Dear Alanna – Find a Smarter Friend

Julie Borowski of Libertarian Republic reports on an entitled princess from Oberlin, OH who went on an obscenity-laced rant about not getting the job after she showed up to an interview wearing, among other things, a T-shirt and heavy make-up. Elizabeth Bentivegna obviously has an over-inflated sense of her own intelligence and worth, as she screeched, “Fuck you, OnShift. You clearly are too stupid to realize who (sic.) you just turned down.” on her Facebook page.

Anyone who shows up to an interview looking like this and then publicly berates the company for noticing that she looks unprofessional can’t possibly be as smart as she claims she is.


Cute girl, right? But cute =\= professional. Cute =\= someone I would hire. Cute to go to a club =\= appropriate for work.

I can’t say more than what Julie already said in her article.

How you present yourself matters. It says a lot about you. That might require investing in an outfit a step above Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 to get the job you want. This isn’t patriarchal oppression. If a dude showed up wearing something “mildly sexual” for a job interview, he’d probably be escorted from the building. It just isn’t the time or place for all that.

And since this girl thinks that showing up for an interview looking “mildly sexual” is somehow appropriate, I have to wonder about her common sense.

Her friend Alanna posted the entire rant on her Twitter feed. I can’t tell from her comment what her actual reaction was to her friend’s little hissy fit, and whether or not she thought it was appropriate. Maybe she just posted it as a point of information.

Well, Alanna – it’s not just about the make up. As a hiring authority, let me tell you several things. Take them to heart.

If you show up to an interview wearing a “little booby” black T-shirt, I will wonder about your sense of propriety and your common sense. You want to present your best to your prospective employer. That means dressing professionally, regardless of what you think the standard office couture is.

Do not, show up to the interview wearing heavy make-up. It’s a distraction. I want to know about your knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you look like a circus clown in my office, there’s little else to which I’ll be paying attention.

Do not show up in my office with an entitlement attitude! No, I’m not obligated to give you a job. No, I don’t exist to pay you a salary. No, it is not my job to see your greatness. It’s your job to prove it to me! Don’t like that? Too bad.

And yes, had you been a man, it would have mattered what you were wearing. It’s not about your plumbing. It’s about your ability to determine proper attire to make the best impression in an interview. A few months ago, we had a guy show up for an interview wearing wrinkled slacks, a pink polo, a grey jacket and some loafers. Guess what! He didn’t get the job. The first words out of my mouth after he departed when my director and I sat down to discuss his qualifications were, “He couldn’t be bothered with a button down shirt and tie for an interview? No. Just no.”

What people wear to the office doesn’t matter. You. Don’t. Have. The. Job. Yet. So make the best impression you can, including being on time and not looking like you’re going to a dance party.

No one is saying you need to buy an expensive suit. But do invest a few bucks in something conservative and make that your interview outfit. No one gives a crap how original you think your outfit is.

After the interview, take the time to send a note to your interviewer thanking him or her for taking the time to sit down with you, and also do a short review of your qualifications and why you want to work there.

Appearances matter. Your attitude matters. Your ability to convey your intelligence, thoughtfulness, class, and expertise all matter. Class matters.

If I spend more time wondering what size paint brush you used to pile on your clown make-up than I do listening to your answers to my questions, you’re doing it wrong.

If your tits are falling out of your t-shirt (T-SHIRT… who the hell wears a T-SHIRT to a goddamn job interview?? Have you lost your fucking mind???), it says a lot about your taste, your sense of propriety, and your common sense.

Oh, and I realize you and your millennial pals just love to put your entire lives out there on social media, but really… I would advise against it. It’s not just the company that rejected you that will be reading that once it hits the Internet as it did a few days ago. Every company looking for a hire in your field that sees this will think twice, if they have any common sense at all. This is your social media footprint, princess. Congrats. You’ve shown yourself to be a petty, vindictive, immature little shrew.

Social media is not private. Your rants – even if you’re just venting your frustration on what you think is a private account – will be out there for the world to see. In this case, your friend Tweeted out your stupid to the world, and a number of news outlets picked up the story.

And yes, everything you do and how you look is used to judge you. It’s not about your vagina. We judge males by the same standards. It’s about the fact that you are in a competitive market vying for work against a lot of incredibly bright, competent people. You are not special, snowflake, and that’s why you need to wow me with your competence, not your lack of ability to dress appropriately.

Given your poor judgment, any company would be crazy to touch you with a 10-foot pole. I certainly wouldn’t hire you based on what I’ve read.

The Internet is forever.


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  1. Thanks for posting this, Nicki. I’m sending this to my soon-to-be sixteen year old daughter. I hope the message sinks in.


    1. Absolutely! It’s really hard to believe how many people think they’re going to come into my office and wow me while dressing like a hobo. I always tell folks that even if you have one suit, make that your interview suit and dress appropriately when you come in. I don’t owe you a job, and there are a ton of intelligent qualified candidates waiting to fill that slot!

      People just don’t get it. And this dummy just seems to think she’s entitled to the job.


  2. If I was hiring in this field, I’d have a copy of her rant printed out. The only question I would ask is for her to explain this to me. She’s about to get a real important lesson in reality.


    1. Unfortunately, there are some idiots out there who are so intent on hiring the self-appointed “marginalized,” that they would take this entitled twit.


  3. It should also be mentioned that she was twenty minutes late for the interview–something she conveniently leaves out of her rant. When you combine this with her attire, her strong sense of entitlement and accomplishment, and her very poor social skills it’s not hard to see why she wasn’t hired.


    1. We all know shit happens, and she claims she called ahead and told them she would be late. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, I’m OK with it. I had a job interview a while back, gave myself an hour to drive less than 10 miles to the interview site, but wound up stuck in traffic for two hours. Called from my car. Apologized profusely, and got a job offer anyway, because I absolutely kicked ass in the interview! It happens. But I certainly was way more professional than this entitled snowflake.


  4. Oh. My. Bananas! Wow! Is this how these overgrown children in adult bodies think they should act????? “I interviewed for the job and I shoulda got it? How dare they not give it to me?”

    John Molloy said it in ‘Dress for Success’ (there’s one for men and one for women) : dress like you really want the job. That means you are conservatively dressed for an office job – even for a computer gig – and you don’t slack off until you’ve had the job for a while.

    Your jeans and tees are playclothes. Unless you’re applying for a job as a truckdriver, you don’t dress like one.

    I have never seen such spoiled brat twaddle. Ever. No one is entitled to a job. The job market is extremely competitive. If you show up at an office job interview looking like a dingaling, you’ll leave empty-handed. I thought everybody knew that.


    1. Apparently the entitled snowflakes of today missed the memo. LOL


  5. The military currently has lots of info about this stuff in their separation/retirement transition classes. Sounds like colleges need to make this a mandatory seminar in the Freshman year, with a refresher before graduation.


  6. Interesting article; really a lot of ways to look at this one. I think one of the key things to remember is this part:

    “What people wear to the office doesn’t matter. You. Don’t. Have. The. Job. Yet. So make the best impression you can, including being on time and not looking like you’re going to a dance party.”

    People looking for a job (and this has been a struggle for me) have to dress their very best and speak their very best when making that first impression. That doesn’t mean when they hit the workforce they won’t be joining their colleagues in wearing dark jeans and polos to work, but for the interviews it just doesn’t seem to work. It’s a burden we all have to put up with when securing that job, I suppose.

    And although tempting it may be, its important people don’t succumb to the temptation to put it on Facebook or social media, because that can often come back to bite people and spread virally (this blog is proof of that). I understand the need to talk to someone when something frustrating happens–its part of feeling vindicated–but its probably better to find a discreet friend to vent with over coffee than have it circulating the internet forever.

    In any event, I wish her (and all of us, as I’m still job searching) the best in securing gainful employment. 🙂


  7. I suspect that it was her attitude and not her attire that was the real reason that she did not secure the job. Just look at her whining profanity laced rant. If they hired her she would have been a “toxic” employee. Clearly, the employer made the right choice.

    I wonder where she will end up. Changing the world? I think not.


  8. I’d hire her. She’s got just the right look to clean my house once a week.


    1. LMAO Now THAT’s a job!


    2. Hey now!


  9. Generally agree with everybody, but one point; at least back 20 years ago, when my Lady was a Programmer (and being groomed for management), there were certain programming jobs where CERTAIN KINDS of non-suit dress were indicators of the right kind of geek. A T-shirt with a picture of a spiral galaxy and an arrow with the caption “you are here”. Hand colored sneakers. These weren’t low level programming jobs, they were the kind of programming that requires a twisted mind and a lot of processing power. And smart managers looked for wizards (and sorceresses).

    Now, this little idiot wasn’t dressed THAT WAY either. But while the “Dress like the man who’s hiring you” rule is a good general one, there are exceptions.


  10. “who the hell wears a T-SHIRT to a goddamn job interview?? Have you lost your fucking mind???), ”
    Well, I don’t know? I did that for much of my working life as a surveyor here in the swamps of the South Carolina Low Country where cutting brush and trees off the survey lines was so much of the job, we often called ourselves the Chain Gang (NOOOO! NOT the Choom Gang). It really helped me– sorta gave me that really demented, effective tree killer look. Besides, it really completed the 6’2″, 250#, long hair, long beard, worn Levis and boots ensemble! And, of course, I made concessions– I generally left my shades in the truck.
    I guess the moral of this story is don’t wear a tee shirt to a job interview unless you can grow a FULL beard.
    Sorry, I could not resist that.


    1. Small difference: she didn’t have the job yet. She came in looking like a club girl and assumed she was OK, because that’s how people who work there dressed. She didn’t work there. Not the same in the least.


  11. Her judgement and professionalism is suspect, HOWEVER you gotta admire her self confidence and chutzpah!!!


    1. I don’t admire someone who is that delusional about her self worth having done little more than graduated Oberlin.


    2. Reminds me of our Dear Leader. Maybe they will also give her a Nobel Peace Prize.


  12. And what’s wrong with booby anyway??!!


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