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If you remember a few days ago SpouseBuzz editor Amy Bushatz posted a smear on’s site about Gina Elise and the Pin-Ups for Vets organization. I took her to task not just because she saw it fit to whine that dog forbid military men be exposed to *GASP!* sexy women other than their wives, but also besmirch this worthwhile, tasteful organization as nothing but “some busty veteran supporting pin-up girls” who are apparently committing the horrid crime of using flirtation, titillation, and sex appeal to cheer up men!


Today, Gina Elise was invited to post a rebuttal on SpouseBuzz. Tasteful as usual, Gina described the work Pin-Ups for Vets does, the pride these strong, beautiful women feel at being able to help our wounded warriors. She didn’t castigate Bushatz, although, as far as I’m concerned, she had every reason to do so. She simply showed herself to be a class act.

We are very aware that our military spouses sacrifice much while their loved ones are deployed. Pin-Ups For Vets has pampered a number of military wives with glamorous makeovers, clothing, photo shoots, gift certificates, and dinner to help show our appreciation to these special ladies. Our local news stations have captured these touching events where our military spouses often weep because they have given so much to others, but often neglect themselves.

Many of our Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors openly say that their service with us has greatly improved and enriched their own lives. Our Veteran volunteers love serving their fellow Veterans. The VA hospital patients just open up to them, once they realize that the pin-ups have also served our country. Our ladies’ hearts are in the right places. Whether they are single or married, they are committed to joining us as beautiful Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors because they know that they can make a difference in the Veteran and Military communities.

I appreciate the fact that Gina was allowed to present her side of the story. She deserves a chance to show the organization as more than just a band of busty females wiggling in the faces of married men!

But at the same time, I still think Bushatz owes Gina and the PUFV Ambassadors an apology – a public one. She’s certainly entitled to her opinion, as she says.

Editor’s note: Some SpouseBuzz readers felt my original Pin-Up for Vets post was unfair. That post was an opinion piece and I stand by it. But at SpouseBuzz we also realize that there are two sides to every coin, which is why we are always open to running a post highlighting the other side of any given story.

Oh, she stands by it? Sorry, but painting an organization that objectively has done a lot of good, has entertained and supported our troops, and has been honored for its work with veterans as a bunch of borderline whores is not an “opinion.” It’s libelous, disgusting, and petty. While it’s perfectly acceptable to spew forth the opinion that there must be better ways to help the troops (without offering any worthwhile, unique, or imaginative suggestions), it is not acceptable to belittle those who have stepped up and done so much good as little more than vapid hookers. 

Bushatz owes Gina an apology. That’s my opinion, and I stand by it. 


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  1. right on! People like this chick is exactly why I never found that website supportive. I’m no feminist in today’s world. Confidence is what makes women powerful and echoes what our fighting force is. If my hubby had been laid up, I would be greatful that such a classy group of gals, with fun and pretty AND such class cared to show they care too!

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    1. Hi Staci! It’s Gina from Pin-Ups For Vets. Thank you so much for your words of support! They do mean a lot to us. We experience such incredible moments on our VA hospital visits. It’s hard for me to fully express in words the utter happiness and joy we witness from the patients. Our visits are always a big surprise to them, and they often do double takes! I think they feel that a piece of history just walked right into their room when they see our 40s style Ambassadors come through the door. We always spend time with the patients, asking them about their branch of service, how long they served, where they are from, etc, to have a conversation with them and to get their minds off of whatever they are going through in the hospital. I observe each time we visit a hospital how essential it is for the patients to have a little change of pace. Many are in the hospital for weeks, months and sometimes indefinitely…and often they do not get visitors. No matter what anyone says, I know the truth because I see it on every visit…it is essential for our service members to know that we remember them, their sacrifices and that we care. It makes a world of difference and can be the difference between a good and bad day. That is why we often hear, “when you are here, my pain is gone.” 🙂 One of the best things I can hear. One of my favorite quotes is this: “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”


      1. Gina, and that’s why I am so upset when you guys are smeared in this manner! You’ve been an amazing source of joy to folks who have served! As a vet and a mom, I couldn’t possibly be more grateful. I will always stand up for you and people like you!


  2. Anyone offended by classy, sexy women is a prude. I’ve told 2 wives (so far?) that just because I’m on a diet doesn’t mean I can’t peruse the menu.

    I hope Gina and her ladies keep up the good work. Our vets deserve the best and they are the best.


  3. Nicki, it may not be her fault; if you look at the etymology of her name Bushatz.
    B.U.S.- Urban dictionary def;” big ugly slut, that always lurks for attention of all the guys”
    Shatz= past imp. of “to shit”


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