A Few Questions About Jaylen Fryberg

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A shooting at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School in Washington state has resulted in a familiar deluge of cries for MOAR GUNZ CONTROLZ from the gun grabber camp.

The Zelman Twitter feed is rife with #gunsense #notonemore #enough #stoptheNRA hashtags, and the Mad Moms Demanding Attention have once again robotically began to retweet their leader Shannon Watts’ snarky calls for more gun control.

Note the dismissive, arrogant, sarcastic tone about the tragedy. Very much typical of Shannon’s normal MO.

And mind you, the calls started before anyone knew exactly what happened, who the shooter was, where he got the gun, or why he went on a rampage.

Soon, details began to emerge, and a picture is beginning to take form.

The shooter has been identified as 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, who took his own life after shooting several classmates, two of whom were his cousins.

Tweets he posted prior to his rampage show a kid who was obviously angry at a break-up, upset, and threatening others.

He was suspended from the football team prior to his rampage after getting into a fight about “racist comments,” directed toward him, according to the Daily Mail.

Jaylen was too young to legally buy the handgun he used to murder his classmates, so he took his father’s gun and proceeded to shoot his cousins and classmates.

Let’s put aside the obvious – that the “universal background checks” the Mad Moms are demanding would have done nothing to stop Jaylen’s actions. He stole the legally-owned gun from his dad.

The bigger question was: where were the parents?

Why were they not following their son’s social media posts?

And if they were, why were they not concerned about the violent nature of a number of his Twitter posts, and the pain this kid was obviously feeling?

And if they were concerned, why didn’t they get him some help, or at the very least lock up their firearms until the kid either explained his angst-ridden, violent statements or got some help.

As a mom,  have full access to my son’s social media. We talk. We discuss his life. We find the time to chat each night, even if he’s working or swamped with homework. I guarantee you that if I suspected my son’s mental condition was deteriorating, the first thing I would do is get him help, and the second thing I would do is ensure his access to firearms was revoked until things were cleared up.

My house. My rules. He has full access to guns, and he is very proficient with them. But the moment I suspect something is wrong, that access goes away.

So where were the parents?

Why did this obviously depressed kid grab a pistol that belonged to his father and head on over to the school to commit murder and ultimately suicide?

Why are the Mad Mommies not discussing the roots of this problem, rather than trying to use the tragedy to push their political agenda?

Wouldn’t you think that if they were truly interested in helping kids, they would focus on the true causes of these shootings, rather than merely using them as agitprops in their senseless disarmament campaign?

Shannon Watts’ snarky tweet and the renewed drumbeat for more control and punishment for people who didn’t commit this senseless act of violence, once again confirms that the Bloombergian Stepford Moms’ mission has nothing to do with protecting children and everything to do with imposing Bloomberg’s nanny statism on their fellow Americans.


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  1. It is amazing that only two days have passed, and all of the speculation has somehow grown into “facts”.

    Let me say this at the very beginning here: If ANYONE claims to know the facts in this as far as motive, his disciplinary record, etc, they are LYING. The police aren’t talking, the Frybergs and the Tulalip Tribe aren’t talking, the Marysville school district isn’t talking, Harborview and Providence hospitals aren’t talking. The victims aren’t talking.

    So all that’s left is the <strong?Rumor Mill™ AKA: The Media and those who will speculate for the media.

    I never knew Jaylen, but I know some of his family. The Frybergs and the Satiacums (Hatch) are a large and well-respected family around Marysville, and many hold leadership positions in the Tulalip tribe. They are a very close-knit family, and by Jaylen shooting the two other boys was like him shooting his twin brothers.

    The speculation about “the fight” which was supposedly based on racial slurs directed towards Jaylen is just noise. It certainly couldn’t have been a fight between him and his cousins — at least not the supposed racial one. Besides, boys fight all the time. A teacher’s aide alluded to the fact that Jaylen was just like all the other kids his age — “annoying” in that teenage way, and fighting as many middle school kids that age would do. (in my day we didn’t have “middle school”, we had “junior high school”, which kept the 14-year-old high school kid with the younger ones because they haven’t quite reached the physical and mental maturity needed for actual HIGH school.)

    The Marysville school district would only say that Jaylen had gone “through a suspension” a week earlier. They didn’t say suspension from what — they still haven’t — but that he wasn’t on suspension at the time of the shooting.

    Girl friend problems? What normal 14-year-old kid doesn’t have girl friend “problems”? I’m willing to bet that he had more of a “betrayal problem” than a girlfriend problem.

    Now I am speculating on this, but there was one of his tweets that kinda stood out at me:

    “Soooo… Our having a kid. And trying to talk to someone else? Hahahaha. Your dumb. Oh!! And she’s way younger then you? T’F wrong with you!”

    What do you suppose he meant by that?

    The media hasn’t released the dead girl’s name or her relationship to the others, but her name is Zoe Glasso, and she was currently Andrew Fryberg’s girlfriend, and had been since around August 20th — roughly about the time Jaylen started going “south” on his tweets.

    It is amazing the things you find when you start digging through the tweets and following the threads to other people’s tweets. (of course now there are hundreds of stupid tweets from idiots that are muddying up the waters a lot)

    I suspect that Zoe was originally Jaylen’s girl friend, and she left him for his cousin, Andrew. Homecoming must have been a real bitch for Jaylen, especially since Andrew and Zoe were so public with things.

    I am guessing we are going to find out that Zoe was pregnant, and that one of the two Fryberg kids would have been the father.

    I will end my speculation there.

    As far as all the gun-grabbing talk? i am not sure any of that would mean anything to this case at all. The Tulalip reservation is a sovereign nation, and not subject to the normal gun laws set for the rest of the country.

    While it was still illegal for Jaylen to carry a weapon into a school, I can’t see any law that would have prevented it.


    1. The suspension and the fight about racist comments I don’t think had anything to do with his cousins. A separate matter. I also thought that perhaps his GF left him for his cousin, and that’s where all the angst came from, but I wasn’t going to speculate about that. It was my suspicion based on his tweets.

      I don’t think I’ve seen anyone claiming to know any kind of facts in this case, but again, that’s all irrelevant.

      My contention stands. 1) I agree with you, as does my point, that no law could have prevented this shooting, and 2) Where the hell were the parents? The kid was obviously distressed, and they should have at least taken steps to secure their firearms.


      1. I don’t think the fight or the suspension had anything to do with the shooting. Like I said, that is just noise.

        But I have seen a lot of people claiming to “know” the facts here — we are talking about a community that I used to live in, and I know a lot of the people who still live there. The local news is awash with angles and stories on this thing. You can’t even drive close to Harborview hospital right now because there are media trucks and reporters from all over the place camping out at the main and emergency entrances. They are all waiting for news on the conditions of the two boys, even though both hospitals have said there won’t be any news for several days. (unless one of them dies or something)

        Gack! The morbid reporter beasts…

        His parents are not some hands-off kind of people. Like I said earlier, this is a family that is VERY close-knit and involved with all of their children. But you know kids — sometimes they can bottle stuff up in a public way, but under the surface can have a whole amount of turmoil going on.

        Kids say the craziest things on Twitter. I am not sure I would read all that much into that stuff. Perpetual angst is a normal condition for every teenager. Losing a girl friend happens to everyone. So I don’t think that losing a girl by itself is a reason, nor is losing one to a close friend or brother is enough. There HAS to be something more, and that is why I tend to lean towards a pregnancy involved.

        This shooting was PERSONAL. He wasn’t out to shoot just anyone who he came across, he was specific. He hit only those he wanted to hit. It wasn’t just the one cousin and the one girl, either, it was BOTH cousins and their girl friends. Something in his closest click offended him to the max.


        1. I understand that angst is pretty much endemic to being a teenager, but having dealt with some seriously fucked up shit in my old family, I can tell you that looking at this kid’s Twitter feed, I would have been concerned enough to lock up the guns. I know you say the parents are involved and it’s a close-knit family. How could they not have noticed the tone of the kid’s tweets? How can they not have noticed the obvious darkness there? I don’t get that. I follow my kid’s social media closely, and I track carefully any change – just because of all the other stuff I’ve dealt with. It’s difficult for me to believe they missed this.

          As for the fight and the suspension, I think it contributed to his state of mind – not necessarily that they were responsible. But when you have all this crap happening in your life, and you’re a teenager to boot, it can seem overwhelming. The parents should have known something was up.


        2. I am sure we will find out more after the Snohomish County Sheriff and the Marysville police finish their investigations. I know the Tribal Police are also involved.

          Obviously, the other two boys must have known something was up. These three were closer than the skin on their bodies — they were “inseparable”. So whatever it was, it was something that the THREE of them were hiding, not just the one kid.


  2. There was more news out today. One of the girls at Providence died last night. Nick Hatch, one of the cousins who had been shot in the jaw is up and walking around at Harborview, and has tweeted his forgiveness to Jaylen.

    Also, just prior to the shooting, Jaylen had texted all five kids to be at that table because he had something to tell them.

    I am starting to think that maybe there was something more than a “breakup with a girl”. That might be part of it, but I think that there might be some other family issues going on.


    1. Also, the ex-girlfriend Zoe. She died.


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