Azealia Banks now embarrassing herself

As if her “music” wasn’t embarrassing enough, Azealia Banks is apparently tweeting photos of her twat to men on the Internet. That’s what I call “heading full speed toward rock bottom.”

The Washington Times reports Rapper Azealia Banks on Saturday reportedly tweeted a close-up photograph of what she claims to be her “minge” (that’s dipshit speak (British slang) for genitals) to blogger Matt Walsh and conservative radio host Wayne DuPree after they criticized her for declaring her hatred for “fat white Americans” during a recent Playboy interview.

I guess flashing her oozing, overused sprout at strangers is just part of her stale act. When one is so desperate for attention, it’s likely because their five minutes of fame are up.

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  1. I got nothin. Wow.

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    1. My husband is speechless. That’s rare!


  2. LC Steve, KotE

    Literally speechless, other than to say, good evisceration!

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    1. So did anyone with eyes.


  3. I didn’t know this was a thing – if someone disagrees with something you do or say, you send them a photo of your genitalia? Glad most folks I disagree with were never informed…


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