On Theft

When I had my text exchange with Pamela Cooper regarding her and her child rapist husband’s insistence on staying in my house after the lease was terminated, she accused me of being “emotional and delusional,” because I told her I now considered them thieves. “I never lied to you nor have I stolen anything from you. You are very emotional and delusional,” she claimed.

Let’s examine these claims for a moment.

The dictionary definition of “theft” is: the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny.

The primary dictionary definition of “steal” is: to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right,especially secretly or by force.

David and Pamela Cooper’s lease was terminated legally in February. They were given two months to find another place to live.

There is nothing odd about this. Homeowners terminate leases regularly and legally, and they were given plenty of time to find another place to live and leave my property. They did not.

David and Pamela Cooper knew this. When Pamela Cooper called me on March 23rd and begged me for an additional week to vacate, she promised she and her family would be out of my house by April 5. She swore that David Cooper was interviewing for a job in Arizona, and she just needed a few more days to pack due to his absence. She claimed she would move in with their grown daughter and put the rest of their belongings in storage. All of this was a lie.

The Coopers cannot claim ignorance. They knew they had to vacate. They knew what the date was. Their message to my property manager a few days after unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with them supports this assertion. “I understand that your notice gave us until today to be out of the property…”

So, David and Pamela Cooper knew they needed to vacate. They knew the property was not theirs. They knew enough to beg and plead for a few extra days to move. They fully understood what they were doing, even though they claimed it was merely an “inconvenience” and not a catastrophic hit against the finances of the person who owns this property.

But they did not move. As a matter of fact, in the two months they had to pack, they barely did any packing. This can be confirmed by any agent who showed the house during this time.

And even though they claimed to have been packing and making plans to move their stuff into storage, “We are in process of renting a storage unit for a worst case scenario, we will try to be out as soon as possible as we are able,” they not only have done very little to do so, but have basically told us “we will be out when we’re good and ready.”

This is not their house. This is not their property. The homeowner has told them in no uncertain terms that she wants them to vacate and has given them two months to do so. But the Coopers don’t care about who owns the house in which they are currently living without paying, because their perceived NEEDS trump my RIGHTS in their eyes.

I do apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused, but with a family and a child currently in school I simply just cannot move us all out on the street.

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that they lied and told me they had plans to move in with their daughter. Let’s put aside the fact that they lied and told me they looked, but could not find, another place to live. “…unfortunately, for all parties involved, we have been unable to secure a new rental property.” Could it be because David Cooper is a registered sex offender, or because they simply did not look? I don’t know. All I know is that there are plenty of available homes for rent in Stephens City, and their inability or unwillingness to locate them is not my problem.

But let’s put the lies aside. Fact of the matter is this: David and Pamela Cooper were issued a termination notice nearly three months ago to vacate my property. To date they have refused to do so, and have lied in court in order to be able to stay in my house.

What do you call people who have taken another’s property without permission or right? You call them thieves. And what is it that they have done by forcibly taking my house, refusing to leave, and lying in court to remain there? Per the definition above, it’s called “stealing.”

Let’s get something straight: the Coopers’ alleged “need” is not a claim check to my property. It is not a valid reason to ruin my financial life. It is not valid cause to endanger my career. Just because they claim to “need” it, does not and should not obligate me to provide it – especially not free of charge!

This judge – for reasons I cannot fathom – has allowed them to remain in my home until the trial, which he has set for nearly three months later. He has essentially forcibly taken my property and handed it over to this child molesting thief and his wife until the trial, putting me in a frightening financial bind.

This ruling does not negate the nature of the act itself. Fact is that the Coopers have stolen my house. They have stolen my property by refusing to leave it. And apparently, I can’t do anything about it until court on July 9. And frankly, there is no guarantee that I will even get my property back from these thieves! After all, let’s face it – Cooper lied in court about the amount they paid for their security deposit and about their right to remain in my house. They knew they had to leave, as shown by their communications above. They just refused to. And since I refuse to perjure myself, who knows what the turnout will be?

But in the meantime, while we await the court date, these thieves get to reside in my house without paying rent.

And regardless of the court’s refusal to hand me possession of my own property, the fact of the matter remains that David and Pamela Cooper knew they had to vacate and have refused to do so. They have not paid rent, and they will not, thanks to the court. They have wrongfully taken my property without permission or right.

And that makes them thieves. Period.


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  1. Damn straight they are. Really want to know what kind of logic tree the judge used to issue the verdict. Or what prior rulings had based his on.


  2. This bozo that calls himself a judge didn’t even ask for receipts? Some form of proof to back up their claims? Apparently, you are the evil slum lord raping the downtrodden. At least in his eyes …

    Also, he either slept through that class or has banished it from his memory, the fact that Justice is always depicted as blindfolded for a reason.

    After this is settled, I’d do all in my power to get this guy canned, because he clearly needs to be disbarred. Textbook example of all that is wrong with activist judges.


  3. Getting bad tenants to leave is never a quick process. 3 months delay is, in my experience, about par for the course. But assuming they have jobs/assets you are likely to get your owed money paid unless the contract(s) signed is particularly tenant friendly.

    My experience (as a European landlord – so clearly the specific laws will be different) is that judges tend to give the tenants the benefit of the doubt until such time as the tenants prove in glorious dolby surround sound 3d technicolor that they are lying PoSes. At which point they get pretty much everything thrown at them and become essentially permanently bankrupt and homeless because no one will rent to them (or lend them money or anything else). Given what you have described I have no doubt that your tenants will end up crashing and burning appropriately in their court date, if they actually attend it.

    In fact if I were your tenants I’d make plans to be out of your house well before the court date because if they are still there they’ll probably get evicted with the full majesty of the local PD in attendance and having their bank account(s) garnished and/or sellable assets seized for all the back rent they owe and so on.

    On the other hand if they go earlier they’ll probably avoid most of that. But assuming you have clear documentation that they were correctly served notice etc. they may still end up being fined/ordered to pay your costs/back rent etc. So even if they go you will still want to have that court hearing to get a judgement for all the moneys owed.


    1. I don’t know how much assets they have, and honestly… I didn’t think they would have the unmitigated gall to show up at the hearing, let alone lie blatantly to the judge.

      I just don’t think it will be very easy to make these cockroaches leave.


  4. As a convicted kiddy diddler, is this shitbird legally required to notify all neighbors within x number of feet of his status? Has he done so?

    If not… can you (or “someone”) do it for him? I’d think neighbors with children would have a vested interest in knowing.


    1. The shit bird registered with the VA sex offender registry. That’s all he’s required to do. Apparently theft is OK in his book.


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