takes up a lot of time, and attracts all sorts of wankery in response that’s too stupid to waste time addressing.

I won’t go into the origins of what has made me physically sick today. You can read some background here. And here. You can also watch the video of the research done here.

Take some strong anti-nausea medicine before you do, though, because it contains chat logs from Sarah Nyberg. Yeah, I didn’t know who she was either, so I had to do some research, but apparently she’s a trans woman who is a pedophile. Well, apparently Phildo doesn’t think it’s a huge big deal, because modern childhood is really a Victorian invention anyway.

And frankly, these twisted, sick tendencies are mitigated by the fact that poor Sarah is a trans person, Phildo says, because… well, you’re too simple to understand the complexities, you puritannical nitwit!

And while Sarah Nyberg plays the martyr on Twitter, claiming those who support her are being threatened and harrassed, and that there’s a systematic “abuse campaign” going on against her, Phildo proudly stands with her and tells her he will support her anyway! Good lord!

Because screen capturing one’s own words apparently qualifies as an “abuse campaign,” to these shitgits.

I don’t know if Sarah Nyberg actually acted on these feelings. I would hope not. The thought of her finding an 8-year-old child sexually appealing is disturbing on every level possible. Sorry, I don’t say this as a puritan or as someone unaware of history. I say this as a parent. An innocent 8-year-old child should be NO ONE’S sex fantasy! It’s a base, repugnant thing to even consider twisting and destroying innocence in such a manner! And if she – dog forbid – acts on it…

…that would be a crime not just according to modern jurisprudence and moral standards, but a sick, demented cruelty – the theft of childhood, an exploitation and sullying of purity. And if Sarah Nyberg is having these urges, she really needs to seek help at once.

Nothing can justify these twisted urges. Nothing. But Phildo certainly tries. Why? I can’t even begin to fathom. Judging from his Tweet, he apparently will defend his ideological allies, no matter what, because some people have this urge to normalize sick behavior (note the little history lesson Phildo tweets about the notion of childhood) in those who they claim are victims of society. Sarah Nyberg is a trans person. Sarah Nyberg has obviously been victimized by those evil, cis, hetero, white, privileged penis bearers. Therefore Sarah Nyberg must be ardently defended (Well, she was abused! That’s why she’s having those urges! Don’t you get it?) despite some very abnormal urges she admits to having. Phildo probably thought Stalin was a swell guy too.

For the record, I know quite a few trans and gender queer folks, whose reaction to Sarah Nyberg’s publicly professed urges would be to toss her ass into a woodchipper and fertilize their lawns with the leavings to ensure she never stepped within 500 yards of a child!

But no… Phildo would rather be sodomized with a rabid hedgehog than condemn Sarah’s urges as unequivocally wrong and in need of serious psychiatric attention. He’d rather defend the indefensible, because… OPPRESSION!

This, beyond everything else, I find most inexcusable!

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  1. And I thought I had seen everything. I was wrong.

    Fetish? I don’t know where phildo the dildo gets his information, but I would dearly love to take him for a ride in the Wayback Machine to work at the 19th century foundries in Sheffield, England – one of the most abusive places on earth. I’m not referring to foundry workers. I meant 7-year-old children working in the foundries around molten steel, among other things. This doesn’t include the children who worked in coal mines. Their fate was worse. And if they didn’t or couldn’t work, they were kicked out.

    I guess phildo’s never read Dickens, has he? Well, Charles D. wrote novels based ON WHAT HE SAW. Just as Defoe reported the fate of women in ‘Moll FLanders’, Dickens was reporting those horrifyingly abusive labor practices as a wakeup call.

    This phildo creature needs to have his slimy ass kicked into shattered bone, AND denied medical treatment. And that THING he’s supporting – drag it along with him.

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    1. This was my reaction. Only you said it so much better. J

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  2. ::hits wood three times::
    Good job!

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  3. Some people just need to be gut-shot and left for the buzzards. And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout them anti-Commies, mind you.

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  4. I really wish we’d stop calling trannies by their CHOSEN sex. Males are male ONLY if they have XY chromosomes and females are female ONLY if they have XX chromosomes and you can’t “choose” your chromosomes.

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    1. And I wish you’d learn basic courtesy, but we can’t always get what we want, now can we?


    2. What’s “courteous” about calling someone who’s female a “man”–or vice versa. In my day, that would get you punched in the nose or slapped.


      1. It’s courteous if that’s what they want.

        You see, you’re projecting. You’re male (I assume from the name “pappa d”), and you would take offense if someone called you a woman, so you believe others ought to react the same way. But that’s not always correct.

        Trans people feel like they’ve been born into the wrong bodies, that their life has been a giant mistake. Calling them by their birth gender against their wishes is distressing.

        It literally costs you *nothing* to call a female-to-male trans a “he” or a male-to-female trans a “she”. It’s right up there with having a childhood friend named Bobby who asks that you please call him Robert now that he’s an adult.


    3. It does cost. It costs me my language. Insisting that I call something a word that it is not robs that word of meaning. That word, he, or she, has a specific meaning, and its purpose isn’t merely to define what it is, but what it is not. He exists to exclude she, and she exists to exclude he. You’re saying that he should be broadened to include any she with a mental disorder, and she any he with a similar mental disorder. No, that’s a blatant corruption of language, and it imposes a huge cost. You are annihilating the meaning of the words when you force them to include within their definition their diametrical opposite.

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      1. “It costs me my language. Insisting that I call something a word that it is not robs that word of meaning. […] No, that’s a blatant corruption of language, and it imposes a huge cost.”

        The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. It’s a living language, where meanings evolve and words are taken from other cultures.

        I wish you luck in dealing with the next few decades, as usage of the “singular they” and the rise of the “get-passive” increase.


    4. That’s exactly what it is – a courtesy. Like calling someone by a preferred name or “sir” or “ma’am”. If someone is just trying to live their life or the like, if they’re trying to be accepted for who and what they are, then it’s a courtesy that I am happy to extend. But when it’s someone like this? No. Someone like this doesn’t deserve our courtesy or respect and I have absolutely no interest in giving them any.


      1. Oh, that’s absolutely fine. I have zero problem with anyone referring to the traitor Pvt. Manning as Bradley rather than Chelsea, because I believe Manning — as a convicted spy — doesn’t deserve courtesy.

        I simply voiced my objection when pappad issued a wish for a blanket proscription against “all trannies”.


  5. “People who say Communism is the most oppressive form of government ever should be drugged and shoved out of planes over the Atlantic Ocean.”

    Well, that’s certainly not oppressive or anything… (SJWs: Historically ignorant and ironically blind.)


    1. Yeah, that post made me think at first it was a troll account, but a quick look at his Twitter account shows that he’s just another internet fascist.


  6. […] ANTI GAMERGATER, ANTI SAD PUPPIES, PRO WHAT: Smells like… Pedo Bear. […]


  7. Nyberg is the most prominent Anti-#GamerGate figures on Twitter. ALL of them have excused her pedophilia and in many cases, pedophilia itself.

    THIS is who we’ve been fighting for a year.

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    1. Oh wow. Not up on my pedophiles. Thanks for the info.


  8. One small criticism.

    This person who calls himself Sarah is not female, yet we do not find this out until well into the article. Morally speaking, there is no difference between a man who pretends to be a woman and sexually abuses female children, and an actual woman doing the same thing. However, the psychological disorder that motivates each is not the same.


  9. Actually, calling someone by qualifiers that they are not, does cost you something: accurate information on the person being addressed.

    If I asked you to refer to me as a Siberian Tiger, would you? There was a rather big stink not to long ago about a couple of people identifying themselves a black, when apparently they were not. Should we still describe them as blacks, our of courtesy to their self perceived identities? Would it be different if it was a couple of nominally black people chose to self-identify as white?


    1. The stink about those identifying themselves as black was about the privileges, work, benefits they received from said lie.

      This is basic courtesy. And yes. I would call you a Siberian Tiger if you asked.🙂


    2. Ah, the old “accuracy” claim. While I can see the purpose of precision when, say, giving medical information or writing a police report, I truly doubt you are 100% concise in real life.

      Tell me, Voyager, do you refer to all married women by their maiden names? After all, that’s accurately the name by which they were born.

      “Oh, that’s different,” I hear you claim, “They had their last names legally changed after marriage!”

      And I say that it’s not different, because full-transition transgenders also have their names legally changed. So at this point, you have three options:
      1) Realize you have a double standard, and address people the way they wish to be addressed;
      2) Realize you have a double standard, and start addressing *everyone* according to their birth designation;
      3) Realize you have a double standard, and embrace the fact that you’re a hypocrite.

      And regarding the Siberian Tiger bit: Nicki answered the same way that I would.


  10. Would that tweet about Communism and dropping from planes have been a reference to what is believed to have happened to accused Communists in Chile under Pinochet, rather than an actual statement of desired outcomes? That is, maybe he was saying “People who say Communism is the most oppressive form of government should be aware of what these people under this oppressive non-Communist government experienced”?


    1. Doubt it, judging by his other tweets. He claims to be a Marxist.


    2. Okay, I was not quite right – according to his own tweets he was referring to what CIA-backed paramilitaries in Argentina did to leftists (e.g., Operation Condor). But why would him being a Marxist make such a reading less likely? He’s defending communism by pointing out that distinctly non-communist authoritarians have also behaved pretty oppressively. His wording is poor, but it’s Twitter – 140 characters is a substantial impediment to precision of language.


      1. Condor is not the only time plane death was used.


    3. What’s not to like about a Marxist pedophilia supporter? Doesn’t get much more progressive!


  11. everlastingphelps

    I’m not down with the “she” pronoun either. Indulging someone’s body dysmorphia is not helping them, any more than agreeing with an anorexic that she’s fat.

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    1. So you’re justifying rudeness by claiming it helps people. That’s really quite quaint. “To cut is to cure,” eh?

      In that case, I’m going to help you by hoping that one day you run into transgender SEAL Kristin Beck, and that you call her “him”.


    2. everlastingphelps

      Indulging someone’s dysmorphia certainly isn’t helping them, anymore than giving drugs to an addict is helping them because it makes them feel better. I’m not concerned about being hurt by Beck, because SEALs don’t make a habit of going around assaulting people because they think that person is rude. (That’s more of a campus activist thing than a military thing.)

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  12. Calling someone something they are not is not a courtesy, it is a lie . The purpose of the transgender pronoun nonsense if precisely to make language useless and lying acceptable . It is far easier to claim freedom is slavery and war is peace if you have already convinced your audience that men are women and vice versa.

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    1. True. I strongly suspect that Chastity Bono went through sexual reassignment surgery because she was such a homely girl. Unfortunately for her, she’s STILL homely…if not homelier…as a putative “male.”


  13. So, lemme get this straight… According to this oxygen pirate, “the modern notion of childhood was invented by the Victorians, and like everything else they invented, was a fetish” but, at the same time, ” lots of trans people have really complex and fraught relationships to childhood, what with missing theirs and all.”

    So, what I hear when I read these two tweets from this meatbag is that “lots of” people are trans because they “missed their childhood”, but he’s OK with stealing kids childhoods by being a pedophile. So is his endgame to make more people trans? Not to mention that, as was mentioned in previous comments, being trans (as I understand it) is being born into the wrong body. Seems to me like he is doing a disservice to transgendered folks by making them sound like they got to be trans by having shitty childhoods (by being molested, maybe?).

    SJW “logic” makes my head hurt.


  14. To Erin Palette – Sorry, but the English Language, as it’s used in this country, is about ACCURACY. It’s why most international business IS conducted in English–because of its perceived precision economically. The left has been bastardizing our language for several decades. “Gay” no longer means “happy and carefree” but describes the sexual habits of people who are confused as to the difference between “lust” and “love.” If a man who has undergone “sexual reassignment” surgery decides it was a mistake and prefers sex with women, does that make him a “lesbian?”


    1. Oh, goodness me. You and mrburns are quite the pair. I keep forgetting that there’s a Gay and Transgender War on English that is supposed to benefit me in some nebulous fashion.

      i find it hilariously ironic that a man who is using a computer to talk to me is lecturing me about linguistic purity. After all, the historical definition of a computer is “a person who makes computations.” How dare you bastardize the English language so!

      And to answer your question: Yes. I know quite a few male-to-female transgenders who still prefer sex with women. It’s not as rare as you think.


  15. People have no sense of history at all. All this “trans this” and “trans that” will be gone in a few years, relegated to history’s dustbin along with “recovered memories,” satanic child abuse and a bunch of other contagious delusions once given front page column-inches.

    Regarding pedophiles, there is no substitute for a father’s love and protection. Some people really just exhibit an electrolyte imbalance, a condition easily cured with a lead infusion courtesy of a jacketed hollow point. Leftists seem to forget that collective delusions don’t always limit individual initiative.


  16. Just noted Sandifer’s self-description as a post-modernist. Give him an “A” for accuracy. All post-modernists should be disallowed from using any device that is the product of engineering, because by doing so the post-modernist is being a huge hypocrite. They should be forced to design their own cars or airplanes based on “there is no objective reality” engineering, right? Here they are, using conveyances designed largely under “white guy reality.” The horrors.

    My, how easy is the living when utter idiocy not only obtains a beachhead but goes on to conquer territory. Oops, I forgot we were talking about using the pronoun a person “prefers.” Like the comic said, “When I see an ‘I’m with Stupid’ T-shirt I know there’s TWO people I don’t need to get to know.”

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  17. I don’t know how fruitful it will be to continue this discussion with Erin Palette, given that Palette self-describes as “refus[ing] to come to terms with reality, and prefer[ring] instead to live in a fantasy world of rationalization and hallucination.”

    There is a transgender war on English. It doesn’t benefit anyone, but hinders communication. Recent examples include the controversy over whether it was acceptable to say that abortion is a women’s issue because “[trans] men have abortions too,” or the editorial in the UCLA student paper talking about the unequal costs women bear resulting from menstruation, which was prefaced with a lengthy disclaimer stating that by equating menstruation with women, the editorial didn’t mean to exclude trans women who don’t menstruate, or trans men that do.

    Nothing can be discussed rationally with extensive qualifications to prevent offense to a hyper-sensitive, tiny fraction of the population.


    1. Right, because a few obviously sarcastic lines in a throwaway bio just completely destroy any argument I have, no matter how well-reasoned.

      That, by the way, is me rolling my eyes at your weaksauce ad hominem. It would be like me saying “I don’t know how fruitful it will be to try to discuss this with sdaly, who hides behind a gravatar and a login name that doesn’t even disclose his full identity.”


  18. @ Erin Palette: “It literally costs you *nothing* to call a female-to-male trans a “he” or a male-to-female trans a “she”. It’s right up there with having a childhood friend named Bobby who asks that you please call him Robert now that he’s an adult.”

    I vehemently disagree with you, and while I expect that you will cling to your error, I would like for you to understand that you have zero chance of convincing me to join you in it. Theodore Dalrymple:

    “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

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    1. I concur, scientivore. In speaking to transsexuals, I do use their preferred name (because I don’t see any difference between that and using a nickname), but I use the biologically correct pronoun.

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    2. I find it hilarious that you’re actually accusing me of being politically correct.

      Did you miss Nicki’s comment, above, where she said she uses a transsexual’s preferred name and pronoun as well? I guess that makes her politically correct too!

      (dissolves into giggle fit)


  19. Cost me nothing? It cost me the collapse of a culture to indulge mental illness in a tiny group of extreme fetishists. I’m simply not going to knowingly participate.

    Has Sandifer considered that the grandparents of those Victorians made up the radical idea that treating humans as property was wrong and should not be ignored and permitted in any place they wielded influence?


  20. I will HAPPILY accede to your point of view on the same day that a female to male tranny impregnates a male to female tranny, but not before.


  21. Ya know, Erin is a pretty awesome person.
    She is a solid gun-rights supporter, frequent firearms & gear T&E blogger, writes some good stuff about prepping on a budget, and is generally a lot of fun to read. She has interest in (and blogs about) some of my other over-lapping hobbies as well.
    I don’t agree with her on everything, but I do *know* that she’s a really solid ally in the on-going culture-war against the anti-gun rights crowd, if nothing else.

    Like *all* of us, she’s got her issues and things to have to deal with.

    And I will also say that had she not self-identified as trans, you who are giving her a hard time and/or making a stink about this, would never have known, and based on her gravatar/icon & name, would simply have addressed her as “she” or “her”, out of… wait for it… common courtesy anyway.

    I always shake my head when otherwise intelligent people reject an ally over something as utterly trivial as this.

    But hey, y’all go on ahead and just cover yourselves in a good, thick coating of self-righteousness, and feel all good about it… Just like the SJWs, and shitballs like Sandifier do.

    And as for pedophiles?
    The only acceptable cure for ANY sexual predator – be it rapists or kiddie diddlers – is a fair trial, and if found guilty, an in-person, close visual & mechanical inspection tour thru an operating woodchipper. Because that’s about the *only* thing that actually lowers the recidivism rates for sexual predators.

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    1. I believe God may forgive all. I pray criminals are redeemed and the loved ones of victims are not consumed by hate, but molesters need to be killed. If you know a 1-12 year old and consider that their life can be destroyed by one these animals, recognize that some evils cannot be cured.
      Cancer needs to be cut out, like pedophiles.
      Stop them all. NOW.
      If you know anyone who hurts children, call the police, report them. A human life, a precious gift from God deserves it. If you think you will be harmed by that, think about the innocent eyes of a child defiled.
      I follow Jerry Pournelle, Glenn Reynolds and await the Second Foundation. Puppies are not the issue. Humans, now and the future are. Do we sacrifice our future by abortion, abuse, slavery and trafficking in freaking 2015????


    2. Thanks for the backstop, Piotr! If we ever meet up, I’ll buy you a drink.

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    3. Frankly, I don’t care if Erin is male, female or a little of both. His/her sexuality is determined by his/her GENES…not how he/she “feels” about himself/herself. I will concede your point only insofar as agreeing to address him/her AS “him/her.”

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  22. My family has, in too many ways, myself included, been damaged by a pedophile who hurt my brother. It isn’t funny, it isn’t political. I am about to cry and I don’t do that.
    Sick bastards need to be isolated, forever. Don’t care how. Protect the innocent. We all used to believe and act like we cared. Now, we are fearful, afraid of being called homophobic or anti something.
    Protect the innocent.
    Oh yeah, that’s too political.
    Protect the born, viable innocent.

    America. 2015. Should we sacrifice for it’s survival?

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    1. You were right the first time. “Protect the innocent.”


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