Dear Ferguson “Protesters”

Not that I was surprised by your savage behavior after the grand jury failed to return an indictment of Darren Wilson but still, it’s pretty appalling to watch you fucking Neanderthals loot and destroy the property of innocent people merely because you disagreed with a legal decision.

The evidence didn’t bear out the testimony of your lying “eyewitnesses,” who are probably lucky they’re not being charged with perjury. Scientific evidence. Science. It doesn’t lie.

And because the jury chose to base its decision on the actual physical evidence presented, rather than the shrieking, screeching, race-baiting howls of cro-magnon barbarians, you decided you were entitled to either steal or destroy the property of others, who had nothing to do with said decision? To protest what you claim to be “injustice,” – even though the legal system worked as it was supposed to and the grand jury made its decision based on forensic evidence and witness testimony.

But no, that’s not good enough for you, because you were “ready for war” even before this decision was made public. You wanted to loot and riot. You relished the thought of sticking it to those who did you no harm, because of some imaginary “slight” to you from people whom you didn’t know. You saw this as an opportunity to cash in – to assuage your entitlement mentality – to punish others for your perceived slights.

You. Assholes.

You pernicious, barbaric, feral shitbags!

You were prepared for war, because no amount of evidence would convince you that anything but an indictment would be fair. You were prepared for war, because evidence didn’t matter to you. You were prepared for war, because your perceived slights were all projected onto this one case. You were prepared for war, because you wanted it.

Here’s hoping the peaceable citizens of Ferguson, MO – those who didn’t feel the need to “protest” by destroying the lives and property of innocent people – are armed and willing to ventilate your ignorant sub-human asses.


You want war? You have no concept of it, and I’m fairly sure the rest of Ferguson – those who chose the high road and who chose to act like civilized human beings, and not like belligerent barbarians – is tired of your shit, and will fight back should you choose to victimize them.

You want war? You’re not going to like it.

You want war? You’d better not bitch when your ignorant asses get capped by those innocent people on whom you wage said war.

War is hell, and you’re bringing it down upon yourselves, assholes.

Love and kisses,

The rest of America

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  1. […] I’m not good at expressing very many feelings, other than rage. […]


  2. They’re not going to give up until that cop is hanging at the end of rope. If I was him I’d relocate…


  3. Oh my…yes,indeed…a good response…but to what avail? 90% of the “people of color” wouldn’t be able to read this let alone understand it. NB………as white people we should be doubly aware of our surroundings and have eyes at our 6. Do NOT travel on MLK Blvd anytime……


    1. If you’re implying that black people are 90 percent illiterate, I would tell you that you’re full of shit.


  4. this is how the 99% of the American people feel. shoot these lowlife bastards and the rest will start obeying the law of the land.


  5. In your opening paragraph you refer to the non-indictment of Michael Brown.
    Michael Brown has, sadly, left this mortal plane. You meant Darren Wilson.
    I mean no harm. It’s just that you piqued my inner Perry White.


    1. Oh crap. Youre right. I was typing so fast, i screwed up. Thanks! Fixing it.


  6. RE: The 90%. Do you mean it is higher…..oh my….


  7. Can we have an executive order exchanging these people for the illegal immigrants? These people can all be given tickets to Central America.


  8. This is why the second amendment remains relevant. It doesn’t take much to strip the veneer of civilization off the ghetto.


  9. What ever happened to “You loot, we shoot!”?


  10. Apparently the “Journalist” who published the poor cop’s name has requested police protection for all the threats she has been receiving! I wonder if she even gets the irony of her situation?


    1. Yeah. The police determined she wasn’t facing any credible threat, and laughed at her.


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