Titillation – it’s not a dirty word

Gina Elise has been entertaining and thrilling America’s hospitalized veterans since 2007. Her 40s-style pin-up calendar has raised and donated thousands of dollars for veterans’ hospitals, and has delivered calendars featuring photos of beautiful, scintillating, vintage-styled women to bring a little cheer to our wounded warriors, as well as sent them downrange for a morale boost. The photos are sexy, but not trashy. There is no nudity of any kind. And Gina Elise has been lauded for her volunteer work for the troops, visiting, entertaining, delivering calendars, and thanking them for their service. What’s not to love, right? PinUpsForVetsCover2014

Enter Amy Bushatz. Now, I don’t want to call her a dependapotamus, because it’s obvious, she at least has a brain in her head and is doing well in her own right, without glomming on to her military spouse. She’s the editor in chief of’s spouse and family blog and covers spouse and family news for She’s a journalist who has been featured as a subject matter expert (ostensibly on military family issues) on various media outlets. So one would think this person would have a healthy enough ego that she wouldn’t need to whine about military spouses looking at a sexy calendar. But no… Apparently, Gina Elise is “parading” herself in front of other women’s husbands, and Amy’s labia is chafed because of it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure there are better, more effective ways to support veterans than by parading yourself around in front of someone else’s husband while wearing sexy retro outfits and burlesque costumes, shooting provocative pin-up calendars and holding a burlesque show fundraiser.

Judging from some of the comments, it’s not just you. There are a whole lot of other insecure, whining sows out there, who are threatened by sexy women dazzling the troops for even a few moments! And there probably are better, more effective ways to support veterans, but you apparently aren’t taking any steps to discover and implement them. Instead you’re impugning an interesting, unique, and beautiful way to not only raise money, but morale!

Or maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m “just” another jealous military spouse who would prefer her husband’s eyes be on her, not on some busty veteran supporting pin-up girl, regardless of her good intentions or “good cause.”

If your husband is looking at the pin-up girl, instead of at you, then there is probably a problem, and it’s not caused by a photo of a pretty girl in vintage wear. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Donating money? Good. Visiting vets in hospitals? Very good. Using sex as support, especially when there are other options? In my opinion, very not good.

Wow, sniveling prude much? Sexy doesn’t always equal sex. Titillation doesn’t mean smut. Flirtation doesn’t mean adultery. The female body is beautiful. And Gina Elise’s work is certainly no more erotic than a Titian, and I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t have a problem with your husband looking at one in the museum, would you? Venus here certainly has less clothing on than Gina Elise in any given photo, and yet you’ve got sand in your vagoo about the calendar?


Oh, but that’s not a photo, and it’s just different! Yeah, it’s different. Gina Elise and the girls in the Pinups for Vets calendar are strong, beautiful, secure, real women! Are you threatened by their power, their commitment to our troops, and their allure?

I get that some of this is supposed to be a throw-back to World War II era pin-up paintings on bombers and risque support “for our boys.” I probably wouldn’t have liked it then, either.


Guess your kids are going to miss out on some great works of art, Amy. No Guillaume Seignac. No Titian. No Lorenzo Lotto. No Tintoretto or Reubens. What a sad, sheltered, uncultured life you must lead!

So maybe I’m a prude. Maybe using sex to boost morale (because really, that’s what is going on here in a way) is A-OK and I need to get my act together.

Yeah, you do. You’re vilifying beautiful women whose only goal is to bring a little joy to our troops. You’re maligning them as some kind of sluts. Instead of expressing a modicum of respect and gratitude for people helping our service members, you treat them like whoring homewreckers. Maybe you should be looking in the mirror and asking what is wrong with your own relationship that you feel threatened by these women.

These women are elegance. These women are nostalgia. These women are joy and light and entertainment for thousands of troops. These women are sheer beauty. And you are a bitter, insecure hag who feels threatened by art and strives to tear it down to mere tits and ass. I say this as a woman and a veteran: grow up, Amy. You’re pathetic! And Gina, I support you and your mission and admire your grace, style, and imagination! Keep it up.


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  1. Have been quiet. life is hard lately but had to salute your article tonight/ perfectly stated. I do not know of any vets of WWII, Korea or Nam who got so excited over a pinup poster that they forgot their loved ones at home. /this gal has done a hell of a lot to help our guys and bring a smile to some guys who really needed a smile, God bless her. And you.


    1. Missed you. Hope you are doing well, my friend.


      1. Holding on. Hope you and your lovely family are well!

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  2. Nice response to the insecure spouse clubs post! It saddens me how fully clothed models can be deemed as a contributor to sexual assault within the ranks…


    1. Kind of like saying not wearing a burqa contributes to sexual assault by Muslim men, right?


  3. Spot on! BTW – Gina’s posted response in the comments to that diatribe is incredibly classy.

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  4. Why is it ladies like Bushatz only think only married people make up the military, veterans and those who support them?

    I was, like many others, single during my entire enlistment. Even some long term military aren’t married. So perhaps, just perhaps, there is an audience out there for the pinups that is greater than married men. And I’m not even going to touch the aspect of ladies finding the pinups attractive.

    And on the subject of husbands — why does she trust them so little? One of my favorite sayings regarding couples “Never question your spouse’s judgment, look who they married”. It is pretty sad that instead of trusting a husband to do the right then, she wants to prevent him from even making the choice. This isn’t about the husband but her mistrust.

    Bob S.

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    1. Because they’re selfish harpies?


      1. I would think more ‘egotistical’ then selfish — everything has to be about them.


        1. I view egotistical in the context of having a healthy ego. Women who are this threatened by a pinup do not.


  5. Uh huh. I can remember laying banged up in a hospital, wondering what was going to be left of my life if I didn’t heal well enough. A sexy woman at least going through the motions of treating me like sexually attractive male would have gone a long way to reduce my post-injury depression.

    And, quite frankly, tits and ass would have been a better choice than the Demerol.

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    1. jonolan – I think that for us hetero males, looking at a picture like a pinup ( and no, not the Hustler type of gyno-crotch shots that reduce a woman to a walking vagina and breasts) of a pretty gal, or getting a visits, or looking at a wallet pic of a girlfriend back home,. lets us take our mind away form the hospital tubes and wires and boriong hours, and lets our mind focus on what the real world is out there; memories of not so much sex as the simple joy of holding hands, talking, laughing with someone, sitting in a park, going to a movie, sharing a meal… with a sweet, special someone. you know? I salute and commend Gina Elise. And hope YOU are doing better, sir.

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