What Your Reaction to My NRA Sticker Says About You

OK, so I don’t have an NRA sticker. Although I’m an ardent gun rights advocate, I am not an NRA member. The NRA and I never really got along all that well. But nonetheless, bear with me here, because I’m about to explain why the NRA sticker says much more about the metrosexual douche pickle who wrote this column than it does about anyone who has that sticker on their vehicle.

I see that NRA decal on the rear window of your car and my eyes narrow. I look at the back of your head in the driver’s seat and I wonder if you are a threat.

A threat to my children. A threat to me. A threat to society.

I see you quivering in your panties about a sticker, and I snicker just a bit. I look at you and I wonder if you ever had any courage, any integrity, and any understanding of the laws and principles on which this nation was founded. And I wonder if you’re a threat.

A threat to my freedoms. A threat to my way of life. A threat to the Constitution.

I see a news report about the latest shooting deaths in the United States. I brace myself for the NRA talking points on social media.

I see a news report about the latest shooting deaths in the United States. I brace myself for screeching politicians and panty shitters like you spreading the “common sense gun control” mantra without an understanding of what that means or the possible unintended consequences of its implementation.

I try not to read them. I fail at that. I am appalled and saddened and sickened and angry.

I always read them, because I need to ensure that I am able and willing to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones against unimaginable evil. I need to remind myself that it exists.

I am reminded why I consider you a potential threat.

I am reminded of why I consider you a sad, pathetic little coward.

To me, that NRA decal on the rear window of your car represents violent death.

To me, your reaction to that NRA decal on the rear window of my car represents gutlessness.

By displaying that NRA decal on the rear window of your car, you are endorsing violent death.

By cringing at that NRA decal, you are endorsing an abdication of your rights and responsibilities as a citizen and as a human being.

By endorsing violent death, you show me that you do not care about the tens of thousands of gun deaths in the United States every year.

By shirking your responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones you show me that you don’t care how many crimes are stopped and how many lives are potentially saved with the responsible use of firearms.

You don’t care about the gun deaths at Columbine. You don’t care about the gun deaths at Virginia Tech. You don’t care about the gun deaths at Tucson. You don’t care about the gun deaths at Aurora. You don’t care about the gun death at a movie theater up the road from here in Wesley Chapel. You don’t care about the gun deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown. You don’t care about the gun deaths at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

You don’t care about the gun deaths this morning at Bridgewater Plaza in Virginia.

You don’t care about the lives Jeanne Assam saved by shooting an armed madman at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. You don’t care about the toddler who was saved by mom’s dispatching of an intruder breaking into her home. You don’t care about the 9-year-old twins whose lives were saved by their mother using a revolver. You don’t care about the countless lives of students that Joel Myrick saved by retrieving a gun from his car and stopping Luke Woodham at Pearl High School. You don’t care about the lives of the congregants at the Boiling Springs’ South Side Freewill Baptist Church that were saved by one man taking responsibility for the lives of others. You don’t care about the lives of innocent shoppers at Clackamas Mall that were saved after an armed citizen confronted a gunman. You don’t care about the construction workers whose lives were saved because one armed foreman stopped a disgruntled employee. You certainly don’t care about hospital workers, doctors, nurses, and patients whose lives were saved by one armed doctor after a mental patient marched in and started shooting. And we know you don’t give a rancid rat’s ass about the twins whose lives were saved by their teenage brother after intruders broke into their home.

That is what the NRA decal displayed in the rear window of your car tells me.

Is that fair?

Nope. It’s also not rational, but we don’t expect fairness, justice, and logic from quivering self-soilers who infer all this nonsense from a simple window sticker.

Is it just of me to conclude that you don’t care about the loss of human life because of the proliferation of guns in the U.S., simply because you choose to display an NRA decal in the rear window of your car?

Maybe not. Yet, how am I to know that you are not the next “good guy with a gun” to snap?

Here’s a clue, dimwit: The vast majority of NRA members are law-abiding citizens. But more than that, how do you know? You don’t. I don’t either. And while crimes of passion are relatively rare, since I don’t know, I’d rather be able to at least try to defend myself with an effective tool than cower, soil myself in fear, and hope the bad guy goes away. I’d rather have a fighting chance. But then again, I’m a responsible adult, not a sniveling coward.

How am I to know that something about the way I drive, or something about the way your day or life is going, or something imagined by you and unimaginable to me triggers the compulsion to shoot, and to kill?

If you really believe that you might be a trigger for someone’s violent road rage, wouldn’t you rather be able to defend yourself and potentially save your own life and those of your kids? Oh, wait… I forgot… Your mangina forbids such acts of masculine courage.

Because of that NRA decal in the rear window of your car, because I am the father of two beautiful boys who are growing up with a backdrop of rampant gun violence, the only responsible conclusion for me to draw is that you are armed – and dangerous. That you are a threat. That you could, if you chose, pull out your gun and shoot me or my children without a thought or even provocation.

Because of your whimpering reaction to my NRA decal, and because I’m the mother of two beautiful, responsible children, one of whom is a U.S. Marine, while the other is an ROTC student at UNC Charlotte, and both of whom were able to responsibly use firearms under adult supervision, and later on their own, since they were tiny tots, the only logical conclusion for me to draw is that you are a coward, who is an easy victim for armed thugs, who doesn’t care enough about the lives of those beautiful boys to take steps to responsibly defend them.

Maybe that is not fair. Maybe you are a gentle, kind person who happens to enjoy shooting sports.

Maybe you are an ignorant and have no comprehension of what the Second Amendment is about.

Here is a fair conclusion, though: You care more about your “right” to own a gun than you care about my right to live without the fear that members of my family or my friends might be shot and killed at school, at the movies, in our car, on the job, in church … anywhere. Anywhere at all.

Here’s a fair conclusion, though: Your inclusion of the word “right” in quotation marks shows you have no concept of what a right actually is. You are incapable of comprehending that your “right” to live without fear does not obligate me or anyone else to stroke your pusillanimous fantasies and make you feel all comfy and cozy. You care about your imagined “right” to impose your cowardice and ignorance on millions of innocent people who happen to be gun owners. You are a selfish prick.

It is more important to you that the 300 million guns in the United States remain in the hands of their owners than it is for my children to grow up in a country where violent gun deaths are an anomaly, rather than the norm.

It’s more important to you to impose your arbitrary, subjective standards of “security” on others than recognize that others should have the ability to protect themselves without whining invertebrates such as you forcing them to conform to your gutless wankery.

You would rather risk more lives, thousands more, than take responsible action on gun control. In your world, there is an “acceptable” number of violent gun deaths.

You would rather see your fellow citizens defenseless at the nonexistent mercy of armed thugs than put on your big boy pants, man up, and support all law-abiding citizens’ right to defend themselves with the most effective tool on the market today.

I conclude that about you, because you choose to display that NRA decal in the rear window of your car.

I conclude that you’re a heartless, senseless, hysterical, walking mangina because you view your fellow Americans as threats merely by looking at a decal on their car window.

How does it feel to know that the father, the husband, the son, the friend, the writer in the car behind you is afraid of what you might do because of that NRA decal displayed in the rear window of your car?

It makes me feel sad for the state of our society that sniveling pussies like you exist, that you will likely raise your sons to be just as gutless and sad as you are, and that some poor woman chose to reproduce with you in the first place.

How does that feel to you?

Actually … never mind.

I don’t think I want to know.

You wrote that senseless dreck, so now you know.

Note: Apparently this sad little excuse for a gonad didn’t like the response he received from his fellow Americans, whom he frames as potential threats for absolutely no reason, so he shut the comments down for his blog. It’s typical. He apparently couldn’t respond in a mature, rational way, so rather than put in the effort, he simply decided to shut down others’ ability to respond to his drivel. Much like his response to an NRA label in someone’s window, this makes him a coward.


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  1. I think this loser is so afraid of what others may do with a gun because it knows that is exactly what it would do if it had a gun.


  2. What vonzorch said. Invariably, when I try to speak to these people using logic (boy does that make them throw a dam fit), they almost always resort to saying that they don’t trust themselves with a gun, or words to that effect. I tell them that its a good thing they don’t have one then, but don’t try to tell me I can’t have one just because you lack self control.


    1. Telling me I shouldn’t have a gun because you have no self-control is like telling me I can’t have cake because you are fat.


    2. Telling me I shouldn’t have a gun because you have no self-control is like telling me I can’t have cake because you’re too fat.


  3. When the wolf arrives at the door, you will find “DadScribe” hiding under the bed with the chidren, screaming for someone else to handle the threat.


    1. And what will Ms. Sensitive New-age man-boy employ? A telephone, he’ll call a good guy who will bring a gun to save his pathetic, whimpering, cowardly ass.


  4. The entire blog is now mark private.


    1. Clearly, DoucheDad is hiding under his bed already, unable to face the fear of reading comments that fail to validate his personal doucheness.

      Read up on r/K reproductive theory, people. Google Anonymous Conservative and you will see all this makes perfect sense, from an evolutionary perspective.



    Have not commented in awhile Nikki; sorry for that. You are a force of nature, by God. Speaking of that, I’ll bet it’s fun to read your evaluations of those under your supervision, God help them…….
    It’s a real gift to be able to use such eloquence.
    This is an outstanding fisking and dressing-down of a person who does not think of the law of unintended consequences. There is a ratchet effect with our rights. Each click moves us in the direction of, well, servitude.
    Thanks for your unvarnished take on this, I think it ranks closely to Marko’s essay on civil responsibility. You know, the one about civil responsibility. Plagiarized by Ted Nugent.
    With much due respect,

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    1. Great to have you back, and thank you so much!


  6. […] What Your Reaction to My NRA Sticker Says About You […]


  7. Thanks for posting


  8. Reblogged it. Thanks for posting


  9. It is almost amusing to see peoples reaction when they pull the old “if it saves one child’s life then it’s worth giving up your guns” and you reply with “but then if even one child’s life is saved by an armed mother, isnt making sure she’s able to buy one logical? ”

    Turning off comments is the Internet version of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling “BLAH BLAH BLAH I CAN’T HEAR YOU”

    People so against guns should also have stickers for their cars so that if i see someone with a gun trying to car jack him I’ll know to just keep walking. Id hate to offend him by defending him and his kids with a gun. I’m nothing if not respectful of others beliefs.

    (Ok….tbh, I’d likely still defend him and his kids then worry about his being offended later. It’s not my nature to just let someone or their kids potentially come to harm. )


  10. I wonder if this moron pisses itself when it sees armed police or military. I used to think Jeff Cooper’s term “hoplophobia” (irrational fear of weapons) was silly but it seems to be a real thing. I would pity these stupid folks except they are so numerous and they vote, and are a greater threat to our republic than any criminals.


    1. Oh, it’s absolutely real!


  11. Never do the anti gun folks blame our country’s failed mental health system for these horrific shootings. But if three people are stabbed no one even mentions banning knives, then it’s all about the mental issues the assailant was experiencing. If you look at the majority of the mass shootings we have experienced in this country most were carried out by people with major mental issues. Were it not for the gun perhaps they would have driven a car into a school yard or like Dillion and Kleibold, used propane bottles for explosives (that part of their Columbine plan failed).


    1. You are spot on. It takes a special kind of callous indifference to humanity to ignore a suffering psychotic and blame the inanimate tool in his hands. Do we blame cars for auto accidents?


    2. I have heard many anti-gun folks blaming our country’s mental health system when they’re on an anti-gun rant. It starts with “Reagan defunded our national mental health system and threw these mentally ill people out on the streets” and ends with a call for “common sense measures to ensure that at the very least, people suffering from mental illness do not have access to firearms.”

      Rule #1 – Blame Reagan, particularly when it’s not possible to stretch the truth enough to blame Bush for the same exact stuff that’s happening with Obama.

      Rule #2 – Appeal to people’s sense of fairness, play on their knee jerk emotions, and demand common sense proposals that any reasonable person can’t refuse. Only later will Americans realize that the common sense proposal empowers government to decide who is mentally ill. At first, veterans with PTSD, anyone who has ever been diagnosed with depression, and anyone expressing a non-communist ideology are deemed mentally ill, but soon it’ll be anyone who wants a firearm. Wanting a firearm disqualifies you from having a firearm, because only the government can be armed. That’s just common sense, as any reasonable person must agree.

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      1. Well & truly said.


  12. Thomas Steinruck

    I love it! Especially that it was written by a woman! This “man” doesn’t have enough testosterone in his whole body to fill one testicle.


    1. Nor does he know his ass from a hole in the ground.


  13. Given that every mass shooter in the last 100 years or so has been some sort of leftist, perhaps if one were to change “NRA sticker” to ” Obama sticker” the post would make far more sense.


  14. Can you please go back and use quotations to separate the ignorant drivel from the clear logic you used. Some people might not pick up on it right away.


    1. I absolutely agree. If something is being quoted from the other article it needs quotations to define it as such. As this article reads right now, it makes it look as though the writer straddles both sides of the issue. Therefore not really showing where she truly stands


      1. It IS in quotes. Unless you’re reading from a mobile device in which case it won’t show up.


        1. Well, the quotes show up fine on my iPad. It just dawned on me: some people do not have HTML enable on their devices, so they don’t get quotes, italices, etc.


  15. Considering most liberals views on abortion AND guns, I can only conclude it’s not the deaths that offend their delicate sensibilities, it’s the TIMING of said deaths that unleashes their butthurt. Truth is, liberals LOVE them some defenseless victims.


  16. Finally catching up on some stuff before work. Great job, Nicki!


  17. Nice takedown.

    I’m kinda lazy anymore so I just show people a Venn diagram of mass shootings and NRA meetings.
    Two, non-touching, circles are sorta illustrative.


  18. I love this. I just love this. It’s nice to know I didn’t slip into an alternate universe where everybody is a whimpering douchebag who can’t do basic math when it comes to human conflict.


    1. And women are grown ups who can deal with life as it is & guide their chidren to o the same. Well said.


  19. Nicki I’d like to give you a couple of verbal or linguistic ‘tools’
    or replies to humanoids like quivering Mr NRA sticker hater!
    It’s 2 questions from the field of ‘General Semantics’. 1st question,
    “What do you mean”! 2nd question, “How do you know”! Repeated
    use will drive most anti-gun & other ‘belief system’ idiots whacko &
    they’ll run away! There’s more verbal weapons beyond these, too!
    Thanks for this fantastic response to Mr. Terrified!

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  20. Nicki is completely right, of course, and effectively calls out the useless coward who posted that ridiculous anti-NRA rant. We the People need the NRA and all other pro-2nd Amendment advocacy groups.


  21. These anti-gun people are just anti-gun for their fellow citizens. Otherwise they are “useful idiots” for the government’s hired guns and the ruling elite class who are protected by those hired guns. They are the cheerleaders for the evil ruling elites who take from others what they keep for themselves. They would have those hired guns use gun violence against anyone who refuse to be unarmed victim pacifists like themselves.


  22. Bruce E. Haddad

    I, for one, don’t care what they think about me. I have used my gun to protect myself in civilian life twice. Once, I was not alone and the bad guy gave up. The second time, it was dark and the parking lot was normally busy. I was trapped between his van and my truck with my truck door blocking my way ahead and he blocking my way back. The smug look on his face changed with I started talking quite loudly about his demand for money he saw me get back from the counter girl inside. My talking loudly and the 357 I pulled from the special holster in the cab of my truck saved both our lives that night. I never saw him again and the store added security.

    Neither of these were ever recorded because nobody died.


  23. First of, thank you for having the moral strength to take the responsibility of being an American, and being ready to stand up for American values. We need more in this country like you who have the willingness to stand up to those who would wussify this nation.
    Second, I wish to thank your sons, for choosing to serve this Nation. As a Marine Corps vet, I know the honor and dedication it takes to serve, and that you have raised two sons who have those qualities speaks highly of you as a mother, and as an American.

    Thank you.
    Cpl. Justin P. “Biker Dash” Emery, USMC (1991-1995)


    1. Thanks, Justin. One correction: my daughter is the Marine. My son is going Army. 🙂

      And thank you for your service.


  24. American Gun Owner

    But, but, but….. THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!
    According to his twitter account dated 8/28:


    1. Yeah. I’m blocked from his Twitter feed.


  25. The aforementioned metrosexual douche-pickle has locked his blog and is blocking all access to his “private blog” now.

    Sounds like someone got under his very, very thin skin.


    1. Oh yeah! He blocked me on Twitter almost immediately.


  26. Liberty4ever:

    Their just-so story is a big fat lie. It’s a fair question whether they know it’s a confabulation or whether it’s liberal water-cooler wisdom that they believe but haven’t actually looked into.

    FACT: after the Second World War, new advances in biochemistry produced the family of drugs we now call “antipsychotics.” For the first time, ever, severe acute paranoid schizophrenia was treatable and manageable without lobtomizing and castrating the sick person and putting him in a straitjacket for the rest of his life. They could–and can–just take a pill or two daily, and the hallucinations and delusions all just go away. Thorazine, Haldol, Risperidone, Clozapine, and many others were discovered and developed in laboratories, and had tremendous potential to end human suffering–and make some mentally ill people able to support and take care of themselves instead of being burdens on society their whole lives.

    Only… once someone’s out of the mental hospital, with his bottle of pills and his prescription script for a refill… what happens if he forgets to take one after a long day at work, and the voices come back?

    It turned out that the miracle drugs didn’t work so well when people can’t be supervised and forced to take their daily dose even if they don’t feel like it. And I don’t want to minimize that aspect–some of the early stuff like Chlorpromazine had nasty, nasty side-effects, up to and including permanent neurological damage. Go google for “Thorazine shuffle.” I’ll wait here.

    But this leads us to fact two.

    FACT: Liberal judicial activist judges and liberal activist groups like the ACLU spent the 50s, 60s, and 70s fighting tooth and nail to make it impossible to lock up crazy people. “They can just take a pill and it’ll cure them, so they’re not dangerous.” “It’s a violation of their civil rights.” And so on.

    Which brought us to where we are today, with our cities full of screeching full-blown psychotics sleeping on steam grates and flinging their hepatitis-infected feces at passers-by like howler monkeys. The cops can’t arrest them until they kill someone. If they do arrest them they have to put them in jail or a prison cell, not the hospital where they need to be. No one can do anything to them. They appear to have more rights than the people working and paying taxes so that they can get their disability checks and their food stamps. Police departments are limited to rounding them up periodically and giving them bus tickets to another city. NYC sends its crazy people to Chicago. Chicago sends its to San Francisco. Frisco sends theirs back to NYC.

    It’s a mess, and what can be done about it, I don’t know. I do know, though, that Ronald Reagan had not the first thing to do with it. The Supreme Court decisions of the 60s and 70s establishing the special rights of the mentally ill, prohibiting holding them responsible for criminal behavior, and making it nearly impossible to commit them, took place before his election in 1980. See also, Pate vs. Robinson, 1966. See also, Powell v. Texas, 1968. See also, Jackson vs. Indiana, 1972. See also, O’Connor vs. Donaldson, 1975. See also, Addington vs. Texas, 1979.


  27. Damn, that left a mark. I came over from Cold Fury, looks like I need to stop by more often!


    1. Glad to have you! 🙂


  28. Whenever I hear a politician or pundit use the words “reasonable”, “necessary” or “commonsense”, I break out in a rash and check to see if my wallet’s still there.


  29. This reminds me of walking down a street where I live with a new BOXED air rifle. I caught up to and passed a young ‘man’ and woman. as I passed, which they allowed by stepping a couple feet off the sidewalk, I heard him say he was afraid I was going to shoot them.

    the question becomes, Why are we raising as a society such cowards?


  30. Nikki, if you don’t like the NRA, you might like Gun Owners of America (GOA).


    1. Sorry about misspelling your name.


      1. No worries. BTW – you might want to check out Zelman Partisans. We are what JPFO will no longer be.


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