Your list of demands is under advisement… in the circular file

The latest absurdity in this whole race relations debacle fomented by Eric Holder and his politicized Justice Department is the list of demands the Black Student Union at none other than UC Berkeley has presented to the university. This is so stupid it cannot possibly be taken seriously, but it’s Berkeley, so the Chancellor has taken the list “under advisement.”

William La Jeunesse reported on “America’s Newsroom” that the black student union wants a building renamed after Shakur, a former Black Panther and the first woman on the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists.

Shakur, who was convicted of killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, escaped from prison in the 1970s and has been hiding out in Cuba ever since. In 2013, the FBI designated her a terrorist and is offering a $2 million reward for information that would lead to her capture.  

But the black student union at UC Berkeley calls her an “icon of resistance within oppressed communities,”  La Jeunesse reported.

“We want the renaming of it to someone, Assata Shakur, who we feel like represents us as black students,” Cori McGowens, a junior at UC Berkeley said.

In addition to demanding the building be renamed, the students also demanded that the university hire two black admissions officers, two black psychologists experienced in racial discrimination, two black advisers to recruit and mentor black students and create an African American student resource center, La Jeunesse said.

You ever see a dog when it’s really confused, so it sort of cocks its head to one side and looks at you like you’ve just presented it with a Bitcoin algorithm to solve?

That was me when I read this retardery.

Apparently black students at Berkeley feel all marginalized, excluded, and ignored. Interesting that this is ostensibly going on in a liberal utopia intent on instilling in its students a sense of social justice that’s so profound, its social justice symposiums include gems such as a workshop that “…will present a herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter move­ment and will highlight the organizing being done at UC Berkeley’s cam­pus, across the bay area, and nationwide. We will focus on the framework and hxstory of #BlackLivesMatter, the context of Ferguson, as well as the national surge in organizing around the non-indictments of the officers that murdered Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Additionally we will explore how movement leaders are centering the work on queer and trans* narratives, experiences, and leadership. Lastly, we aim to address horizontal allyship and how that has played out in organizing spaces within the movement.” — Presented by a male scholar by the name of David Turner (who probably is feeling all sorts of guilt about being the owner of a penis, and if he had the guts, would likely snip that puppy off with a pair of rusty pliers just to punish himself with pain for being a privileged oppressor).

But I digress…

Black students in this socially tolerant utopia are apparently feeling marginalized, and their response is to demand that a building be named after a…


A terrorist who escaped prison after committing an act of murder. Joanne Chesimard, (aka Assata Shakur) a member of the radical Black Liberation Army, shot and killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster execution-style in 1973, after she and two others were pulled over for a routine traffic stop. She just pulled out her pistol and shot the officer, and then finished the job with his own pistol by administering two rounds to the officer’s head.

Nice lady.

And apparently, this is what black students at Berkeley identify with. This violent terrorist is what represents the black student population at Berkeley, by their own admission.

Now, if you’re feeling marginalized and ignored, one would think you would want to do something positive to bring attention to your perceived plight. If you are feeling like you’re isolated, one would think you would want to integrate into the community in a positive manner.

And yet, these students aren’t just demanding that a building be named after a murderous terrorist, but I would submit their demands will actually further segregate and isolate them from the general community at Berkeley! Black advisors. Black psychologists. A resource center for African Americans. Instead of integrating, it seems they want to create a whole separate black Berkeley!

Segregation is so last century!

I would hope that the chancellor simply deposited that pile of excrement where it belongs, but again… it’s Berkley.


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  1. Bet you $20 they do it.




  3. The thing is, Black people in this country ARE systematically oppressed. But they are oppressed by the Liberal Intellectual Radical Progressives who claim to be helping them. Their feelings of persecution are completely justified, but not their beliefs regarding who is persecuting them. So, yes, these kids are damn fools for wanting to name a building on Berkeley Campus for a Black terrorist. They are simply buying in to the narrative, created by upper-middle class white creeps, that is going to keep their people under the thumb of The Man until they wise up.

    The Black Panthers and similar groups flourished and ruined Black lives thereby to provide LIRPs with vicarious Revolutionary thrills. The Black culture will not recover until the Blacks themselves realize that they are being conned and used, and rejecting the Black Liberation claptrap the LIRPs love so much is the place to start.

    But I don’t blame these kids much. This is the crap they were taught. This is what they re spoon-fed by the people who claim to have their interests at heart.

    I blame Berkeley. It can’t fall into the Pacific too soon.


  4. Berkeley is a cesspool. Anyone who pays to have their kids go there is a fool. I know of efforts to send Christian missionaries there to try to save the lost souls.

    If you want to peek at the chaotic, confused, conflicted and immoral views of liberalism manifested, then Berkeley is a good choice.


  5. Perhaps the Muslim students will demand and “Osama bin Laden Hall”…

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  6. Nicki,

    I don’t care if my wife sees this, but, I love you! Please don’t show this to your husband!

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    1. LOL! He won’t care. Promise! But thank you. 🙂


  7. “In 2013, the FBI designated her a terrorist and is offering a $2 million reward for information that would lead to her capture.”

    I wonder what they would give for her head? Hmm, Cuba in March? Compared to the drizzly cold Iowa spring? Plus I could pick up a few nice cigars. It’s hell to get old, but it is a nice fantasy.

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