Everything is racism!

Did you guys see the Lego Movie last year? We went with a bunch of friends, and wound up with the “Everything is Awesome” earworm for literally days afterward.

Well, there’s a new earworm. I like to call it “Everything is Racism,” and frankly, I’ve just about had it with the sniveling, hysterical, screeching social justice warriors tossing around the racism epithet like a shield for their stupid!

Criticize the current administration’s IRS? Racist.

Criticize the president? Racist.

Run a sci-fi campaign to include a more diverse slate in the Hugo awards that stands up to the (mostly white) leftards who have dominated the awards for years? Racist.

Marry someone of a different race? Racist, and you’re using your spouse and child as a “shield.”

Justice system doesn’t work the way you want it to? Racism.

Correct grammar and spelling from college and graduate students who should possess basic written and oral communications skills? Racist microaggression!

And now, in a new bout of stupid, blogging about the treachery and evil of Edward Snowden is also racism.

If you’re looking at your screen like a monkey fucking a football, I don’t blame you. Some basement dwelling social justice warrior decided to weigh in on the debate, and in the process threatened me (yeah, my generation would totally destroy you and your blog, if you were more mainstream), called me a fake Christian (I’m not a Christian at all. I’m an atheist.) Claimed my information about Snowden is “incorrect,” because apparently having graduated from SUNY New Paltz and studied “political science and international relations” trumps the knowledge and experience of someone who has been actually working in national security and the military and has a Bachelors degree from Johns Hopkins and a Masters in national security from AMU. Mmmkay?

Oh, and apparently I’m a racist. Because Snowden… or conspiracy… or I disagree with something the Chafed Vagina Club has barfed out into the cybersphere lately… or something.

It must be easy to continue distributing this hate and (just straightup incorrect) “information” when you have a bunch of senseless birds cooing to your nonsense. You’re lucky you aren’t as mainstream as you want to be, because if my generation got wind of the garbage you proliferate to make an extremely dull point, you wouldn’t have a blog anymore. They would shame you for bending over to a ideology and a party that uses your racist, simpleton worldviews to keep themselves in power. You ammunition hungry fake Christians are the joke of the Millennial generation. And thats what matters. We are the future. You and people like you are evolutionary primates. Your small minds will be phased out. The future is here, and I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it. #EdwardSnowdenALLDAY #TrueHero #FuckOff

Racists are some of the most repugnant people in the ‘verse! I know. I’ve lived it as a Jew in the former USSR. (But of course, regardless of their history, the discrimination, and the FUCKING HOLOCAUST, Jews are apparently now considered part of the privileged class, ostensibly because they were able to overcome their desperate, violent history, and therefore they’re no longer victims.)

So when you happen to show the members of the Irritated Labia Society that they’re wrong, or challenge their worldview in any way, they hurl the first and only piece of excrement they have at you like angry monkeys – RAAAAAACIIIIIIISM!

Because the more repulsive you make your opponent out to be, and the more you hurl such disgusting public accusations – true or not – the more you dehumanize and degrade your opponent. And once you dehumanize him or her, it becomes easy to threaten, to doxx, to denigrate, and even destroy.

In “Less Than Human: the Psychology of Cruelty” David Livingstone Smith – co-founder and director of the Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology at the University of New England – explores this phenomenon.

During the Holocaust, Nazis referred to Jews as rats. Hutus involved in the Rwanda genocide called Tutsis cockroaches. Slave owners throughout history considered slaves subhuman animals. In Less Than Human, David Livingstone Smith argues that it’s important to define and describe dehumanization, because it’s what opens the door for cruelty and genocide.

The repulsive racist is the new rat/cockroach/subhuman animal. Not that I disagree with the description. Given my own experiences with racism, I’d call them much worse.

The problem is that when you call any opponent – even if it’s just someone with whose political views you disagree – a racist, what you’re doing is dehumanizing them in the eyes of the world merely for opposing or challenging your views. It’s a dull arrow in the quiver of a dull mind, but in today’s environment it’s been disgustingly effective. Because racism is something against which we can all unite.

By painting their opponent as someone everyone should hate, these whining, lying, ennui-ridden mediocrities have galvanized hordes of their comrades to stand with them against the object of their ire. Again, who doesn’t hate a racist?

Because they can’t carry their own water. Because they can’t make an effective argument. Because they can’t be strong, competent, forceful, or impressive.

And when faced with that unpleasant reality, their only weapons are ad hominem attacks and downright lies. Once you’ve called someone a racist and made them out to be less than human, it really doesn’t matter what they say. That brush holds some seriously permanent paint.

Yes, it’s sad, but in today’s world where most have the intellectual depth of a teaspoon, this is the ultimate weapon.


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  1. I saw a really good article somewhere where a black police chief was denouncing using “racism” as an argument tactic…he said something to the effect of people using it due to having a weak intellectual argument. I had a lot of respect for him speaking out that way.

    I came out of (escaped?) California, so I know all about people and the progressive agenda playing the race card because of butthurt or to get themselves out of uncomfortable situations. I have two family members, in fact, who are currently disgusting me by using this tactic….and they make everything about race. Where they’re concerned, I’m currently fed up with the “I am heavily involved in the (race) community and in a relationship with someone of a different race, therefore I’m enlightened” attitude.


  2. Wow, you can insult people. Thumbs up to you. Still doesn’t prove you represent all the sane, liberty loving Americans you claim to be defending. All your insults prove is that your aggressively small minded. Just because people don’t think like you doesn’t mean you are the spokeswoman of “all that is right with America”. Actually, your inability to present both sides of an issue show that you are what’s wrong with this country. I would respect if you presented logically arguments and then explained why one is better than the other. But all this site is is right wing garbage.


    1. I don’t need to represent both sides, troll. I understand what Snowden actually did.

      FACT: he stole – yes STOLE – millions of classified files.

      FACT: he violated his contract

      FACT: the majority of the records he stole had nothing at all to do with government wrongdoing.

      FACT: he released sensitive information that caused us to lose critical collection assets not just on TCOs, but also terrorists.

      FACT: he released sensitive technical information to dangerous adversaries and admitted himself he didn’t even realize what would be disclosed!

      FACT: he tricked some hapless NSA nerd into providing him with his PKI certificates to allow him to access said information. He didn’t have access to it on his own. This is a far cry from his claims about his power and how he could read anyone’s email that he wanted.

      FACT: he didn’t even attempt to take it up the chain as a whistleblower. He merely stole a bunch of records that did not belong to him and released him willy nilly.

      FACT: he lied about his military service to gain credibility.

      If this is what you consider a hero, your character is even more questionable than his.

      I don’t need to present both sides of this issue because I LIVE WITH ITS CONSEQUENCES, cupcake.

      And while you come here to MY site and make wild accusations, you have the unmitigated gall to accuse ME of insulting you??? Look in the mirror, princess, and understand there are people out there who know a bit more than you do about the subject.

      There is nothing political or conservative about this post. Not a thing. But you and other dumbasses like you insist on making everything a conservative/liberal issue, which shows you to be a narrow minded ignoramus.


    2. Jasmin, “you’re” aggressively small minded.


  3. Your credentials aren’t impressive, get over yourself. I traveled the world on political business, so the basement is the last place I dwell. And btw I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THIS WAS ABOUT ME. I AM THE WARRIOR WHO CHALLENGED YOU.


    1. Warrior. Basement-dwelling tool. Trust me, sweetie. My credentials qualify me to speak on national security issues much more than you can imagine. Traveling the world on political business is as amusing as it is unimpressive.


    2. Oh and by the way “I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THIS WAS ABOUT ME. I AM THE WARRIOR WHO CHALLENGED YOU.” — attention whore much?


    3. Oh, and another thing – tossing the word “racism” at someone like a hand grenade without actual justification is cowardly. You’re not a warrior. You’re a pathetic little girl.


  4. To Jasmin Vasquez. I’m quite impressed with Nicki’s credentials. I’ve been stopping by her site daily for a few years and always look forward to what she has to say (That makes her “mainstream” to me). You, Jasmin, haven’t put up a new post in two years on your blog. I think you have some personal issues to deal with and to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised that Nicki took the time to even address you. You’re like a fly buzzing around someone’s face. The good thing is that flies only live for a few days. The bad news is that they reproduce and leave a lot of maggots to deal with. Go take your medicine, Jasmin! I hope you feel better soon. Oh! Don’t forget to have a cookie with your milk.

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  5. Looks like the millenial generation raised its matted head again with Jasmin’s unhappy responses to your refusal to knuckle under, Nicki.

    Perhaps some day, the lame excuse of using a nasty word when they don’t get the participation ribbon they expected (for just showing up) will evaporate along with the memories of them.

    There is somethig rather sad about an entire generation (the millenials) of people who refuse to accept an opinion or viewpoint that conflicts with theirs, without resorting to epithetical labeling as our little bunch of semi-literate nongeniuses do when things don’t go their way. That nasty label that they throw around like stale popcorn is becoming so overused and abused as an excuse for not getting what they expected that it is losing value. It doesn’t mean what they think it means. But they have to use it, because they really can only think and speak in words of one syllable or less.

    They’re the kids who want Shakespeared translated into English, because they are mostly functionally illiterate. I’ve had one of them work for me. She couldn’t grasp the simple concept of an alphanumeric filing system. Frightening.

    However, as little miss Jasmin clearly stated, their mostly vainglorious egos demand that you focus your attention on them, because they HAVE to have it. They are an entire generation of attention whores and nothing will do but they MUST be in your face, they MUST be in the spotlight. It’s all about ‘me,me, me’! It doesn’t last very long, and as we’ve seen elsewhere, the desperate need for attention frequently does not bring the results that were desired. At some point, they’ll evaporate into the fog where they originated and we can take a breath of fresh air.

    I think it would do those conceited, ego-centric pukes a world of good to be rounded up, dropped of on an island, and made to spend some time like those kids in ‘Lord of the Flies’. Competition for survival is an interesting concept.

    Oh, lest I forget – good article, Nicki. Snowden is a slimy, self-centered jerk who is no longer of any use to the Russians. They don’t want him any more and neither does anyone else. A modern version of ‘man without a country’ finally comes to life in real time. Who knew? If someone like Snowden is a hero to these infantile twinks, they are in real trouble.


    1. Sara, you’re so right about this pathetic, whiny millennial generation! I’m glad I raised my kids to shun their self-absorbed douchebaggery!

      Children like Jasmin here think their oh-so-awesome accomplishment of having gone to college and traveled abroad makes them more qualified than anyone else to barf their uninformed opinions in our direction!

      I guarantee I traveled more and saw more of the world by the time I was eight than this precious punkin did her entire life! But hey… She’s a college grad who traveled on “political business.” I laughed my ass off at that one.

      And thank you for your kind word!


  6. Nicki – good observation regarding the “racism” label. I, however, am beginning to believe that the “racist” label has been so misused the last several years that calling someone a racist will soon have as much sting as calling someone a doodyhead.


    1. I don’t know, Ned. Maybe after a few years. Because right now, it’s still the kiss of death for a lot of folks.



    Written by an obviously disturbed, lack of attention at home child.


    1. I know, right? Someone comes over, tosses the “racist” grenade, and then brags about “challenging” me. She’s not a challenge. She’s an idiot.


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