For those of you who follow the Hugos and the Sad Puppies controversy… (WITH ADDED LINKS)

I point you to this.  I haven’t seen a better write-up of SJW scummery or a more rational, logical discussion of why this year’s Hugo awards were an embarrassment and a black mark on science fiction writ large.

In the past, I have written extensively about the degree to which the Social Justice Left, rather like a schoolyard bully, began its fanatical crusade by targeting art forms and subcultures most often enjoyed by nerds, seeing them as a low status, easy target. If nerds are the “sad puppies,” then the Left saw them as proverbial Chihuahuas. Unfortunately, as the rise of the actual Sad Puppies and the year-long counter-crusade known as #Gamergate shows, these “puppies” are more like abused Dobermans that have been backed into a corner, and who are now mauling their tormentors. The Left’s #WaronNerds was supposed to be a blitzkrieg. It has become an overwhelming rout for those who instigated it.

However, perhaps due to war weariness or simple desire to avoid politics, many members of the gaming or Sci-Fi communities have tried to adopt a “why can’t we all just get along?” approach. They’ve tried to argue that the best solution is for their communities to have room for both social justice warriors and old school nerd traditionalists.

The Hugo Awards have shown us that this is impossible. The Social Justice Left will not be satisfied unless it has complete control over the spaces it infiltrates. If it cannot control a space, it will burn it down and salt the earth. If they could, they would probably torch every script of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew for being anti-feminist, every score of Mozart’s The Magic Flute for its unflattering depiction of its one mulatto character, every print of Apelles’ Venus Anadyomene for catering to the male gaze, and every other work that portrays, or was written by, someone with objectionable politics. This book burning bonfire of the vacuous would be large enough to be seen from space, if the satellites weren’t taken down for being too phallic.

For the record, this is repellent.

For the record, I find that actively sabotaging great authors and editors and cheering their loss to a “NO AWARD” vote, because they happen to be exercising WrongThink or are supported by WrongFans is repellent.

For the record, I find that the fact that these bleating, pathetic mediocrities would rather actively facilitate a loss than see someone with whom they do not agree politically win an award, is beyond repellent.

They wield their social justice like a club with which they pummel anyone whom they consider guilty of WrongThink. But it’s not enough to oppose them. They must destroy them. And screw it, if the fans don’t like it! The RightFans will understand why it’s important to destroy any vestige of thought with which they disagree. Screw the rest of them.

And you know what? They’ve succeeded in //“>muzzling at least one sensitive, beautiful, feminine voice.

I can never again go to a ‘literary’ con and feel safe. These are the people who have spent months dragging people I know and respect through the mud, and my name with them. Calling me a token woman, and the other women who were on the ballot with me. Because we didn’t fit their narrative. I have no power, they have it all, and they revel in it. They have no qualms about punching down, making sure unwanted fans don’t get their noses into the establishment.

Today, they dance and celebrate, because they won. They won by voting no award as a bloc, while accusing the Sad Puppies of having done so.


Now? I’d be afraid to go to WorldCon. They have shown how they feel, and they will treat any threats to their position with… theft, suppression of free speech, mockery, and more. There are people who will never again be able to publish traditionally because of this. And not everyone has the options to be an independent, to have the freedom I so cherish.

And while the SJW scum dance about defeating those old, white men of science fiction, what they have defeated is a much more diverse, exciting, brilliant slate of authors and other literary professionals than they could ever possibly imagine! Certainly much more diverse than what actually took home an award this year!

Congrats, SJWs. You’ve certainly alienated this fan. I can promise you that not one more penny of my earnings will go to anything with which that smarmy fuck David Gerrold is involved. Not another penny to Tor publishing, whose employees seem to make regular sport of dragging those with whose politics they disagree (yes, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, you! Yes, Irene Gallo, you!). Not another penny to George R.R. Martin. And by the way, P-rick, you’re lucky John C. Wright’s wife is as kind as she is. I would have punched you in your smarmy fucking face had you gone off on me the way you did after I had approached you with an olive branch.

I told myself I would just point to the original article and be done with it. But apparently, I needed to get this off my chest. I’m repulsed by everything the social justice warriors stand for.

They are attempting to destroy art, literature, journalism, and performance and remake it into what THEY approve of, not what is beautiful, sensual, interesting, or innovative. They treasure the political message over what traditionally has made art and literature great. They attempt to destroy anything with which they don’t agree, anything that offends their tender sensibilities, and anything that’s created by those whom they revile.

They don’t care about art. They care about destroying the artist.

They don’t care about literature. They care about muzzling the author.

Screw them.

Just thought I’d also point you to some wonderful writers and people I consider friends and their takes on what I consider to be a debacle in the sci-fi world.

From Larry Correia, who started this Sad Puppy movement: Sad Puppies 3: Looking at the Results. You all really need to read this one, because you will understand fully and completely just how much fuckery was involved in this year’s Hugo Awards.

From the incredible Sarah A. Hoyt: Burning Down the Field in Order to Save It.

From freelance editor Matthew Bowman: The Hugos, Now With No Mask to Hide Behind.

From author Tom Knighton: My Thoughts on the Hugo Awards and From Me to Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

Author John C. Wright on P-rick’s unprofessional and downright disgusting behavior.

Mike Williamson: No Award.

Laughing Wolf has one up on Blackfive: The 2015 Hugo Awards: Some Thoughts.

There are more, and if I find worthy ones, I’ll post them here.


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  1. Go get ’em. Could not agree more, it is a travesty, and will serve to up the ante for next year. A lot of those guys think we’re beat and it is over, but between us Sad Puppies trying to change the Hugos and Vox Day trying to burn them down, it is really just getting started…. Banzai!


    1. I’m no fan of Vox. Never was. But I tell ya… How big of a jerk do you have to be to make Vox seem like less of an asshole?


    2. After reading John Wright’s blog, I am truly wondering if Vox Day is karma coming back to bite PNH in the butt?


  2. Well done! Exactly this!

    And I second Nicki’s statement about VD.


  3. Great post. I was so pissed Saturday night that I couldn’t get to sleep. I bought a membership this year, and voted for the works and people I liked, which was all I thought I had to do. My mistake. Next year I will take a much more active role. Unlike Cedar, I have a successful indie career going, and really have nothing to fear from these people. And Tor could not offer me enough to write for them. The only publisher I would want to work for was dissed at the awards, getting the most votes for an editor in history, and then losing to No Award. I talked about SJWs with a friend of mine on Sunday who works as a VA Psychiatrist, and he characterized SJWs as put evil, the school yard bully. I hate bullies.

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    1. I told Rob today that if I ever decided to write science fiction, I would NEVER write for Tor. Ever.


  4. They have chosen not to speak to Martin…


    1. The SJWs.

      Hmm, just realised that Martin could be taken as a reference to GRRM. It was intended as a reference to MLK. D’oh.


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    I’m sharing this as much for the good links as for the content itself.


  6. Oh. My. God. Laughing Wolf described the whole mess on TAH on the Weekend Open Thread! He spelled it out: these imbeciles do not want to recognize quality work. They want the prize just for showing up. They are spoiled, self-centered snots who think the world revolves around them. Well, it doesn’t!

    They don’t go to things like Dragon Con or Windy Con, the places where the REAL fans hang out and welcome new creations and creators with open arms. I know, because I’ve been to things the Nerd Herd go to and will go there for my book signings. And these screaming, ignorant, functionally-illiterate sociopaths REALLY won’t like my take on Kate’s fate, or what I do with military sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

    They will completely hate me… and I will be glad of it!!!

    Nicki, when I’m finished with my two current projects, may I have your permission to post a link to them with you?


    1. Sara, absolutely. And please make sure they know to visit the links I listed at the bottom of the blog as well. These are well-respected, best selling authors writing their take on the whole debacle.


  7. […] petulant, foot-stomping debacle perpetrated by the SJWs and their compliant, cliquish lackeys. All the details are here, including a number of links written by respected authors in the sci-fi community, explaining their […]


  8. Honestly, when they bullied Marko Kloos and Annie Bellot into withdrawing their Puppy-driven Hugo nominations earlier this year, I was leaning towards Vox Day’s “Burn it all!” attitude. Watching that disgraceful Wellstone Funeral of an awards show Saturday night moved me firmly and irrevocably into the Rabid Puppy camp.

    I’ll put up with a lot of stuff from authors I disagree with politically, as long as they can tell a good story. I won’t put up with contempt, and contempt is what I’ve been seeing from all the usual suspects on the other side, from GRRM and Scalzi to the Nielsen-Haydens and the rest of that wormtongued ilk, even before Sad Puppies 1 was even a gleam in Larry Correia’s eye.

    They might as well asterisk *all* the rockets from here on out, because the Hugos will never again be anything more than an award dispensed at the whim of assholes, to assholes, for outstanding assholery in the leftist subjugation of science fiction and fantasy. No decent person should even *want* one after this year.

    My only decision is whether to spend the fifty bucks needed for a nominating membership for next year’s Worldcon at Kansas City – so I can cheerfully help the Rabids urinate on the ashes – or not spend a dime and help starve the Hugos into the irrelevance they were already headed for before the Puppies tried to “save” them. I was actually considering attending Worldcon next year – I’m just a short drive from KC – but not now. They don’t deserve one damned dime of my money, and neither does Tor Books as long as PNH, Feder and Gallo continue to work for them.

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  9. As a SciFi reader who is utterly turned off by the mediocre junk pushed by the SJWs, I wonder, “Where can I go for a curated list of truly excellent authors and novels?” Every single blog post like this should end with such a list or a link to one. The only way to terminate the SJW program for good is to help the market work efficiently – which means providing buyers like me with accurate information that helps me make purchase decisions consistent with my preferences.


    1. I will certainly make my own recommendations as to what to read. You’re free to use that as a guide and decide for yourself if the work is worth it.


  10. […] regardless of politics, personal views, or religion. What culminated in the awards ceremony this year was snark, arrogance, downright cruelty, and slaps in the face to many deserving, well-regarded, […]


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