What it’s REALLY all about…

So, after a comment a few days ago that one of my colleagues would like to have back, and has apologized for, this blog is under siege by the consulting class, their servitors, and its moderate Virginia Republican counterpart. I was going to try and stay out of this, but I’ve seen enough garbage. Some of this goes back to personal animosities which far predate my time here, or my previous blog home, for that matter. But, largely, that’s just a pretext. It’s all about the desire of the old boys’ network to reclaim and maintain control of the Republican Party of Virginia, and they’re not afraid to use the language and tactics of the left to do so. They’re after our current chairman, the conservatives on RPV’s State Central Committee, and not least, the Congressman who currently represents Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. The rest is just window dressing. They want the power back.

They even called in air support in the form of First Vice Chairman (and one of the orchestrators of the 2014 slating) Mike Thomas, who I’m sure was only too happy to lend a hand to try and bring the rebels down. I, and most other conservatives, see right through this. It’s not going to work, and we will be ready for next year, when the district conventions and struggle for control of State Central comes. And while we’re on the subject of immigration, I concur with a guest contributor’s take here this morning on the issue, and reject appeals to emotion on the issue by the opposition. When the rubber meets the road, that’s all they have. Emotion and demagoguery. It won’t work… and we’re ready for you. Bring it. Moreover, this smacks of the ridiculous, failed ‘compassionate conservatism’ of the Bush clan, which I am beyond done with. Small wonder that certain folks among them are trying to pump up Jeb.
On a separate note, I’d also like to remind Virginia Republican activists of all stripes, and all across the state, that we have elections this year, right here in the Old Dominion. Great Republican candidates for local offices, county boards, countywide offices, House of Delegates, and the Senate of Virginia are fighting as hard as they’re able to get elected. How about we help them before we worry about the Presidential race, okay? Get involved however you can. We need all hands on deck.

Originally posted at The Bull Elephant.

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