An ARCOM for that? (With MAKE THAT FOUR Updates)

Jonn at This Ain’t Hell brought this to my attention. Apparently an Army 1SG received an ARCOM for issuing what amounts to an on-the-spot correction to a bunch of immature punks in uniform for acting unprofessionally on social media.

First Sgt. Katrina Moerk, now the first sergeant of Charlie Company, 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, was browsing a social media network’s community page earlier this year, when she came upon a video that she found offensive and sexist. When she commented as much, several respondents attacked her with insults. Some of these respondents were wearing uniforms in their profile photos, the first sergeant said, so she wrote to them directly.

“I looked them up, introduced myself and explained to them why they were stupid. And I [copied] the director of the Army SHARP program to help their units improve their SHARP training, because it was obviously lacking. And it’s kind of blown up from there,” Moerk said.

The problem to me is not that she addressed an “offensive and sexist” video on social media (I haven’t seen the video, but from what I understand it actually had individuals in uniform in it, and was in bad taste. If anyone has a link, please let me know). Nor do I mind that after being insulted and ostensibly called names by individuals in uniform she issued a reprimand. She was doing her job as a senior NCO. More power to her.

I do have a problem with her bringing this issue to national level attention by pulling in the director of the Army’s SHARP (sexual harassment / assault response) program. I always thought that as NCOs we were supposed to be mature enough to handle disciplinary infractions ourselves. Address the individual. Address the individual’s chain of command. But bring national level attention to what should amount to an on-the-spot correction and then receive an ARCOM for it? Really?

After Jonn posted his thoughts on this, 1SG Moerk decided to add “victim” to her impressive resume, in a post where she reminds us that 1) she has reached her rank in less than 20 years, that 2) she has apparently been called names her entire Army career and 3) she holds that victimhood as a badge of honor, and she will “heroically” stand up to those meanies.

This is my lesson to my Soldiers.  THIS is what the hard right looks like.  This is what it looks like when you are retaliated against for doing the right thing.  Break the internet with my name.  Tell everybody ALL about me.  I am showing my Soldiers what it means to lead by example, in word AND deed…    My Soldiers have my respect, and I have their loyalty.  That is earned.  Your petty shit, just makes my point.   You can’t bully me into believing that your actions are right.  You can’t bully me into believing that because I am a female I should be okay with this.   You don’t know ME.  But… if this is what it takes to keep you from attacking other people trying to do the right thing… Bring it on.

She’s a real hero, this one.

For the record, I respect the fact that she did her job by correcting social media idiot troops. I think she did the right thing. But the fact that she essentially pulled the Pentagon into the drama, instead of handling it at the NCO level, and then received an ARCOM for essentially running to big daddy instead of handling the issue as a senior NCO would is a little ridiculous.

I did post a comment on her blog. Respectfully. Without the usual mouth you all are accustomed to. It’s currently in moderation. Let’s see if she has the balls to approve it. But in case she doesn’t, here it is in its entirety.

Interesting. A few observations here.

1) Maybe I missed it, but no one on This Ain’t Hell called you a “whore,” but it’s instructive that you use this implication to paint yourself as a victim.

2) The vast majority of us in the NCO corps simply issue an on the spot correction and move on with our lives. In the event that the on the spot correction doesn’t do the trick, most of us would bring the issue up with the Soldier’s chain of command. You chose to bring the Army director of SHARP into it? REALLY? Somehow in light of this, your claim that you received an award you weren’t “looking for” rings a little hollow.

3) I commend you for doing your job. There’s no excuse for acting like an asshat, especially in uniform. I commend you for defending Army values. I DON’T commend you for bringing what amounts to a bunch of idiots acting like idiots to national level attention.

4) Giving you an ARCOM for doing what is essentially your job – correcting junior troops – is akin to awarding a Bronze Star for a squared away barracks room. This may not have been your intent. I would hope you didn’t bring Big Army into what is essentially a bunch of ignorant joes being immature with the intention of getting yourself an atta girl from the SECDEF. But that is what happened. I would submit that THIS is what most people really have a problem with.

You imply that people have called you names your entire career. I find this interesting. I certainly didn’t spend as much time in the Army as you have, but I can tell you I NEVER experienced sexual harassment, name-calling or other “offensive” behavior you describe. Never. Maybe I was just lucky. Maybe I just give off the “don’t mess with me” vibe, so no one saw it fit to treat me with disrespect. I was an NCO. I issued plenty of on the spot corrections and negative counselings. I participated in 15-6 investigations. And yet, I never dealt with the type of harassment you describe. Not from my infantry brothers, not from my junior enlisted folks, not from officers with whom I served. I’m sure it happens, but I have my doubts that it’s as endemic as you seem to imply.

By the way, This Ain’t Hell deals with all sorts of military issues – not just Stolen Valor. Do you even understand what Stolen Valor is? Because if you did, there is no way you could glean a stolen valor accusation out of Jonn’s post.

And finally, “the hard right”? Really? This bit makes me believe your beef is political and nothing else. The “hard right” doesn’t generally harass women any more than the “hard left” does. Harassment isn’t endemic to one side of the political aisle or the other. But from your writing, it certainly appears that you not only believe so, but that you have a political axe to grind.

UPDATE: So she did publish my comment on her blog. Props to her for that. I honestly didn’t think she was going to do it.

Also, some folks seem to think that by “hard right” she was referring to taking the hard road, rather than political issues. I re-read her words. To me, it sounds like she was referring to This Ain’t Hell as a “hard right” site politically. Hard to say. I will admit there’s a possibility I misconstrued it, although I really don’t think so.

Third, here’s a video where the 1SG explains the incident and what happened.

In the video she describes the incident in which she was offended by a clip produced by some Soldiers that depicted a new troop in the barracks being shown around by two Soldiers, who stop in front of what is ostensibly a female’s room and refer to her as “Suzie Rottencrotch” – the barracks ho.

I will absolutely agree that making such a video is unacceptable. These idiots were acting like horny 16 year olds in a brothel. They are the reason the Military Social Media Idiots Facebook page was created, frankly. The image of these troglodytes gathered in front of the barracks whore’s door, giggling like puerile dolts makes me want to bitch slap the fuck out of them. Why the hell would you embarrass the uniform in this manner?

I think this new generation of Soldiers – much like the rest of the dumbass generation of newly-minted “adults” don’t understand that the Internet is forever, and that social media is a public venue. They live their lives online, publishing every bowel movement on Twitter and Instagram, Snapchatting their body parts, not thinking about the consequences.

The idiot troops need to learn better. There’s no denying that.

But what really appalled me, and I said as much on TAH, I find it instructive that 1SG Moerk appears more “offended” that they made this video rather than by the fact that there are still females in the barracks who act like doorknobs (everyone gets a turn) for every Joe.

Fact of the matter is that there ARE those women in the barracks. In every barracks I’ve been in!

Every. Single. One.

I remember the day I arrived at DINFOS. I walked up to the third floor of our barracks to drop off my stuff, and there was this couple making out in the stairwell. The female was Air Force, and the male was Army. I walked past them, dropped off my stuff in my room, and changed. When I came back out and walked downstairs, the same Air Force female was in the stairwell, making out… with a different guy!

Moerk doesn’t seem offended by the fact that Suzie Rottencrotches still exist, and that women somehow feel this is the only way to exist in the military.

She’s more offended by the fact that the Soldiers were openly acknowledging it.

She didn’t seem upset that there are female Soldiers whose MO is to gobble every cock in the barracks.

She seemed upset that horny 19 year old guys would openly admit to taking advantage of it.

Do the male Soldiers need some extra… ahem.. instruction? Sure they do. And I guarantee you that SHARP PowerPoint slides aren’t an effective tool to teach them right from wrong. Soporific slides will likely give them a good opportunity for a nap, nothing more.

But to paint these barracks whores as “victims” of these guys? They’re not victims. They should be mature enough not to act like a cum dumpster for every pimple-faced, fresh out of AIT dumbass. They’re just as much at fault as the guys are, and they certainly shouldn’t be treated like poor, innocent victims. I’ve known enough of them to know better.

Stop acting like every man is a rapist, and every woman who chooses to debase herself is a victim.

Start acting like every Soldier matters. Every Soldier can be taught right from wrong. Every Soldier deserves equal treatment.

And by equal, I mean equal – not coddling females and making excuses for their poor behavior, while painting every male as a rapist.

UPDATE #2: It appears I was too kind to 1SG Moerk. After getting a slew of criticism, she decided to simply ban everyone and make her blog private, ostensibly visible only to those who kiss her lily white ass.  Guess she’s a coward after all. How embarrassing.



UPDATE #3: I guess the good MSG decided that making her blog private after starting a shitstorm was bad form. It’s no longer private, for those of you who want to read what she’s written. I do encourage you to be respectful – especially if you’re currently serving. As I said above, nothing excuses acting like a disrespectful shitbag in uniform.

UPDATE #4: This woman’s blog is like a strobe light in a bad disco. After posting a self-righteous screed about how she was yet again victimized and was just trying to do her job *sniff*, with a supercilious blurb about how she’s not trying to censor anyone, but merely made her blog private to catch up on comments, she made it private again.

I’m done with this broad. She’s a sad, pouty-lipped, special little snowflake.


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  1. I agree, Nicki. Very balanced. One little tidbit from my point of view: If I was the unit chaplain of one of the those charming young Soldiers screwing up the uniform in tasteless drivel, they would get to see me regularly. Nothing like spending time with the unit chaplain…always such a pleasant and encouraging experience. Especially with me. ‘Cause I’m such a gentle and compassionate soul when it comes to racism and sexism.


    1. LMAO!!! Yeah, Jim – I’d be forcing them to see you for some… counseling. Involving a boot and an ass. 😉


    2. I’m not sure you can force anyone, regardless of infraction, to “see the chaplain”. You are not part of the command structure and have no such authority. And, to the best of my knowledge, you are not an option in the Commander’s correctional action toolbox.


      1. I’m pretty sure that was in jest.


  2. So she got top less than 20. And all those schools she had to go to,, dam– makes me feel bad because I got my E5 WITHOUT. Pldc/pnoc. But to get a ribbon for correcting troops. So bent, I know. Ill give up my noc delve.ribbon in protest.. Oh wait– I can’t.. Never got one because I never. Went to school to get my 5. Stuff was done driferant when I was in.I wonder what eles they give away.


  3. And finally, “the hard right”? Really?

    A minor quibble with an otherwise great post and your response to 1SG Moerk. In the context of her post, I believe her use of “the hard right” was in contrast to the easy wrong, and not a reference to the political spectrum.

    Seriously, hitting up the top SHARP coordinator? She went to the trouble of tracking these dolts down on AKO. Why didn’t she do the really NCO right thing, and email their First Sergeants and suggest they handle it?


    1. I dunno. Someone else thought that too. But based on what she wrote, it certainly sounds like a political statement. She was referring to TAH, I believe. But if I am wrong, I would certainly admit it.


    2. I believe the 1SG meant the “hard-right comment as political. She confronted Jonn in a facebook post and called him an asshat. IS this how a former leader takes criticism? IMO, it shows exactly who she is and it’s not someone I would have gone to for fixing a problem.


  4. I recently found some trash dumped in an empty area near my house. Nothing unusual (sadly) except that this trash had uniform items, some AF unit emblem items (from my base) and mail and papers with name/rank/unit info on them. I took pictures, pulled a few items of evidence and handed it over to my 1rst Sgt with the story. A week later the entire area was cleaned up, including a few thousand pounds of other folks’ trash.

    Obviously I should have just contacted the USAF Chief of Personnel’s office at the Puzzle Palace, right?


  5. You’ve pretty much nailed it. I effing hate the victim bullshit…As a veteran myself of long ago, I remember being appalled that chicks could do what they do and still get some kind of respect. And, as a soldier who believed in the chain of command– clearly Moerk forgot how that worked. I guess if we have to make TAH a “hard-right” site so be it. Jonn will always issue corrections, apologies when necessary and in this case, I agree. It’s a WTF moment.


  6. Nikki- Someone did call the 1SG a slut in a facebook response but it wasn’t Jonn.


    1. Ah. OK. It sounded like she was saying that someone on TAH called her that, and I definitely did not see it.


  7. Thank Christ I’m retired.


    1. I’ll second that. Been retired since ’98, and I don’t hardly recognize the ‘social’ aspect of today’s military. Did we have idiots, sluts (female & male), and the all-around malcontents? Of course. But we dealt with them within the community, be it enlisted, NCO, Officer Corp, or force wide. We didn’t ‘air our dirty laundry’ any further than was necessary.


    2. I’m with you and Steve…

      If this is how things are done in “today’s” Army, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be a part of it… you handle business in-house. The End.

      Good God… just thinking about being a young boot back in the mid 80’s, sitting in the dayroom… they had chicken wire over the TV screen because we would get pissed off and throw shit at the screen. We’d sit around and have insult contests – who could come up with the most vile, heinous – and funny – insults possible. Nothing was off-limits. Not race, color, religion, family.. it was all on the table. Thinking was, if you can’t handle a few puny insults, how the hell are you going to purport yourself when someone’s shooting at you? Yeah, sure, we had a few fist-fights, but those guys were usually drinking a beer together about an hour later, congratulating each other on a particularly good right hook or whatever… and you never, ever brought in higher-ups to solve an in-house problem… we were a dysfunctional family, but still a family.

      In line units for my first two enlistments, I didn’t even see a female, unless it was to run over to Hindquarters to get something signed… and then it was just the one clerk. Changed up MOS’s halfway through my career and was just blown away by the fuckery that went on in support land… females playing musical beds – trying like hell to bed every single male in the barracks… playing one male off another and encouraging fights (some chicks just dig guys fighting over them… go figure), sleeping with the leadership to get plum schools, awards, assignments… and the DRAMA! Oh dear lord.. it was like a fucking soap opera on a daily basis… one female got diagnosed with HIV and a bunch of guys – more than you would think – just vanished overnight. Heard they were ‘under observation’ or some shit…

      When they first gave out those “Army Values” cards, my first thought was “Have you SEEN what’s going on in these barracks’? I couldn’t decide if those cards were an inside joke, wishful thinking or encouragement…

      I think several females had EO on speed dial… EVERYTHING was perceived as “sexist” or “insensitive” – they beat people with that over the head with that particular club at every available opportunity.

      In retrospect, I’m glad I got blown out of the Army in one shot than witness the degradation for a few more years until I could retire… emotionally and psychologically, I don’t think I could have taken where the Army was going.

      Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, sentimental, whatever… but I think the Black Shoe Army was better…

      PS My son wants to serve in a few years, when he’s of age… I’m going to counsel him that if he wants to serve, the last bastion of hope is probably the Marine Corps. 0311 or 0321. Not so hot on promotions, but promotions aren’t everything… stay the hell away from support land.


  8. Great takedown. Cheers.


  9. There’s a book out called “Hellstorm – The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947” that details what the Russians, British, French, and Americans did to the defeated populace of Germany during the listed years. This woman has absolutely no idea what is in store for her when (not if) we ever lose a war with the Russian Army. (Reading the book will explain why I say when, and not if.) This book would clue her in. And give her nightmares for years afterward.


  10. If you listen closely you can hear the Russians bellylaughing in the barracks all the way to Stalingrad. “This tinkerbell is an E8? Comrade, vey have won!”


  11. Honestly, she is the pot calling the kettle black.
    The nearest hit I got on her for age from Intellius is ” 30’s.”
    I also found a picture of her on myspace wearing DCU’s, with the rank of SSG.
    If the DCU photo is from an Iraq deployment, that time frame should be 2003-2004, maybe early 2005.
    And given that she trumpets having made 1SG in less than 20, but she’s in her 30’s, the rough mathematical figures don’t add up career wise, to Katrina walking it like she talks it.
    At a minimum: early 30’s, not yet done twenty, that adds up to joining in her early teens. That’s a no-go.
    Okay, she joined in her late teens, very early 20’s, still not at twenty years of active federal service, she’s in her 30’s and had already made MSG regardless of career enhancing episode of fighting social media sexism and mysogyny.
    Shit still does not add up. And don’t forget the SSG/DCU photo possibly ten years old.
    At a minimum, I believe her promotion history is based on what she is so piously is offended by, soldiers making videos about the “barracks whore.”
    When in fact, that is what her uberfast promotion/career track results from.
    That is prior to trolling for an ARCOM and 1SG assignment.
    The intellius listing had her residing in Clarksville, TN.
    Call me crazy, when I served at Campbell, Clarksville and all it’s niceties were very close 101 land.
    Absolutely, my opinion is based on poisonus personal experience.
    That of being stupid enough to question, and then raise a stink about how a 19 y/o female PV2, two months out of AIT becomes an E4 and less than two years later an NCO.
    Mind now, my questioning had nothing to do with being a “hater.”
    It had to do with being close at hand, when a tasking of productivity came around, sorting and filing PT scorecards.
    And being stupid enough to notice this slodier had an incoming record PT test at PV2,with the next record PT test months later at E4 and the next almost a year at E5.
    Needless to say, that was the beginning of the end of my Army “career.”
    Maybe they were right, I am just a sexist, rapist, caveman, and it was all in my head.


  12. Getting a medal for doing your job as an NCO? Tell that to Colour Sgt. Frank Bourne who did NOT get one of the eleven Victoria Crosses as a result of his gallant actions at the battle Rorke’s Drift because…..he was only doing his job.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia


  13. Good note back to the blog. Basically she should’ve just roped in some other Sr NCOs in the chain and “handled it.” Nice post. (as I shake my head WTH is has this Army arrived at…?)

    One point. I agree with a couple of others. In ‘parlance’ the “hard right” is contrasted with the “easy wrong” and don’t believe it was a comment on the someone’s political orientation. Might just not be familiar in your vernacular. (You can still use that while calling someone an asshat though, it’s an EO kind of jargon.)

    Well done.


    1. Thanks!

      I’m definitely familiar with the “hard right” vernacular. But it sounded to me like she was referring to TAH, rather than the hard road. Who knows…?


  14. Her blog is set for “disco” mode.
    Gone dark again.
    Like someone commented @TAH
    A real 1SG would have told everyone to FOD and left it at that.


  15. Having served as an Army PV1/PV2 in the mid to late 80’s the Army has definitely changed. Unit fixed their problems at exactly that level–the unit level. The NCO/SNCO club was tight and networked accordingly to settle a problem. I truly believe this was a politically motivated incident. Contacting head of SHARP vs soldiers unit 1SGs. Also, I don’t remember mention of Meor contacting the social media website requesting they block the video; and complaining about its ‘inappropriate nature”.


  16. I am now moving my ARCOM to the left of my NATO medal.


  17. So why is everyone calling this nitwit a First Sergeant??? She is not wearing 1SG rank and if you look at the photo of her award presentation it says Master Sergeant, she works for the Deputy Chief of Staff G-1 at the Pentagon


    1. She probably moved their as a reward for the tattle telling when serving as a 1SG. They knew she was toast as a 1SG after snitching and gave her a cushy kiss ass assignment. I would venture she has been to DEOMI are is destined to attend. If you are unaware that is the commissar indoctrination run by the Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base. I know it well, attended the 15 week white bashing course myself in 98. What an eye opener.


  18. Both of my uncles, who fought in the Army infantry in Korea, would crap their boxers if they saw the absolutely pussification of the US Army today. I thought it was bad when they gave Lynch a BS for failing to engage the enemy, failing to fire her weapon in combat (apparently the unit’s weapons maintenance logs went AWOL), and for getting captured.

    I wish that Colonel Hackworth was still with us and able to reverse this disgusting trend in the USA.


  19. Nicki – you hit that one OUTTA THE PARK. Especially with your followup posts re: “My blog is private – no it’s not – yes it is.” You absolutely crushed this one. Damn, you’re good. You ROCK.


    1. Awwwww. Thank you. It’s great to hear. 🙂


  20. I’m a Marine Corps veteran and I have to admit, I agree with your blog.


    1. Thank you for your service. My daughter is a Marine too.


  21. It never ceases to amaze me that people are surprised that young 18 year old men and women with raging hormones thrown together in close proximity will act like young 18 year olds with raging hormones.

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  22. Moerk’s self-important asshattery is an embarrassment. While the young soldiers’ audacity at pointing out the truth was in poor taste, her whining to daddy was just as “offensive.” The whole thing just makes me cringe and wonder what our enemies must think of an Army that rewards such behavior.


    1. Absolutely agreed. Makes me feel embarrassed as a former Army NCO


  23. ((((“3) I commend you for doing your job. There’s no excuse for acting like an asshat, especially in uniform. I commend you for defending Army values. I DON’T commend you for bringing what amounts to a bunch of idiots acting like idiots to national level attention…..

    “The problem to me is not that she addressed an “offensive and sexist” video on social media (I haven’t seen the video, but from what I understand it actually had individuals in uniform in it, and was in bad taste. If anyone has a link, please let me know).”” )))


    (((“I will absolutely agree that making such a video is unacceptable. These idiots were acting like horny 16 year olds in a brothel. They are the reason the Military Social Media Idiots Facebook page was created, frankly. The image of these troglodytes gathered in front of the barracks whore’s door, giggling like puerile dolts makes me want to bitch slap the fuck out of them. Why the hell would you embarrass the uniform in this manner?”…)))

    – Now now.. from what I’ve been reading, you like to put her into a corner, and raise your fist up while using words of power.. BUT then you take her words as fact by talking about the soldiers who made this video in question.. AND YOU HAVENT SEENIT?>?>?>? I know a guy who knows a girl who knows a guy who can get you the video.. will I? hmm.

    (((…I’m done with this broad. She’s a sad, pouty-lipped, special little snowflake.)))

    then you make a WHOLE new post about her.. ROGER THAT.


    1. I am going by what SHE said in her video about what she saw in that video. Her video is provided below. If, in fact, the original vid was what she described, it was inappropriate conduct in uniform. Period. I said as much. IF… IF… IF…

      How about you read a little. Thanks for playing.


  24. WOHH! you should feel pretty magnificent that your “blog” has such a reach. i think the Army-Times is monitoring it.. because they found a way to email me regarding this comment and they want that video (or whom would have it). hehe.
    so good job? IDK.


    1. You should probably remove your tongue from whose ever rectum it’s tickling. It is affecting what passes for intellect on that puny head of yours.


  25. Dammit! I do for a couple of weeks without checking in and I miss this little shitstorm? I’d comment on it now, but she’d probably end up calling together a special session of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to help her readjust her tampon.

    Is it too late to ask for a Distinguished Flying Cross for surviving hundreds of missions after eating Chili-in-a-Bucket for my pre-flight breakfasts?


    1. Nope, I don’t think there’s a statute of limitations for that. I’ll vouch for ya! 😉


  26. Interesting take on things. As a male enlisted Soldier, I could say that there were “Suzies” as described. Taking a commission, you had better never verbally state that, Ever. Active, Reserve, Guard, it does not matter. Dealing with reality is a career killer, it seems. Sometimes, I swear the Soviets won the Cold War.

    So many senior ranks have no idea of what happens in the billets. No. Clue. Whatsoever. I think some of them honestly think that Soldiers are waiting with anticipation in there like sprinters at the starting block waiting to execute the latest in command guidance.

    Either way, getting an impact ARCOM for making the video about ratting folks straight out to DoD, bypassing the entire Army chain of command hasn’t helped her case. Being a SNCO, she should have known better. If she didn’t…well…we have deeper issues if this is the future of the NCO corps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scott, as an enlisted Soldier, I can confirm this. Yes, there were definitely “Suzies” in every barracks I’ve ever inhabited. That is, in fact, reality. That’s why I was appalled that this senior NCO wasn’t offended at the fact that these women still exist and still act as the barracks doorknob (everyone gets a turn), but at the fact that Soldiers know and recognize this!



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