National Holiday?

As I drove to work today, I was listening to the morning guys Brian and Larry – the only ones I can stomach on my local talk radio station WMAL (believe it or not Savage, Levin, Limbaugh, and whoever else they have screeching on that station endlessly just don’t appeal to me). They asked an interesting question: Bernie Sanders wants to make Election Day a national holiday. Do you agree?

I had to think about this one a bit. I used to commute 90 miles each way to work when I lived in my beautiful house in Stephens City, but that commute took an hour and a half on a good day, and 2-3 hours on most other days, so voting became difficult. I had to leave the house at 0500 each morning to try and avoid the morning rush, get to work early, and leave early to avoid the afternoon disaster. Most days it still took an average of three hours to get home, and if I left a little bit later than 1600, you could forget about me getting to the polls in time to vote! So I kind of understand the desire to make Election Day a day off, so that citizens could exercise their right to choose the dimwits who would ultimately represent them.

So what would be the advantages?

Those who actually work, contribute to society, pay taxes, and should have their voices heard would be able to do so without taking several hours of leave.

The day off would eliminate the need for absentee or early voting, unless you’re a service member stationed overseas and can’t get to your polling place. Given the amount of corruption and fraud in that system, it would be good to eliminate it.

But then…

Using government force to compel a company to give its employees a day off smacks of the kind of authoritarian crap I hate.

It also smacks of the “more free shit” mentality that Bernie Sanders thinks will get him elected.

And while it seems most people claim they’re too busy with whatever they’ve got going on in their life to vote, that doesn’t necessarily mean work per se. It could mean any number of things in people’s daily lives, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that if they had the day off from work, they would get their happy asses to the polls.

And frankly… it doesn’t take all day to vote, so a lot of employers do give their workers a couple of hours to go do their civic duty.

So I’m curious what you guys think. Should voting be a national holiday? Leave your opinion in the comments, should you so choose.


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  1. The problem isn’t getting people to vote, its getting people who deserve to vote to be heard. Those who do not pay taxes shouldn’t vote.

    Nor should some of the following:

    -Government workers (I know, up who do you think wants to see government growth and control).

    -Anyone who hasn’t served in the military. They know what problems we face, not some sociology professor at Amherst. Or allow those who have served two votes.

    -Why do we allow 18 year olds the vote. Most have never held down a full time job. They have no responsibilities and little experience. and no they haven’t faced a draft in forty years. Take the age up to 21 and while we’re at it, those over 72 can’t vote. At a certain age there are limitations on how you face the future and how you view the world, just as an 18 year old doesn’t have the experience someone over a certain age has expectations that do not include a future that is 20 years ahead and the consequences of the choices they are voting for.

    We are increasing a nation divided by those who hate our economic system and seek a livihood based on the efforts of others. If you won’t work you should not eat. And you shouldn’t earn a living by voting.


  2. Many, many centuries ago in them there Olden Times, I used to live in Alexandria and drive the Beltway to get to the NavPhotoCen in Anacostia. It’s the Navy Logistics Supply Center now. I left at 5:30AM to get to work and start at 7AM, and left work at 3:00PM to get home by 4:30PM. It was a nuisance but there was, at the time, no extra room in the barracks at Ft. Myers, and the commute through WDC was probably worse. I don’t think it makes ANY difference where you live in that over-populated mess that the Beltway area, inside and out, has become. When I lived and worked in Chicago, I was a mere 6 miles from work, by car or bus, and it STILL took an hour and a half or more to just get home at night. The polling places were open until 7PM.
    All I know is that the polls open early and still stay open until 7PM, and if your boss won’t give you a little time off, like an extra hour or two, to go vote, she or he is a jerk personified. I don’t think we need a holiday or national day off to vote. Bernie is just looking for a way to suck up to voters and those who are not going to vote, will continue to NOT vote. I vote NO on this one.
    When is that idiot going to retire?


    1. The only issue I have with your particular argument is that I work in a hospital and we work 12-hours shifts. Most of my colleagues travel a minimum of 45 minutes one way. We don’t have the liberty leaving because it would be considered abandonment of our patients. Day shift starts at 0700 and ends, if your really lucky, 1945. It is not physically possible to get up, drop off the kids, vote, and get to work at 0700 when the polls are just opening. I’d argue instead for having polls open for 24 hours on Election Day. Just my two cents.


  3. If you have no misgivings about Independence Day being a Federal holiday vis-a-vis the “authoritarian crap” of giving days off from work, then why would you have any misgivings regarding Election Day?


    1. I actually do. I have a problem with the federal government directing private companies what days off they must give their employees. That should be up to every business to decide. That said… It is what it is.

      Independence Day is a celebration. It’s a fundamentally different principle from giving people an entire day off so they go cast a vote, which takes a couple of hours at the most.


  4. Won’t matter. Last election day, my department at work got to talking about voting and politics. Full on half the guys behind the counter (supermarket deli) weren’t going to vote because some new video game was being released that day.

    People who want to vote make time to do it. People who don’t give a sh*t will find excuses to not do it. Won’t matter if you give ’em the day off or not.

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  5. If memory serves, it’s a law that employers have to give some time off to vote in a federal election. I’m lucky in that my employer is very accommodating when it comes to voting.
    I generally will vote against anything a socialist endorses……..



  6. We don’t need a ‘national holiday’. LOTS of people still have to work on ‘holidays’, so effectiveness would be marginal at best.

    Simply make voting a three-day, 24-hour-a-day event, with harsh penalties for any employer who can be proved to have discouraged/interfered with their employees ability to vote.


  7. Nope. No holiday. And here are my reasons: 1. Employers won’t want to lose productivity of yet another day. And there would be many call outs on the Monday before falling a long weekend, basically losing two days of productivity anyway. 2. Those who would normally vote will find a way regardless of it being a holiday. Making it a national holiday just turns it into another reason for Americans to find other things to do with this new day ofF, but wait it’s a national holiday so everything would be closed. 3. Making it a national holiday means fewer businesses open on that day, but oh the sales and merchandising leading up to it would be glorious – not. This is just not a good idea. At all.


  8. Most working folks around here get an absentee ballot and vote by mail. With $20 trillion debt we don’t need another no-work day!


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