Sarah’s Interview with Cathy Young: Sad Puppies and the Hugos

Read it here. There’s some interesting insider baseball on Sarah’s part.

This is Part 1. Here’s an excerpt:

(1) Were you/are you directly involved with the Sad Puppies project, or are you simply a supporter?

I’m a friend of Brad’s and Larry’s and have taken part in a sort of free-floating email discussion of the Hugosplosion since the first one when Larry was doing it for a joke. There was then the second when he set out to prove that people of the wrong opinions/wrong views couldn’t win the Hugo.


When discussion came around to this year, Larry said he’d proved what he wanted last year, and was not running a slate this year. It was mooted that I should. By that time, I knew I’d likely need major-ish (turned out far more major and explained my issues) surgery early in the year. So Brad volunteered. His goal was not the same as Larry. His goal was to reclaim the Hugo as a brand of “something people will want to read.”

I agree with Brad’s goal. I agree with it very much. I didn’t support Sad Puppies because of politics, or even because some of the nominees are friends of mine. I stood behind Sad Puppies, because I truly believe that literary awards should be about literature. They should be about exciting, interesting reading. While I don’t mind a political or social message in my stories (hell, almost any science fiction book I’ve enjoyed over the years had some of that), I mind when the work is the message. I mind being clubbed over the head with the message. I mind when the message is more important than the plot, the characters, or the writing itself.

And I certainly mind when an insider clique gets together to nominate a work, merely because it happens to conform to some kind of political or social fad of the month, while libeling, slandering, dehumanizing, and attempting to destroy anyone who dares walk out of lockstep with the rest!

I’m not going to rehash old stuff – the lies, the disgusting racism toward Brad, Sarah, and other SPs, affiliates, and supporters, other than to say that the goal of SP3 to me was a noble one, and I was absolutely repulsed by the reaction! The likes of K. Tempest Bradford, Irene Gallo, and Kim Jong Un’s retarded twin Arthur Chu aren’t worth the bandwidth or the effort. I’m fairly sure nothing Brad, or Sarah, or Larry say will change the Puppy Kickers’ minds about the goals of the group anyway.

However, I’m posting Sarah’s interview here anyway, because I know that at least a few people will learn something they didn’t previously know from that glimpse into the Sad Puppies world.


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  1. In my limited experience, those who can write good, entertaining science fiction DO so. Those who can’t “rate” them.


  2. I can’t wait to see how the SJW trufans react when the puppies come back stronger next year.


  3. Yes, Rob, I think I might have to get popcorn in by the pallet load, heh.

    I’ve been following the whole thing with great interest, as well as being involved as much as it’s possible being in Australia.

    The SJWs certainly don’t like the pushback against their bullying.

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  4. […] This is the second part to the interview about which I blogged yesterday.  […]


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