A few observations

So I’ve been sick for the past week. I get a couple of evil colds per year, and I thought this was one of those, but it turned out to be an evil, nasty, gross, phlegm-covered bacterial infection.

The bronchitis was not awesome. I wound up going to Urgent Care on Saturday, getting a nebulizer treatment, some oxygen, a Z-Pack, a steroid pack to reduce inflammation in my bronchial tubes, Tylenol 3 with Codeine, and an inhaler. I was also told to stay home and not bring this plague into the office, so I festered in bed for three days, doing nothing more than gobbling medicine, drinking hot tea, and moaning miserably on occasion.

The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) thing is that I had the chance to catch up on the news, friends’ Facebook posts, my often-neglected Twitter feed, and my photography.

I played with Photoshop and did a few new art prints for my Society6 page. If you like framed prints, or even non-framed ones, check out the site and order something. It helps pay the bills, ya know?

Here are a couple of samples. cherry blossoms


I’ve also caught up with some of the causes that appear to be popular on the Interwebz lately.

Vaccines and anti-vaccine stupidity are once again in the spotlight, because some tool at Disneyland decided to take its plague to the amusement park and infect a bunch of folks with measles.

A few observations about this:

If, given the vast amount of scientific, rational, and factual evidence out there about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, you still choose not to vaccinate your spawn, do us all a favor, and keep your precious snowflakes away from society. That means keep the hell away from schools, sports teams, scouts, etc. No one wants your vat of plague, especially not children with serious immune issues.


I’m not a person who believes in government force. You don’t want to vaccinate? Don’t. If your kid dies of encephalitis brought on by measles complications because you failed to be an objective, rational parent, you should be charged. Otherwise, it’s on you. If you or your crotchfruit are proven to be “patient zero” in an outbreak, because you decided it was your right to parade your infectious ankle biter around other people without regard for their safety, you should be sued. Otherwise, it’s on you.

And vaccination is not a government conspiracy, you bloody tards. Try science.

Another observation: Some people’s lives revolve around “The Walking Dead.” Literally.

That’s all they talk about. That’s all they desire. Their lives on social media consist of counting down how many days until the next episode and searching out every photo of every cast member they can find.

Seriously. What?

I’m as big a fan of the show as anyone, but yet, my life doesn’t consist of half nekkid photos of Norman Reedus, posting to “The Walking Dead” discussion groups or collecting action figures.

ISIS/ISIL/IS: I’m sick of them. Can we please just nuke the lot of them? They’re savages, who have no respect for human rights or human life. Fuck ’em. High time we got serious.

Random thought: I wonder if the renovations going on in my office and the consequent glue smell can really make me high.

Also… Katy Perry… Shark… I don’t get it. No, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I was stoned on a lot of medication.

Some people are really good at crafts – knitting, crochet, art, etc. I’m not one of those people. My mom tried to teach me to knit as a kid, and the result was usually something that looked disastrously like a monkey knitted it with its toes. While high on meth.

Everyone gets record snow this winter. But not DC. Because we suck.

I love snow. I love big, fluffy flakes falling from the sky. I love 2 feet of the stuff lying on the ground while I’m warm and toasty inside with a mug of coffee and my woobie.

And by the way… Rob doesn’t understand the excellentness of woobies. Light, fluffy, warm, packable, poncho liners that are so comfy, that you don’t want any other blanket.


He just doesn’t get it.

My cat Indy gets the woobie. He wraps himself in it sometimes, and looks really confused when he untangles. But then again, he attacks his reflection in the mirror, chews his own tail, and then looks shocked when it hurts, so he may not be the best judge of woobie goodness.

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  1. Is it weird that I read this wall of text as one massive, breathless run-on sentence?


      1. You veer wildly from topic to topic (Walking Dead to ISIS to glue to Katy Perry to etc) and there are no paragraph breaks to differentiate them. In fact, without the pictures above I think everything would be a single paragraph. Hence, Wall of Text.


  2. Hilarious! But I’m sorry you’ve been ill, Nicki. Woobies?


  3. One brick in the wall of text hit home with me…Isn’t it great how the same liberal retards who speak of the “settled science” of manmade global warming (though we’ve been warming since the last ice age) won’t vaccinate their kids because Jenny McCarthy says they’ll catch autism. While I don’t think the Government should mandate vaccines (some are more optional than others i.e. Varicella or HPV), if you choose to inflict your stupidity on your children by not vaccinating them then they should not be allowed in school during an outbreak. Many of the vaccines like pertussis are not 100% protective, and depend on “herd immunity” to stem outbreaks, so the presence of unvaccinated kids raises everyone else’s risk of getting sick. Kids die each year from these diseases, and if your’s did because you were too stupid to vaccinate them it would be a tragedy, but also the ultimate social Darwinism because those stupid genes would never get passed on.


  4. P.S. Get well Nicki.
    P.P.S. Montana has snow and mountains and you and Rob and Red should come see some time; you can bring your wookie or whatever.


  5. Hope you get better soon. Back in the stone age, when I was a Marine, my 1st wife took a poncho line and made me a rather nice insulated vest with it. It was thin enough I could wear it under my utilities when it got cold at the stumps.


    1. That sounds awesome!!! Those things are the greatest inventions ever!


    2. I slept under a camo poncho liner most of 1967 in Vietnam. Wish I could have kept it!


  6. ” crotchfruit”? I am so stealing that…


  7. I want a MARPAT woobie….now dammit. All mine are Woodland because I’m an old fucker who came in right after Satiens were outlawed.


  8. Seems to me the elephant in the living room is these outbreaks occurred after Obama let a zillion or so new illegal alien children invade. We know they bring terrible diseases with them, and reporters were barred from even talking with the DHS overseers about the diseases this “crotchfruit” (heh) may have been carrying. Wonder how many of these little darlings were innoculated?


    1. There’s no elephant in the room here. We all know that allowing unvaccinated and undocumented illegal aliens into the country increases the risk of disease outbreaks.

      However, with this particular Disneyland outbreak, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that illegals were somehow responsible. Disneyland prices aren’t exactly minimum wage or below/day-laborer friendly. They aren’t the ones visiting Disneyland in droves. But idiot suburbanites who chow down on organic food and who distrust Big Pharma and take medical advice from quacks can afford it, and do.


  9. Actually, going to Disneyland is the ambition of LOTS of aliens–legal AND illegal. Remember that Khruschev wanted to go there himself during his last visit to the US. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! If illegals can “save” money by living 12 people to a 1-bedroom walk-up, they can “save” enough money to take their kids to Disneyland.


    1. Some can. Disneyland is not an illegal destination of choice. Sorry. Chances are it wasn’t some random kid that came over with a cartel human smuggler.


    2. I suspect lots of adult illegals couldn’t care less about Disneyland–but their CHILDREN certainly do.


      1. And most of them can’t afford a $70-something ticket for themselves and their children. Sorry. Chances are this was an unvaccinated foreigner or domestic dumbass who traveled.


    3. I think you’re being a bit naïve here, Nicki. These are people who send BILLIONS back home to Mexico and parts of Central America every year.


      1. LOL There are thousands of them here. Of course remittances are going to be high combined. But these are people who are working under the table for less than minimum wage. Who is more likely to visit Disneyland? Them, or precious suburbanites who spend $6 on Starbucks every morning?


  10. Actually, Nicki, the illegal aliens I was often around when I lived in SoCal – in construction – made a hell of a lot more than minimum wage.

    They just managed to drove skilled labor wages – and quality – down for everyone else.


    1. Around here that’s not the case. They’re mostly migrant farm workers making nothing.


  11. In Southern California, however, these people make pretty good wages–particularly compared to “those they left behind.” You’re probably right that the measles outbreak very likely came from some dumb-assed suburbanite who believed that crap about vaccinations causing autism, but it’s NOT beyond the realm of possibility that it was brought there by some illegal’s kid, too. One such here on OKC caused an outbreak of meningitis in one of our elementary schools not many years ago.


    1. Oh, I’m not saying it’s impossible. My point was that the likelihood is greater that it was some anti-vaxx shitbag. And it’s exacerbated by the fact that more and more people are choosing not to vaccinate, which means herd immunity is eroded. The fewer people vaccinated, the more chance there is of the disease spreading.


    2. …which seems to argue that those CATCHING Measles at Disney were too stupid to have been vaccinated–or at least their parents we too stupid to have it done.


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