A Friend Needs Just a Little More to Put Him Over the Finish Line

So, y’all know I like to help worthy causes when I can. Many times, I just contribute money to various causes – animal charities, veterans groups, cancer research, etc. Other times, like these days, I don’t have a penny to spare (child molesting squatters destroying my house, insurance company messing with me, etc., but that’s a different story), so I like to either share worthy causes on social media, or blog about them.

A friend of mine – a vet, a writer, a husband, a dad, and an all-around good guy has decided to open a business. He’s worked five different jobs to support his family, but has been damn miserable. This is his dream. He wants to sell barbeque plate lunches from a food truck and also do catering. From what I gather (never actually had his ribs) from folks who have, his barbecue recipes are like a little bit of pork heaven!

The name? Aloha Snack Bar!

Jon is a good guy. He’s an aspiring author, a passionate friend of the sci-fi community, and an ardent Sad Puppy. He’s bright, talented, and motivated. And really… he only needs like $5,000 more to put him over the top to start his business.

So I figured since I’m broke, I’d help the only other way I know how: by spreading the word.

Please help. Go to Jon’s Kickstarter campaign page, and read about his plans. And if you can pitch in a few sheckels, or encourage others to do so – both in the military community and elsewhere, please do!

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