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For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of “The Walking Dead.” It took me a while to get into it, because I always thought zombies were overdone. But the Redhead and Rob both pestered me until I sat down and watched it. And now, I’m an avid fan.

The show focuses on a post-apocalyptic United States, where a group of southerners fight to survive hordes of flesh-eating zombies and other people. What I like about this show is that the zombies are simply a part of the landscape. The virus that lives in all human beings attacks their brains after they die, turning them into munching machines. But really, the zombies are the environment of the show. The real danger is the other people – people who are cowardly, evil, dumb, treacherous, power-hungry, and every other fault that human beings normally exhibit – those faults are magnified in conditions where the infrastructure has crumbled and government doesn’t exist at any level.

“The Walking Dead” is one of the best written shows out there. It injects gritty realism into what is an otherwise unlikely scenario about zombies stumbling around the countryside and feasting on flesh. Yes, children would die. Yes, a mother could conceivably be forced to deliver a child via Cesarian section with no anesthesia. Yes, that mother would die in the process, and her son could very well be forced to put a bullet in her head to prevent reanimation. Yes, there would be people who turn to cannibalism to survive. And yes, there could be individuals – youngsters even – who cannot comprehend the danger the dead represent when they reanimate, and without thought or malice kill their younger sister to “prove” that zombies represent no danger. And yes, there would be individuals strong enough to have to take out the threat – whether it’s a non-comprehending child murderer or an individual infected with the flu.


This realism also means that some of the most popular, strongest characters would sometimes be killed as well. Such is life in the post-apocalyptic universe of “The Walking Dead.” This happened in the mid-season finale of the fifth season when one of the strongest female characters in the show – one who initially wanted to take her own life to avoid the pain of having lost so many loved ones – was killed by a power-hungry sociopath.

It happens.

But, of course, that reality isn’t something feminists and social justice warriors appreciate, because WOMYN!

So they started a petition – an online petition to bring Beth Greene, who was killed off in the mid-season finale – back. From the dead.

Because womyn!

Because she’s an inspiration to cutters and self-harmers everywhere.

Because she was nothing but a prop.

The stoopid just goes on and on. Blah, blah, blah.

Never mind that the show has outstandingly strong characters, including Carol, Maggie, and Michonne, who are as kickass as the men – and at times even more so!

Never mind that a commitment to realistic writing demands that sometimes even strong characters… and even women… are killed!

Never mind that Beth went out a badass, stabbing the sociopathic Grady Memorial Hospital overlord Dawn in the chest with a pair of surgical scissors.

No, we can’t have that, because she was suicidal and depressed, and she overcame that, and because of that we must keep her alive forever! Whaaaaat?

And yet these freaks are still shrieking and coming up with dumb ideas about how to bring Beth back.

How about a flash forward???Maybe like 5 or 10 years??

Like what Lost did??Now that would be cool…and instead of alive and well..maybe Alive and Soulless?…and lack of memory.. 

Uh… no.

Not as stupid as it may seem. They can redue [sic.] the episode. And the [sic.] can bring her back. 

Who shot J.R.? Not on your life!

It would actually be easy to bring her back. If they go back to when Tyreese said they could trade and no one had to die and make this whole thing a flash forward in Ricks head.  He could just say no, we are doing it my way cause that would fit his viewpoint now. He trusts no one and if you do, people die. So he goes with his original plan. Easy.

Yeah, genius. Cheap and gratuitous, as well as lacking in any kind of realism, but easy. Great plan, dimwit.

It’s amazing to me that some people are so vested in a TELEVISION SHOW, they would waste time signing a petition to bring a character back. Seriously. Maybe they need to get jobs, or hobbies, or something. This isn’t a feminist issue. This isn’t a social justice issue. This is an issue of people dying in the apocalypse – sometimes strong, sometimes weak, sometimes male, sometimes female, and yeah… sometimes even kids.

So just STOP!


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  1. Is The Walking Dead well written? I haven’t watched it.

    On a scale of 1 to Breaking Bad, where does it rank?


    1. I like it better. Way better.


  2. I started slow as well. The Walking Dead storyline started as a now long running ADULT comic book by the same name. The comics are pretty entertaining and the TV writers diverged greatly from the comic. Hence my slow warming to the Walking Dead (!!)

    Sci Fi Channel has their own “Z Nation” which IS zombie…but A LOT more TV. Storyline is new for zombie stories…and it’s a lot more “fun” than The Walking Dead. Yeah, I admit it…I’m a Zombie Fan. Ya gotta admit- if there’s gonna be a plague at least the zombie kind encourages you to shoot the morons in the head…

    Truthfully Ms. Nicki- if you want to read a really interesting zombie story, take a look at the World War Z BOOK. The movie, good as it is for a “rage” zombie movie, it could just be a “28 Days-Weeks-Months-Years Later” flic. The book tho- just the descriptions of our response as .a people is very, very well done. The ISS crew watching million zombie hoards stumble across the Mid-West or Asia. The new army’s shoulder to shoulder march from the Rockies to the Atlantic, Z’s walking on the bottom of the Pacific…the Rodina’s “rebirth” as a Christian Nation to name a few new storylines. Because of the writing pointing out these aren’t really even spoilers. Beats the hell out of people dying of radiation poisioning again or BEMMIES invading from the stars one more time.


    1. The husband has the book. I just haven’t had time to read it. I will, though. I’m just not a zombie fan. I don’t like “fun” shows. I like shows that are gritty and realistic and emotional. Walking Dead is all of the above.


    2. Okay- I had to sleep on that one… “fun” in a DARK humor kind’a way missing from the Walking Dead. You know…after a fight with Zs one charater saying to another “uhhh- ‘scuse me, you have a finger stuck in your hair” kind’a humor.
      Hey, I SAID I was a fan!


  3. Walking Dead rocks! Currently as good as Breaking Bad. I also took a while to warm to it because the whole zombie thing is overdone to the point of being comical. All the zombie ammo and swords and stuff is just silly. Nicki hit the nail on the head in that the zombies of Walking Dead are mostly just backdrop once they figured out how to deal with them. The scenarios all are possible threats which could occur with a collapse of civilization; i.e. nuclear EMP or pandemic. The survivors are the real danger.
    Maybe the whiners should boycott all the shows that kill off a major character; although they would be limited to I Love Lucy and Giligans Island reruns!


  4. I was surprised about Beth, I had it figured for a shootout at the hospital and seeing many of them killed. I don’t have a problem with what happened because if this ever did happen other people would be just as dangerous. It also creates a good story line for both Maggie and Daryl, dealing with their personal grief over what happened.

    You really don’t want to be the first zombie or bad human being that Daryl runs into for sure.


  5. So, it’s a zombie show right? Bring her back as a zombie…

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    1. They can’t. She was shot in the head, the way to kill the zombies.

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