Heartache is watching everything you have worked for stolen by unscrupulous, morally offensive, thieving, self serving jerks.

Heartache is having your son come to you and say, “Mom, I know you would have never accepted my money, but I was going to put money in your wallet from my every pay check to help you and just leave a little for myself.”

Heartache is watching the justice system in which you had so much faith screw you.

That is heartache.

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  1. and it’s watching someone you have come to respect suffering because of the dishonor of other, Gospodina…


  2. Just think of them as God’ Pepper Poppers, springing up to test your combat reflexes to see how you deal with challenge and despair. You’ll emerge smarter and ready for the next big challenge.


  3. I’ll pray for you and your family. I hate that this happened to y’all.


  4. Nicki, I’m really sorry you got the memo late. I quit working in the legal (not justice) system over 20 years ago because the system was broken beyond repair back then. Now I earn less money, but when I work I produce something tangible that people appreciate. You yourself have written about how totally fucked many people are, – add that in with a big dose of corruption, and the legal system is equally fucked. I’d have to write a treatise on this, and have done so in other places before, so all I can say is this: Don’t lose track of the criminal bastards who screwed you. Karma is a bitch, and down the road, what goes around almost always comes around. you’ll see.

    In the mean time, peace be with you and your loved ones.


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