Moerk proves the criticisms true.

I didn’t think I would write about this again, but apparently, 1SG Katrina Moerk continues to make the news. Her blog is now private, and I’ve seen several reports on Facebook that her command issued what amounts to a “gag order” for the troops on this topic. Not sure whether this is true or not, and I won’t speculate.

The Army Times picked up the story yesterday.  They write:

First Sgt. Katrina Moerk said she never sought recognition for correcting soldiers’ unethical behavior online, but received it anyway, and from high places.

This opening sentence alone brings me to doubt her claim. If she never sought recognition for correcting Soldiers’ inappropriate behavior, why in the name of dog would she bring Pentagon brass into an issue that is best addressed with said Soldiers’ units?

This act alone brought on three investigations into three different commands, according to the article. I won’t rehash here what I wrote in my previous entry on the issue. Suffice it to say, I think 1) she was looking for attention, 2) she got an undeserved ARCOM for merely doing her job as a senior NCO, and 3) she’s now playing victim, because she not only got the attention she sought, but also much more than that.

She claims that there were threats, obscenities hurled, and other unseemly behavior. If this is the case, I strongly condemn this. She’s someone who seems to lack the maturity to have attained the rank she holds, and I am convinced now more than ever that she was wrong to drag Pentagon brass into this issue. But if she and her family are being threatened or abused, that’s appalling, and it needs to stop.

That said, Moerk consistently has refused to acknowledge her responsibility in the backlash (legitimate backlash, not threats, if there were any). She corresponded with Jonn from This Ain’t Hell after he had the class and integrity to drop her an email. What transpired confirms everything I already suspected about her character.

So, I did what she did to the soldiers that she trolled – I looked her up on AKO and emailed her. When she answered my email, she cc’d her company commander. (emphasis mine) The first sergeant said that she didn’t understand why I would assassinate her character (which I didn’t – I couldn’t assassinate that which I couldn’t find).

Then, for some stupid reason, she emailed Bulldog at Guardians of Valor and asked him to influence me to remove the post about her. She said that she had asked me to remove it (she hadn’t) and that I had mumbled something about “freedom of speech” (I didn’t).

The rumor is that her command has instituted a “gag order” forbidding anyone in her unit from speaking about the same thing that the Department of Defense had issued a press release to celebrate. For all I know, that same gag order is instituted through out the Army.

So my assessment of her stands. She did her job when she contacted the Soldiers about their inappropriate behavior, but based on her statements and actions after the fact, as well as her insistence on bringing the Director of the Army SHARP program into what is essentially NCO business, I judge her to be an immature attention whore, who was shocked that the attention she received wasn’t all accolades, sunshine, and rainbows blown up her ass.

To be sure, she did her job when she corrected inappropriate Soldier behavior.  But her subsequent behavior speaks of bigger issues, and her inability to appropriately handle challenges without dragging mommy and daddy Army into her drama, shows her to be unwilling or unable to take responsibility for situations she created.

For those of you who look at the Army Times piece, they do mention this blog, but my last name is not Grimes, although that’s a nice nod to “The Walking Dead.”

Happy New Year!


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    1. This:

      To many, senior military leaders’ fawning obsequiousness in the face of civilian pressure has softened a bastion of warrior spirit. While the military has certainly needed some cultural rudder-steering from time to time, events starting with the post-Tailhook witch hunts and continuing through such initiatives as the 21st Century Sailor and Marine Program have left service members thinking that they joined to be in the Sands of Iwo Jima but got stuck in a showing of The Sound of Music.


  1. She wrote some ridiculous accusations about Jonn in one of her last blog posts. I went back to get the exact quotes, but not only is her blog set to private, she also changed her robot.txt to clear the internet archive. Good idea for her to disengage, not sure if it was command directed or not. Betting no one at ‘Big Army’ knew she had a blog until she linked back to TAH and she (and it) became famous.

    She trolled the trolls and became famous. I agree she should have made the correction, don’t blame her for the award, but am aghast that she resorted to ‘dragging mommy and daddy Army into her drama.’


    1. I agree. I can’t “blame her” for the award, but it certainly wasn’t deserved, and if it were me, I would have politely told the 3-star, “Sir, I appreciate the thought, but I was only doing my job. I don’t deserve this.” I know people who have done just that. I have a ton of respect for them. Her… not so much.


  2. Moerk is the epitome of what happens when people are promoted and put into command positions too soon, I work with Bulldog1 at Guardian of Valor and am figuring she probably tried to get him in the middle because he is still in uniform, therefore she may be able to “whine” to some higher ups to make him shoot the “boogieman”, the whole deal makes me sick, instead of wasting time policing the world wide web, she should be busy mentoring Soldiers directly under her influence, instead of getting chapped over some asinine video placed on Facebook, to which I am not defending, but unless it was sent directly to her, she has the option that everyone else off and don’t watch. In today’s world, thanks to lax social being, nudity, sexual innuendo and plain old embarrassing videos are out there, like it or not MSG Moerk, freedom of speech and expression is still covered under the Constitution, so therefore your petty complaints are moot, if you let one video crank your emotions that much (as you admitted on the video posted by Army times) then you have no business leading Soldiers!! Yes sir, trolling is exactly what she did, and for a 1SG to stoop to the level of a teenager just tarnishes the rank, as well as the US Army, not to mention an ARCOM, which should of been a relief for cause instead. Fortunately I am retired and your “rank pulling” CoC jumping ways have nil effect on me, to stoop to trying to police the net, other commands Soldiers, and I dare say civilians as you did deserves no award, it deserves to be investigated for Fraud , waste and abuse, if videos on Facebook and YouTube offend you so greatly as to have you start calling all forms of Chain of Command or concern into this, then watch out Rodney Carrington, MSG Moerk will have you skinned alive for your “titties and beer” video!!


    1. Fred, thanks for coming over and leaving a comment. Kudos to you guys for your work. Jonn and I were actually talking about this earlier, and we’re convinced she is an immature child who has never been told no.


  3. Anyone archived her interactions? (responf to this one, other one doesnt notify me)


    1. Chris, did you try Wayback machine or any other archives? May be a shapshot there.


  4. I have not really been following the story, but I am curious where she was working when she came across the offending content? because if her job consisted of working closely with the director of the Army SHARP program, I could see why she would have CC’d them. That said defiantly should not have been given an ARCOM.


  5. I left the Army a long time ago. I received an ARCOM for my service in Desert Storm that I am still proud of to this day) As it were, I am upper level management in a large organization. (Approximately 7,000 employees and 4 can give me orders. I don’t say this to brag, but to provide perspective.)

    What I taken aback by most in those whole saga is the lack of foresight by everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, involved.

    The soldiers who made the video should have thought who might see it and how they might react.

    The 1Sgt should have thought about who she cc’d in the email and how they would react. (Did she think that SHAPE would get an electronic record of their young soldiers’ transgressions and not take decisive and heavy handed actions so as to CYA?)

    The General should have though about what it looked like giving an ARCOM to the 1Sgt for such a controversial action.

    Back down the chain, the 1Sgt should have thought about what those around here were going to think about that big smiling face accepting the ARCOM and making the video.

    The “Army” should have had the foresight to predict the backlash that was sure to follow. Did the SHAPE think for a second what a chilling effect the backlash will have on future NCO’s who might report behavior les they become the latest internet clown to meme?

    The 1Sgt’s life, good or bad, will never be the same. She will always be known as “the girl who trolled facebook.” Her reputation will precede her.

    No one is going unscathed because of this. Not the young soldiers. Not the 1Sgt. Not the General. Not SHAPE. And most of all, not the future victim of sexual harassment who chain of command is afraid of becoming the next 1 Sgt Moerk.


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