THIS is why I carry a gun

A woman was sexually assaulted not two blocks from my house last night.

The victim told police that a man blocked her way and insisted that she kiss him in order to get past.

“Becoming increasingly concerned, the victim attempted to kiss the suspect on the cheek to placate him when the suspect grabbed the victim’s head and forcing a mouth-to-mouth kiss,” Arlington County Police said in a crime report. “As the victim was leaving, she was chased by the suspect who grabbed her by the arms before she could enter her vehicle. The suspect then forced one of her hands onto his crotch.”

First she tried to appease the scumbag, and then he chased her down to her car and forced an encounter.

Do you know what would have happened if this piece of shit tried that with me?

He’d have a .45 ACP hollowpoint hole center mass – and that’s if I was feeling generous. Because I’m thinking that hole would be better placed in the groin area.

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  1. why choose between shot locations? You could emulate that gal in one of Clint Eastwoods’ movies, the blonde who shot guys once in the groin then once in the head? I know this girl was not thinking clearly, most of us could not in a sudden confrontation like tat, but I hope she knows now that she should never have let him get that close to her. Maintaining that space is so critical.


  2. Shot in the groin, nicking the femoral artery is called poetic justice. Perep knows he did wrong, bleeds out in just a couple of minutes.

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  3. Oh, gee whiz, shades of 1987 and the two jackasses who tried to hold me up on the back steps of my apartment. See, when you make a lot of loud angry noises and start kickiing up a big old fuss, or drag out the Mace canister, they tend to turn and run away.

    When are these mind-numbing dimwits masquerading as women going to learn that sometimes, it just does not pay to be N-I-C-E… whatever that is.

    Ladies, you must learn what we girls learned in the 1970s and 1980s: sometimes it’s quite all right to be a screaming beyatch.

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  4. Kind of a moot point. .45 hollowpoint to the groin will probably sever at least one of the femorals when the bullet shatters the back of the pelvis and/or pelvic floor.


    1. Shhhhhhhhh! Let me have my violent fantasies!😉


  5. Please ladies, shoot them!. The supply of evil rapists will be quickly depleted. This is coming from a man who respects women.


  6. Ms Nicki – after reading this I sat back and a thought hit me… haven’t we seen a rise in the “authorities” (police, gub’mint, university, etc.) telling women to pretend to puke when sexually assaulted or yell “fire”, and robbery victims to just give up their property or the cash drawer “‘cuz it’s not worth your life” and the same for car jackings and home invasions. Yet it’s apparently okay NOT to follow the instructions of the police… Al Sharpton was going about young black men having a “right” to defend themselves against the American Gestapo. (Which proves he has NO idea what the Gestadts Polizei did or were) Now some young metrosexual city guy was yelling about fighting back if a cop even touches him during his protest. I don’t get it… it’s okay to fight someone visibly an authority figure like a police officer but we should kow-tow to some guy with his fist stuffed in his pocket “in an aggressive manner.”

    Hmmm- now that I wrote it all out – a second thought joined the lonely first one. This almost sounds like a conspiracy theory worthy of some other web sites…it’s all a plan to train the people to fight the police when the time comes. Lord and Lady I’m so confused…which just may be the whole point of all this.
    After all confused, frightened, and or angry people don’t think they react…


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