Too much stupid in this world!

Every once in a while, I run across something so completely idiotic on the Internet… so moronic… so cretinous, that I fight the strong, physical urge to:

a) buy an island, surround it with barbed wire, sharks with laser beams attached to their heads, and nests of machine guns, and move there; or

1) find the source of the stoopid, pop its skull open like a ripe coconut, and find a chimp with a bad case of tequila shits to fill said skull with smelly goo, which will still be preferable to what resides in its head now.

Why? Because what resides in said head now came up with this.

This… piece of dreck masquerading as a book attempts to persuade children (and the sniveling fucktards they have as parents) that measles, which is recently experiencing a resurgence thanks to several factors, including idiots refusing to vaccinate their fuck trophies and unvaccinated foreigners who bring this plague from their own shitholes, is really awesome.

Marvelous, in fact!

No, there are no side effects. As a matter of fact, you children out there should look forward to getting this bit of plague.

The book includes such inspired medical advice as :

  • measles is easily avoided by drinking melon juice

  • vaccines weaken the human immune system,

  • getting measles strengthens it (as does melon juice).

This bit of literary diarrhea has been around for about two years now, and luckily, the majority of people who wasted time and money reading this crap actually thought it sucked. Hell, some of the reviews are hilarious!

If you enjoyed this book, check out these other fine titles from the same author:

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That said, if you don’t think there are cretins out there who will follow the dubious “medical” advice of this drooling harpy, you’d be mistaken.

Just in the past week alone, I had two people block me on Facebook, because I provided actual scientific articles for them to read about the efficacy and necessity of vaccinations.

One – supposedly a PhD (which in this woman’s case means Piled higher and Deeper) and published author named Ileana Johnson – became unhinged, accused me of being a government agent, and  demanded to know where I work. Then she glommed on to a part time writing gig I had listed on Facebook and screeched I was working for the “regime” and spreading its propaganda.

Another one actually had the gall to compare vaccine denying morons to Jews during the Holocaust. You just can’t make that shit up.

I only wish I was joking.


Yeah, because asking for an immunization record before attending public school is something akin to making Jews wear yellow stars. What kind of twisted mental gymnastics do you have to engage in to come up with that bit of Godwinian excrement?

There are enough complete frothing morons out there who would not only buy this book, but also take its insane advice!

I mean, goodness! Why would you want to forego the joy of highly-contagious, potentially deadly diseases? Don’t be afraid, little boy! Here, have a lollipop!

Wouldn’t you rather get debilitating illnesses the natural way, because GOVERNMENT! BIG PHARMA! AUTISM! MERCURY! FETUS PARTS!

There are at least two idiots who took Messenger’s barely literate spew seriously, and most readers – even the ones who gave this feces-filled screed five stars – did so with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

I read an article recently – linked from the very libertarian CATO Institute – which is worth a read, if you have an open and rational mind. I agree with the writer, and I view anti-vaxxers somewhat like freeloaders.

The resurgence of measles is largely attributable to the confluence of two separate factors. On the one side there is a strong, if unacknowledged, effort on the part of some people to free ride off the vaccination of others. The self-interested calculations of many conscientious parents can run as follow: Of course, measles is a contagious disease, but it only spreads if there is a sufficiently large population of unvaccinated people in any given community. Taking any vaccine, including the measles vaccine, necessarily carries with it some risk of adverse outcomes. Vaccines could be impure or improperly administered, and even in the best of times, there is always a residual risk that the vaccine itself will transmit the very disease that it is supposed to prevent. So long as other individuals are vaccinated, the rational free rider decides that it pays not to vaccinate his or her own children. They receive the protection afforded by herd immunity, without subjecting their loved ones to the risks, however small, that vaccinations always present.


But back to the psychotic twatmold that wrote the load of bollocks…

It’s amazing that someone like this actually found someone to publish that pile of monkey droppings!

I’m  all for freedom of speech. I do, however, think that at some point, someone has to say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

You will not use freedom to try and convince kids that getting a disease that could lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, and death!

Measles isn’t marvelous. Small pox isn’t splendid. Whooping cough isn’t wonderful.

People used to die from these contagions, and this dumb twunt needs to be kept away from kids.


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  1. I was expecting a post about Bernutless. I’m disappointed.


  2. Abby’s Absolutely Abundant Abscess
    Addie’s Adorable Adenoma
    Adelia’s Addled Alzheimer’s
    Andys Amazing AIDS
    Anne’s Incandescent Anorexia
    Annette’s Astonishing Aneurysm

    LOL! Are those real titles and not parodies. I can’t help but think of Tyler Durden, having his mental breakdown, reading I Am Jack’s Colon.


    1. LOL those are parodies.


  3. You might tell these idiots that the “Doctor” who first wrote that book blaming DPT vaccines for Autism has long ago been proved absolutely wrong…and even had his medical license revoked!


    1. He wasn’t just wrong. He falsified data. They don’t care.


  4. Nicki, your descriptions always amaze me and crack me up – I can’t drink anything near my keyboard without putting computer’s little life in jeopardy.

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    1. I aim to please!


  5. Heh. Glad to see the libertarians catching on to the freeloading aspect of anti-vax. Freeloading is exactly what they are doing. Little parasites count on herd immunity protecting them, prior to vaccines, measles was endemic, 90% of the population had been infected at some point. Here’s my idea, unvaccinated kids can attend school if they can prove they have had the disease. If you really think natural immunity is better than a vaccine, infect your kid. When the approx 1 in 500 deaths start kicking in, nevermind the blindness, cerebral damage and other “harmelss side effects,” I expect those hippy-dippy woomeister parents will be lining up to get their kids protected.

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    1. Now now, Deej. I’ve always been a huge proponent of vaccination. I didn’t just “catch on” to the freeloading aspect. I just never thought to put it in such terms.

      And don’t advise idiots to infect their kids. Some do just that! Not even kidding. You see the hyperlink in “lollipop?” Read that!!!


  6. Nicki, I know you have been a huge proponent of vaccination. Putting in those terms is what I meant by “catch on to.” I would think the freeloading (Ive usually used “parasitic”) terminology would resonate with a lot of libertarians, so Im glad to see that terminology being used.

    Yeah, Ive heard of the pox-pops before. I am also aware of isolated incidences of “measles parties.” I still think that widespread infections and the real-life consequences would end this nonsense right quick. (The death rate for measles is at least an order of magnitude greater than chickenpox.) Unfortunately, I couldnt actually enforce such a rule — Im too damn soft, I feel sorry for the kids, its not their fault that their parents are too dumb to breathe

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  7. In 1900, average life expectancy was 30-40 years. The number was skewed low because of very high childhood mortality from diseases. Life expectancy is currently double that thanks to public health improvements like clean water, antibiotics, and vaccines. Unfortunately most vaccines are not 100% effective and still rely on the heard immunity concept. I look forward to the day vaccines are completely protective and I can walk through the throngs of unvaccinated, stinky hippies at Good Food Store as carefree as a pig farmer in muck boots wades through a puddle of shit.


    1. Check your email for more stupid.


    2. There is one current school of thought that says our tendency towards ultra-cleanliness is making us more susceptible to diseases…that we build up no immunities if we eschew dirt in any of its various forms–especially true for those sorts who go so far as to carry around a bottle of Purel everywhere they go and use it frequently,.


      1. I can actually see the logic in that, but I’ll leave it to more erudite doctor types to examine. 🙂


  8. In general, I’ve had a pretty healthy life, though I’m suffering from the abuse to which I put my joints–football, running a lot, jumping out of airplanes, etc. I was into mud pies, wallowing around in the dirt, skinny-dipping in a badly polluted creek as a kid, not to count digging in some pretty nasty mud in Vietnam Yet, I had a mild bout with chicken pox and mumps, the occasional cold lasting about 4 days at most, and no other serious diseases…at least none that couldn’t be attributed to dietary habits rather than cleanliness (or lack thereof.)


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