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I haven’t been involved in the Sad Puppy “controversy” manufactured – maybe too strong a word – but certainly promoted by the shrill, shrieking shrew K. Tempest Bradford of “The Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge”. If you haven’t 40558488@N00_rread this bit of pompous spew, do yourself a favor, and don’t – unless, of course, you like having your blood pressure rise so quickly and so high, that your brain explodes out of your eyeballs. The bottom line of this porcine twunt is: stop reading literature written by straight, white males. You’ll be better off. (translation: Talent and writing ability don’t matter. Choose your reading list based on the plumbing, color, sexual orientation, and gender identity of the author, because RACISM… or something.)

Given how many of my friends are authors, I figure this manufactured “controversy” deserves at least a mention here.

The Sad Puppy campaign, according to one of its creators author Larry Correia, “was a campaign to get talented, worthy, deserving authors who would normally never have a chance nominated for the supposedly prestigious Hugo awards.”

I started this campaign a few years ago because I believed that the awards were politically biased, and dominated by a few insider cliques. Authors who didn’t belong to these groups or failed to appease them politically were shunned. When I said this in public, I was called a liar, and told that the Hugos represented all of fandom and that the awards were strictly about quality. I said that if authors with “unapproved” politics were to get nominations, the quality of the work would be irrelevant, and the insider cliques would do everything in their power to sabotage that person. Again, I was called a liar, so I set out to prove my point.

Notice the campaign wasn’t meant to get straight, white males nominations for the awards. It was to get TALENTED, WORTHY, DESERVING AUTHORS recognition. The background to all this is in the link I provided above, so if you want to read it, that’s a great place to start – from the keyboard of the talented, worthy, deserving author who started the campaign.

And guess what! It was a resounding success! Authors supported by the Sad Puppies got a ton of nominations in an arena that for a long time has been dominated by exclusionary social justice warrior types, who are now spitting, crying, and wringing their collective hankies that talented authors that weren’t approved by their clique have gotten nods. Because dog forbid the nominations include anyone other than their approved pet victims!

Tempest over there went on an obscenity-laced Facebook tirade about it. Not that I mind obscenity. Please. I revel in it… if it’s creative and appropriate. Unfortunately it was neither in her case – surprising, considering that she’s supposedly a writer or something. Witness the lack of originality, and revel in the teeth gnashing!

Here’s a thing: I need people to stop responding to this Sad Puppies/Hugo thing with “well, if you want to change things, you should have voted.”

First: Fuck you.

Second: Has your ass been paying attention to the conversations in this community for the past 5, 10, 20, 30 years on this topic? because, if you haven’t, I invite you to shut your damn mouth.

You see, if you had been paying attention you’d know that lots of people do and did nominate. And in the past few years more and more people who care about diversity in SFF have been making an effort to join the WorldCon voting ranks.

THIS IS WHY SAD PUPPIES EXISTS. Not because some people just happened to decide, but because the mostly white mostly male contingent of whiny assholes saw that there was a shift happening toward a more diverse Hugo slate and away from their ilk and decided to work against it. And bring in people fro outside of the community to help them.

If you don’t fucking know this then you should keep your opinions in your head.

Third: If you can’t or don’t attend WorldCon, the only way to vote is to become a supporting member. That costs $50. Does everyone have $50 to spend on this? No, no they don’t. As I said, in the past few years there has been an upsurge in people willing to do so because they feel it’s important. But again, the mostly white mostly men who are involved in Sad Puppies and the mostly white, mostly men brought in from gamer gate have money to spare (this is often a result of said whiteness and maleness). For them $50 is no big deal. For others it is not.

So fucking cut it out acting like “Oh, you can just vote”. It’s not that simple.

This is a class issue, a race issue, a gender issue. In other words, it’s intersectional. And I know some of you have a hard time with that concept. I don’t care. You’ve had plenty of time to figure it out. I’m real tired of your inability to understand these things,

Speaking of “whiny assholes…”

I won’t bother fisking this cunt nugget’s dull-witted rant, but Sarah Hoyt did a fantastic job doing just that, so I would urge you to read it. And she does it without all the creative invective I would have used.

Here’s the thing, boys and girls. Tempest and other teeth gnashers lie. They refuse to acknowledge that the Sad Puppy slate this year included women and minorities, as well as white males. They refuse to acknowledge that the Hugos and any other awards aren’t a bloody affirmative action program, and they shouldn’t be. And when whiny social justice warriors drool about the unfairness of using objective criteria rather than just handing an award to a black-pansexual-illegal-alien-transgendered-paraplegic because they happen to be a black-pansexual-illegal-alien-transgendered-paraplegic and not because they’re a talented writer, you have to wonder about their ability to reason and comprehend.

Stuff it, SJWs. You lost. Deal with it.


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  1. Geeee Gospodina… I thought I picked a book based on whether I liked the story or not. Write ‘enuff I like and I buy more by the same author….

    Hell, I was very surprised to discover Andre Norton was a she…still doesn’t matter, still read (okay- re-read) some of her stories… it is a she isn’t she?


    1. I have no idea! LOL!!! Apparently Tempest gets all ragey when she reads a story by a white male. What kind of asshole does that?


      1. It is funny in a way… from the number of people who grew into major societal leaders who grew up reading the stories of the OWGs have cited those stories as having shaped their outlook as they grew up. ER Burroughs’ John Carter’s wife ran half a planet and his daughter was a unparalleled warrior. Heinlein’s Lazarus Long stories… women, men, androids, aliens, and a cat that walked thru walls were equals across the board. I do wonder about him going back and seducing his mother becoming his own father- that was kind’a scary… Hell, on the other hand I’m still half in love with Friday myself! Asimov, Clarke, Haldeman EE Doc Smith, and so on and so on were the stuff of young men who grew to be presidents, CEOs, astronauts, cosmonauts…and at least one old MSG. There were always women writing alongside them from Norton to MacCaffrey. Seems like a good thing no? I seem to recall some OAG (Old Asian Guy) who said it was truly the dreamers that shaped the future…


        1. The characters and the writing don’t matter, sir. Don’t you know? These OWGs have PENISES! And PRIVILEGE! And SHUT UP, RACIST! 😉


        2. uhhh I’m a trained son and husband- “Yes Ma’am!”

          Scariest part is women outnumber men nowadays… and y’all don’t NEED us to procreate the species no more!


        3. I don’t know about you, but the turkey Bastet method does not appeal to me.


        4. But think of it Ms. Nicki… no more penisisis’ thinking for men… no more testosterone driven stupidity… all the ladies will just get along fine without us. Not like women… whups, racist penis shutting up!


        5. Uhhhh. I would submit that a world without penis is not a world I would want to inhabit!


        6. Watch out – you might get accused of being just another oppressed, beaten down woman trying to make a go of it in a testosterone driven world… although, I WOULD pay to see you and Ms. Tempest in a face to face debate…


        7. One of two things would happen: she would run away crying or I’d throat punch that shrill sow.


        8. To use your words, Amen, Sista!

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  2. Geez, I know there were women who DID get Hugos even though it could be kind of a clique in the early years, but if that bloated cow is complaining because she didn’t even get nominated, welllll…… pity pity poooh! She could learn to be a better writer before she goes complaining loudly about being left out. Besides, publishing under a pen name is quite anonymous and leaves people wondering.

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    1. Heh, some women have had their own cliques within the Hugo voters and have had for years. That is because they were good writers. Lois Bujold, I’m looking at you in particular!

      I cba to look up the first time a woman won a Hugo, but it would have been in the ’60s if not before.

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      1. Yes, but good writers don’t matter any longer. Only thing that matters is that you belong to or identify with the Victim of the Month Club.


    2. If you’re talking about the Hugos, for about 10 years or so, yes. If you’re talking the Nebulas, for about 20 years or so.

      Forgot to say before, congrats to Mad Mike for his nomination this year 😉

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      1. I’m definitely talking about the current environment. And yes – well done, Mike!


  3. Ned Weatherby

    “This is a class issue, a race issue, a gender issue. In other words, it’s intersectional.”

    Really? Please go fuck yourself squatting, you drooling femanderthal.

    When self- anointed SJWs resort to the unmitigated, douchenozzle-spewing nincompoopery of creating words that “only the special (the anointed) would understand,” then hurl invectives at those who rely on regular ole English and regular ole dictionaries, they have truly lost touch with reality. Problem with some issue? Make up some idiotic word, then call people idiots for not knowing what the fuck you’re talking about.

    It appears to me that there is a tertiary stage to this whole SJW – “social justice warrior” stuff, just like there are tertiary stages to some social diseases, like syphilis. Just beware, folks – don’t get any of this SJW disease on you.

    Looks like it will rot any semblance of sense outta your brain. But perhaps that’s natural selection – there’s a reason most of these SJW buffoons are so gawd awful, mud fence fugly. Still, it seems to spread…


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