Shaneen Allen finally pardoned (also, the poop trifecta is complete)

For those of you who were hoping for a poop trifecta, I was going to burst your bubble this morning, because I didn’t see anything poop-related to complete the cycle. I did read a story this morning about a woman in India who had apparently been urinating into her in-laws’ tea for a year and was finally discovered squatting over the tea pot by her mother-in-law. Apparently Creepella didn’t like the way she was treated by her husband, who was a whining, spineless snot who massaged her feet, did chores around the house, and cooked for her until his mommy came along and put the kebosh on that arrangement. And that’s when she decided to add something special to the in-laws’ tea.

Gross, but not the same as pooping in Wal Mart.

Well, my friend Casey obliged today by sending me this.

The story comes to us from Florida (where else?) after 27-year-old Michael Anthony Johnson was arrested and charged after he allegedly broke into an ex-girlfriend’s home and pooped on her stuff.

But that’s not what I really want to talk about today.

I want to mention some good news. I already blogged about this at the Zelman Partisans, so I don’t want to rehash the entire thing. Go over there and read it, will ya? But the short of it is that after a year and a half of what I can only imagine was a shit show of a stressful time, worrying about prison, about a criminal record, about a job, etc., the opportunistic swine of a governor that currently infests New Jersey finally pardoned Shaneen Allen – the young, single mother of two, who mistakenly drove into New Jersey with her legally concealed (in Pennsylvania) firearm.

I have no doubt that the only reason Christie signed the pardon is because he has higher political aspirations. For that, he can go eat a large bag of dicks. But it’s good news for Shaneen Allen, and I’m happy for her and her family.


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  1. That is good news. In a country that truly followed the Constitution, she should never have been arrested. As much as I hate to say it. The people of New Jerksky deserve what they voted for. They are sure welcome to keep Krispy Kreme Christie.


  2. Soooo I shouldn’t bring that “Christie for President 2016” sign over to you this weekind?


    1. Not unless you’d like your ass kicked. 🙂


  3. She might just poop on it.


  4. Fuck Christie. He could have squashed the whole thing BEFORE a person’s life got ruined. Fuck him. Fuck him with a splintery pine pole, wrapped in rusty barbed wire and soaked in iodine.

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