On Losing Hope

I’m sitting here contemplating my situation through a whole lot of tears. I hate admitting this, because the last time I cried was when Mac died. I just don’t cry. It’s not in my nature, and I don’t like admitting pain. But this whole thing… It’s insane. It has literally shaken my faith in everything I thought was good and right. I have no hope left for justice, because it doesn’t exist.

You work your ass off for more than 20 years. You get educated. You move up based on your merit. You improve yourself. You buy a house, because you’re told that home ownership is the American Dream…

…except that it isn’t. It’s an American nightmare.

Economy goes south. Housing bubble pops. All of a sudden you can’t even sell your house for what you paid for it, even though you’ve made thousands of dollars worth of improvements on it. You try to refinance, and the mortgage company bends you over. Why? Because the house is an “investment property,” and therefore you must pay thousands of dollars in closing costs and higher interest… probably because you’re “rich,” since you can afford to have an “investment property.”

You rent it – first to a fruitbat who despite a stellar financial record and a security clearance runs out on his rent, causes damage to the house, and leaves you holding the bag, all the while using his company credit card to purchase thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and having the police after him.

Then you rent it again – to a wonderful couple, who maintain it, keep it clean, and pay the rent on time. But they leave to move closer to work, and once again you’re desperate for tenants.

Then you rent it again – to people who didn’t have a particularly stellar record, but who paid you six months’ rent up front and who have a family. But no. After less than a year, they begin paying late, and then – when you finally decide you’re going to try and sell your house again – they ruin your life.

You follow the law. You do everything right to try and evict this vermin from your property, but a judge comes along, and “POOF!” Sorry, you’re going to trial – to defend your own property against the supposed “claim” these turds have on your property!

And by the way… trial is set for July 9, and they’re allowed to stay on your property until then – and they don’t have to pay rent for May, June, or July, because apparently we only requested they pay April rent on the initial request. Pardon us for hoping that the judge would see that:

1) They’re deadbeats, who haven’t paid rent

2) They’re in violation of their lease

3) They are immoral, unethical thieves who LIED in open court by claiming that they paid $2400 security deposit (probably hoping the judge would let them use the security deposit in lieu of rent, which is illegal), which they never did – they only paid one month’s rent, as was required by the lease.

And pardon us for assuming that justice would be done, and that he would give me possession of my own property, so I wouldn’t have to ask for more than what they owe!

After this how can I have hope in the justice system? A child rapist and his enabling wife are allowed to remain in my house rent-free, while I default on my mortgage, and possibly lose my clearance and my job?

How can I have hope in the American Dream, when you are literally screwed at every turn… when you cannot even sell your own property when you need to, because people named David and Pamela Cooper have stolen it from you, and the courts support them?

How can I have hope in justice, karma, or any sort of resolution when all the cards are stacked against me?

I work two jobs and Rob works one. I drive a 2003 Jeep – not anything new and fancy. I pay all my bills on time, and I make damn sure that I budget everything to the last penny. I moved my family to Northern Virginia, and am paying obscenely high rent every month, because I was willing to sacrifice in order to send my children to one of the best public schools in the country. I rented the house not because I was out to make a profit, but because I understood that if I had to pay both rent and mortgage, it would eat 80 percent of my take-home pay! And not only that, but I’m in the red every time, because their rent doesn’t cover my mortgage!

But that doesn’t matter.

Their supposed “rights” matter more than mine.

My hard work. My perseverance. My job. None of that matters.

But a man who took advantage of a child, and literally destroyed his livelihood and that of his family, is allowed to steal my property for several months.

That’s what I mean by having no hope.

My son asked me the other day how the Coopers could possibly sleep at night knowing that they are stealing another person’s property, and knowing what kind of precarious situation that puts me in. After all… I did tell them exactly how badly I’m affected financially every month I can’t sell my house, so it’s not like they don’t know. they just don’t care. Why should they? They’re getting free housing at my expense.

I told him that a person who sleeps with a child and a wife who enables him don’t have a sufficient moral compass to make them feel guilt or remorse.

So yeah… I’ve also lost hope in humanity. I have no hope in the justice system, and my American Dream has been shattered by unscrupulous thieves, who don’t care if they destroy my life, because they’ve already destroyed theirs.

This is what I work to defend?

Just wow.


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  1. What your experiencing all Landlords go through it appears that the Tenant has all the rights but that will change

    Go research the Landlord Tenant Laws in your State

    Have a notebook and pen take notes

    Read how many Laws your Tenant has broken

    Make copies of those Laws and bring them into Court as well as copies of your Lease

    In Court you must be calm and collective

    Well dressed and Well spoken

    You fight to do one thing…win

    You will win with the copies of the Law with you in Court

    And don’t forget to make them your Exibit A B C etc and of course give copies to the Judge

    Act like a Lawyer

    Pick Yourself Up
    Brush Yourself Off
    Get Back In The Game

    I Shall Never Be Defeated


    1. I’m going to be working with a lawyer. Just going to take a lot. I’m always well dressed and well spoken. 🙂 But I really am not holding out any hope for justice.


  2. Okay, I went looking for a Landlord and Tenant Act, and found it. Here’s the link:

    There are several sections which hold a bad tenant at fault and provide protection to the landlord. This section provides the landlord with some protection from damage by the tenant and should be covered by your property & casualty insurance.

    I lived in Chicago apartments for 30 years. I went from a very good landlord who made repairs but sold the building, to a landlord who blamed anything that happened on the tenant, including a tree blown down in the back yard, to the landlord from Hell who promised to make badly-needed repairs to the 3rd floor bathroom (I was on the 2nd floor) so that I would sign a lease renewal, but failed to make those repairs, which were serious violations of health and safety codes, e.g., water leaking from the 3rd floor tub through my ceiling and through the light fixture.

    I decided to go house hunting and be my own landlord. I worked for a construction attorney who told me to dig up every relevant city ordinance I could find, name each one and what it concerned, send a letter canceling my tenancy and giving a move-out date, and give him a copy. I sent pictures, too. He said if that didn’t work, he’d take the guy on pro bono for me.

    There are good landlords and good tenants, and unfortunately, sometimes they never meet. I encourage you to work with your mortgage company and attorney on this and get your property back, instead of just letting foreclosure happen. The state act I linked to is designed to protect tenants from bad landlords, but also provides landlords with rights.

    Please don’t give up.


  3. Nicki? You might think you are well and truly fucked. Accept that as best you can. Have you thought of painting it black? Have you thought of replacing all of the doors and windows (that could take weeks or months!)? Perhaps a bulldozer to do some landscaping? Find out what you can do to your property. Look into these sorts of things. You just don’t strike me as someone who shy’s away from anyone willing to rat-fuck you. I’m very sorry that you have to go this. I’m also very angry that anyone would do this to you. I think you should fight back in some very legal and creative ways. Good luck, Dear!

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  4. Sorry to hear that. I’ve never been a landlord, but I hear that getting deadbeat tenants out is one of the most trying processes there is. It is my sincere hope that their business interactions with you tarnish their rental record, so they find it difficult to obtain quality housing in the future. Some people really ought to try harder to do the right thing, but they don’t; and for reasons unknown, the law always seems to fall on the side of such people and coddle them.

    I also think that when tenants act like this, it really screws the rest of us at large. My husband and I, for instance, always take meticulous care of apartments we’ve rented (not leaving damage, even though we have two pets) and have our rent/utilities paid on time. Despite this, we’ve found it hard to rent on occasion. One potential landlord disregarded us because they took a credit report and in spite of good credit and payment history was worried about our credit card debt level (well, duh, we had to charge the credit cards for groceries and such during hard times so we could make sure the rent/living expenses were paid). Another wouldn’t rent to us because we had a pet. I attribute this to gun shy landlords who have dealt with nightmare tenants like you are dealing with now. They just give most benign tenants and bad name and screw us all.


  5. “I moved my family to Northern Virginia, and am paying obscenely high rent every month, because I was willing to sacrifice in order to send my children to one of the best public schools in the country.”

    This makes no sense to me. There are no good government schools. Anyway, every house for sale is always advertised as having the best schools in the country; it’s like Garrison Keilor says, “all are above average”.

    In today’s America, the landlord becomes the renter’s personal welfare system. Don’t like it? Don’t become a landlord. Stop beating your head against the wall. Oh, and don’t look to courts to fix your problem for you, as they are part of the same system that put you where you are now. And stop arguing with your renters; you are wasting your time and energy. There is no natural commitment for justice or responsibility or truth in human beings. Stop looking for it. There is only self interest.

    Of course this does not help the responsible renters (if there are any) as it shrinks the pool of landlords who can put up with this crap and drives up the price of housing. That’s rental “protection” laws for you – rewarding the irresponsible and punishing the responsible.

    It’s not just renting. This government distortion of the market and rewarding irresponsibility exists in every sphere. You have to be aware of reality, and protect yourself from it. You made bad choices too, based on a faulty view of reality. Now you are learning, but reality is a harsh teacher.


    1. Well, aren’t you a smartass, know-it-all, condescending ray of fucking sunshine?

      BTW which non-government school did you attend?


  6. Hollywood did a movie about a guy who squatted nice rentals in San Francisco and intentionally hosed the owners to acquire nice properties from stressed owners at screaming deals. It was enough to make you want to kill the bad guy right on the screen by shooting your TV — like Elvis, only he had better sideburns.

    I still say it’s time to make them HATE living there. How far is the drive? Who locally is willing to be your repair handyman at those odd hours?


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