Shooting at Ft. Meade (UPDATED)

Details are sketchy right now, but there was a shooting at the NSA gate at Ft. Meade this morning.

I don’t want to keep updating or fomenting any kind of panic without additional information, so I’ll just post the link and the basics and let the story develop.

FORT MEADE, Md. — One person was killed in a firefight that erupted Monday after a car with two people tried to ram a gate at the Fort Meade, Md., military base near a gate to the National Security Agency, according to preliminary reports cited by two U.S. officials.

The officials said a firefight ensued after the car tried to crash the gate, and at least one of the two people in the car died.


A U.S. law enforcement official told CBS News that officials believe the two people who rammed the gate were men dressed as women.

A federal law enforcement official told CBS News that cocaine and a weapon were found in or near the vehicle.

Just a word about the bolded text, which I find a bit weird. It makes it sound like NSA was attacked by a couple of high transvestites.

I dunno. Weird.

Just one update real quick: CBS News now reports the following:

One of the suspects who was shot in the incident was identified as Kevin Fleming of Baltimore, U.S. law enforcement sources told CBS News. Fleming, who was hospitalized, has a lengthy criminal record including for assault.

So we can stop the speculation about jihadists and Muslim jokes.

UPDATE: Heard on the news this morning that these idiots were in a nearby hotel partying, probably got high and drunk there, and went on a joy ride that ended up at the agency.

Two criminal morons + drugs + car = NSA police making a colander of at least one of them.


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  1. I’m deeply concerned that these people might have been officials high in the Hillary 2016 Campaign…


  2. Wait – aren’t drugged-out transsexuals are on the NSA’s side? Maybe the attackers were just dressed as trannies.


  3. Men dressed as women in hajibs?

    Inquiring minds wanna know.


  4. Of all the places in the world I would rather NOT start something near, the HQ of No Such Agency ranks rather high. Higher, in fact, than the CIA HQ in Langley. I don’t know what The Authorities ™ will do with the two shmoos, but were I in charge I think i’d want a medical opinion on whether they had functioning brains, just out of curiosity.

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  5. Sounds like they were “Drag Racing” thru the NSA gate!


  6. Wait – what? Two prohibited possessors – with guns – try to invade Ft. Meade, or some such thing? Better disarm you and me to keep us all safe….


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