David Scott Cooper: Child Molester, Liar, Thief, Destroyer of Lives

I apologize for the lack of writing lately. It’s been an incredibly trying time. My lawyer and I had requested that the trial to evict the “tenants” that were occupying my house be moved up due to the financial hardship the squatting thieves David Scott Cooper and Pamela Ayers Cooper were causing me and my family. The original trial was scheduled for 09 July, but we were granted a 19 June court date, where I finally received possession of my property.

scummy hag

This is Pamela Ayers Cooper in the middle – one of the people who stole my property and ultimately caused so much damage to the place. 

child fucker 2 child fuker

This is registered sex offender David Scott Cooper. His official sex offender registry information is here. As you can see, he screwed a child age 13-15 and went to prison for his crimes.

The Coopers never showed up for the hearing. As a matter of fact, they were seen by several friends of mine packing frantically and moving out the day of the trial. The cowards left rather than face a judge to answer for stealing my property. And the mess they left for me to clean up was EPIC!

They left a ton of garbage in my home, ruined the carpets, messed up the hardwood floors on the main floor with water damage, and left rotten food in the refrigerator, as well as disgusting clothes and shoes upstairs in the bedrooms. They had a clause in their lease for four small dogs. They kept four dogs, two cats, two flying squirrels, and a parrot. The cats pissed in the house and saturated the carpets in one of the rooms upstairs so badly, it soaked through to the padding, and warped the flooring underneath. The carpet in that room had to be torn up and the flooring had to be cleaned and resealed. Now, I have to pay to get new carpets installed in there.

There’s so much junk left in that house, the contractor rented a dumpster, and it took two days to dispose of all the crap. They left a ton of junk in the garage, including some materials that the contractor initially thought was homemade explosives! I’m not kidding. I had to have the police come out there last week with bomb sniffing dogs to ensure it was nothing dangerous. Luckily it wasn’t. It was some really nasty crap in a slow cooker. But it was bad.

They had the electricity turned off, so when storms came through the area, the sump pump did not come on. There is an inch of water in the basement. Now, I’ll take partial responsibility for this. I got so busy at work, it took me a couple of days to get the electricity turned back on. But in my defense, I work two jobs without which it would be impossible for me to survive – in part thanks to the financial hardship these thieves caused.

They violated their lease in so many ways, I’ve lost count. They’ve destroyed my house. They haven’t paid rent and they’ve skipped out without leaving a forwarding address. This is AFTER stealing my house for three months.

This has been an absolute nightmare, and it’s not over yet. If I have any hope of selling this property, it needs to get repaired. The contractors have done a good job so far, and the painters are out there now as well.


Here is the junk they left in my driveway.

floor damage 2 floor damage

Here is the water damage they cased to the hardwood floors.

broken light

They busted a porch light.

basement basement 3 basement 2

And they left all sorts of junk in the basement.

As you can imagine, I’m floored by all this! They still owe back rent, and the damages… Just wow.

So we’re going to court again for a hearing for damages. The assessment isn’t done yet. Not even close.

This ordeal just keeps on going and going, and I keep wondering if this will ever be over. Right now it feels like forever.


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  1. Good luck both with the court and what follows.


  2. I think your HO policy covers this under vandalism. Check with your insurer on this. You may be able to file something on their credit reports, too, but do so with all three reporting agencies.
    I was going to cuss when I saw that damage, but it is fixable. The most important thing is that the court found in your favor. The Coopers bailed out because they knew they’d lose.
    I know this is discouraging and you’ve been through a lot, but you’ll succeed.


    1. Thanks, Sara. Definitely working with the insurance company on this. It’s frustrating, to be sure. It’s caused a lot of financial damage. I can only hope USAA will help. My lawyer is terrific. He will ensure we do everything possible to collect. It’s just SO frustrating!


    2. Nicki, I actually think that you have a much better chance of selling your house than those people who bought their ‘dream home’ in New Jersey and then started getting spooky letters from a stalker. I could probably buy that house for next to nothing right now, but yours can truly be repaired.
      This is why I said it is discouraging, but I believe you’ll come out on top.
      Also, in regard to the critters, they sound like borderline hoarders so you might want to contact whatever animal control people there are in Virginia about them. I had six cats at one time. Four died of old age, and I still have two. I never had even one use the rugs or my hardwood floors as a cat box. This definitely needs looking into.


      1. I agree. Right now the challenge is to find these “people.” They re-registered at my property and snuck out. You saw the damage to the carpet. They just allowed their animals to use that room as a bedroom! Nauseating!

        I know you’re right. I’ll eventually persevere. I’ll sell this house. This horror can’t possibly continue much longer!


  3. In a just world, you could sue the judge that allowed them to stay there for malicious negligence, and see him living in a cardboard box for the rest of his life.


    1. Yeah… But it’s not a just world. The new judge who finally gave me possession of my property was at least good, but it took two months to get there that allowed them time to wreak havoc. Sigh


  4. I’ve had good results on pet waste areas using Simple Solutions brand Stain and Odor Remover. Works well in the house.
    Even works on concrete! Nothing else we tried would remove the smell from the garage, which had been used as the renter’s pets relief station for more than a year.


    1. They wound up using something like that on the underfloor and re-sealing it with something.


  5. I’m glad you got your house back. Yet two more phony Christians. They have a lot of company.

    I and my nephew just helped my baby sister prep her house for sale in Woodbridge, VA. It sold for 10k over asking price on the third day it was listed, two weeks ago. Attention to detail – it pays.


  6. Good to hear you’ve finally got possession of your property back, Nicki. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all this nonsense, though, not to mention the further bother of fixing what these troglodytes broke.

    I’ll echo Sara and strongly advise you to contact the credit reporting agencies about these clowns. My suggestion would be to get a full estimate of all required repairs, and put a statement on file for both of them. Any sane landlord will see that and refuse to rent to them, so at least from here on out they’ll have to live in a slumlord-style apartment AND pay astronomical rent for the privilege.

    Just when you think you’ve seen all that human stupidity and assholery has to offer, “people” like the Coopers come along and prove you wrong. Karma’s a bitch, though. They’ll get what’s coming to them eventually.


    1. I agree. Let them reap what they have sown.


  7. Nicki, my heart goes out to you. I truly hope these two get everything they deserve (and the first judge, too).
    I only know you through TAH, but I think I know you well enough to know that you’ll come out of this to fight another day.

    Hang in there,

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  8. God will sort them out eventually, but in the meantime he could use some direct action. Good luck.

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  10. Wow. I mean really. All I can think reading this is that people who are on their last leg in a situation (whether they’re being kicked out of someone’s house or being evicted from something they’re “renting”) try to do as much actual damage as possible before leaving. Spite? Who knows.

    I had someone living in my house who recently left–I made arrangements for her to leave and was lucky she was doing so willingly because, believe me, I could not even kick her out if I wanted to. Didn’t matter that she was (a) an adult (b) not on the lease (c) not paying rent. No, according to the police someone living somewhere for 6+ months and receiving mail there automatically had “rights”. I literally had to move myself OUT of the situation to get it to end. And the take home lesson? She trashed her room, left bags/boxes of garbage, left furniture, didn’t vacuum etc. open leaving. Some people just have no sense of responsibility, and it sounds like you’ve run into a pair that took the cake.

    I was looking at the picture of Pamela and thought, “Typical–she doesn’t have money to pay rent but has enough money for tanning, makeup, clothes, etc.” Sigh. Isn’t that always how it goes with these irreverent, white trash types.

    OK, my rant is over. I hope you get an award for damages and things look up for you.


    1. Yeah, she’s a skank. Plus, what kind of woman would stay with a guy who “cheated” on her with a fucking kid!?!?!? Total trailer trash.


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