Dumb PSA encourages kids to engage in felonious behavior

Ever wonder where stupid ideas come from? I’ve been following the #gunsense feed on Twitter for months, and I have to admit there are some incredibly stupid claims out there. I’ve seen everything from gun grabbers’ paranoid delusions about AR15s being evil killing machines to calls for SWATting of gun owners who choose to open carry their firearms.

But even I – as jaded as I am – couldn’t imagine this much stupid packed into one three-minute video.

The “PSA” was produced by some leftist twit named Rejina Sincic, and it’s filled with SO much wrong, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to promote this bit of stupidity.

It depicts a teenage kid in a nice, peaceful home with his mom, stealing – yes STEALING – a pistol out of his mom’s drawer (I suppose we should be grateful he at least practices good trigger discipline when he steals the firearm, places it in his bag and walks out with it). He then brings it to his properly diverse school, filled with tired, but properly diverse children. After class ends, this kid slams the gun down on his teacher’s desk and says, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

The last credit says, “Stop Gun Violence Now.”

Let me see if I have this right. A kid steals a gun from his utterly peaceful home, brings it to school, hands it over to another person (the teacher) all in the name of stopping “gun violence.”

How much criminal, felonious stupid can be packed into one anti-gun ass jerkery? My buddy Erin has a list.

0:15 – Burglary (kid entered his mom’s bedroom with the intent to commit theft)

0:23 – Robbery AND minor in possession of a firearm AND, depending on the state and the value of the firearm, grand theft

0:40 – Clearly, the kid has time to think about what he’s doing — it’s not a spur of the moment thing — so there’s probably some premeditation going on

0:46 – Bringing a firearm onto school grounds (Federal Felony!)

1:41 – Menacing 

1:46 – Transfer of stolen goods AND illegal transfer of a firearm (and, also notably, no Background Check performed on the teacher)

And let’s not forget that the kid is too young to be carrying said gun, let alone carrying it concealed, which requires a license in most states!

So this daft bint wants us to stop violence by promoting theft, violation of the “gun-free” school zone law, and the transfer of stolen property. Not to mention the promotion of fascist snitchery. “Go on, kids! It’s OK to commit multiple felonies as long as you rat your parents out to your teacher!”

Criticism of this lunacy, of course, was palpable, so this dummy decided to enlist the help of the CSGV – the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – the horde of tyrannical douche canoes that sprouted out of the National Coalition to ban Handguns, whose goal is not stopping “gun violence,” but “licensing gun owners, registering firearms, and banning private ownership of handguns.”

She couldn’t actually refute any of the criticism herself, so she figured she would glom on to one of the most heinously, anti-freedom, anti-rights, anti-Constitution groups out there to help her spread her evil.

Don’t worry, Rejina. You’re now infamous for having made one of the most unoriginal, dull, dimwitted, and stupid anti-gun videos out there! Congratulations!


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  1. Thanks for the love, Nicki. 😉

    I’m actually one of the few people who isn’t calling for this to be censored. Truthfully, deep in my wicked little heart, I want MORE of these to be made. Given how the dislikes are outnumbering the likes 130 to 1, and there is NO credible dissenting opinion to be found in the 3.4k comments, Rejina has shot herself (heh) in the foot with this video and has, hopefully, done substantial damage to the gun-control side of things.

    Would that our opponents make more such errors!


    1. Anytime! It was good stuff.

      I don’t want this dumbass to be censored. Not at all! Freedom of speech guarantees we can all show ourselves to be as smart or as stupid as possible! LOL!


  2. […] Dumb PSA encourages kids to engage in felonious behavior […]


  3. Looks like she pulled the vid before I got to see it. Maybe she came to her senses….right!!!


    1. Damn. Need to find another copy.


    2. Aww, the vapid cunt got tired of the constant jackhammering her festering, abscessed asshole was taking and decided to ragequit.

      But look! Nicki comes to save the day with an upload.

      The internet is forever, bitch. Boo fucking hoo!


  4. What if someone did a riff on this with the “Parent” being a SWAT team cop, DEA agent, TSA agent, etc. ?


  5. I wouldn’t feel safe with an airsoft gun in the house either…you could shoot your eye out with those things!


  6. Great way for your kid to get expelled, arrested, or even shot. This woman is an idiot.


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