Oh, but the UK has low murder rates!

How many times have you heard the gun grabbers screech that we should be just like the UK, because they only have a few hundred murders per year?

I’m so sick and tired of hearing the shrieks and moans about how we should be more like the UK! Because no. Just NO!

My latest for the Zelman Partisans explores this “We should be like the Brits” meme.

The UK enacted its strict gun control legislation after the 1996 Dunblane massacre, which resulted in the deaths of 16 children and their teacher. The ban did not stop murders in the UK. As a matter of fact, they increased dramatically in the aftermath of the legislation, and reached their peak in 2003/2004.

That said, the nation has had historically low homicide rates to begin with, so the increase was definitely noticeable.

What also is notable are the low homicide rates prior to the enactment of the gun control legislation, which left most Britons disarmed and vulnerable to armed thugs.

So in a country with historically low homicide rates, one incident prompted a comprehensive infringement on the people’s right to bear arms, and said infringement had no appreciable effect on the already low homicide rates in this country.

Meanwhile in the United States, we finally got rid of the odious and worthless “assault” weapons ban, gun ownership rates have been climbing, and homicide rates have been declining steadily.

Further, the UK government has now decided that if you’re a gun owner, you no longer have rights. Apparently, you’re just not a full citizen – at least that’s what I’m getting from their latest legislation.

Registered gun owners in the United Kingdom are now subject to unannounced visits to their homes under new guidance that allows police to inspect firearms storage without a warrant.

The new policy from the British Home Office went into effect Oct. 15, permitting police and constabularies to conduct surprise home visits to legitimate gun owners.

Property rights? Screw you!

Privacy rights? Screw you!

The right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures? Not if you’re a gun owner.

And this is what the gun grabbers want to enact here to make us “safer”?

The stats prove that the Brits’ gun control legislation did nothing to reduce homicides. So now, they want to further punish gun owners, who are already registered and tracked like criminals, even further.

So go over to the Zelman Partisans and read my latest.

Then tell the gun grabbers shrieking about how we should be more like Britain to stuff it.


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  1. Actually the overall (not gun)murder rate in GB is probably twice ours. Remember that if a body is found on the sidewalk with 20 stab wounds in the US it is a murder, in GB it is not counted as a murder unless a perp is convicted of said dead body making activity. Count murders that way and we could make Chiraq look safe.
    Also there is the ongoing scandal of official non-reporting of crime to make the statistics look better. GB has a violent crime rate 3.5X ours and that is what is officially reported..


  2. Stats here in Australia prove that gun control has done nothing to reduce crime here either. It’s worse as a matter of fact.


  3. Your link to ZP is noted as having malware per my antivirus. Might want to see if there is some thing amiss..

    Feel free to delete this message afterwards.


  4. A few points on this, speaking as a Brit who shoots.

    Firstly, what’s changed is the guidance given out by the Association of Chief Police Officer (ACPO). The legislation that allows their actions hasn’t changed, it’s the police’s attitude that has. As in the US, licenced gun owners over here are an extremely law-abiding group, so on the face of it there seems to be little logic to the shift. I suspect political motives, since it’s all that’s left over.

    The UK’s murder rate is reported differently to the US’s, but the differences in the reporting methods aren’t as stark as they’re sometimes made out to be. In both cases, it’s the police who initially decide whether they’re dealing with a murder or not. If the police don’t initially suspect murder but the coroner decides otherwise, it becomes a murder investigation. However, in the British case, if it later turns out *not* to be murder (i.e. it’s ruled in a court of law to be accident, self defence etc.) then the statistics are adjusted downwards to take account of this. I’m led to believe that in the US, this isn’t the case, which leads to over-reporting in the US rather than under-reporting in the UK.

    The piece of legislation that effectively disarmed the British public isn’t the 1997 amendment to the Firearms Act. It’s the hopefully named Prevention of Crime Act 1953, which makes it illegal to carry “any item” designed as, adapted as or intended for use as a weapon without “lawful purpose or reasonable excuse”. Self-defence is not considered a reasonable excuse, and unlike most other laws the burden of proof falls on the defendant, not on the prosecution. This pernicious piece of legislation was passed under Winston Churchill’s government, and is the reason why my opinion of the man isn’t as high as that held by most of my countrymen. It effectively outlaws the means of self defence to the law abiding. Even if every piece of firearms legislation ever passed here was repealed tomorrow, the Prevention of Crime Act would still make this a disarmed country.

    Lastly, while it’s popular to compare Britain which has strict gun control and very low rate of firearms ownership, to the US which has much less restrictive gun laws in most places and very high rates of ownership, it’s perhaps instructive to look at the rest of Europe.

    Austria, France and Germany all have five times the rate of gun ownership that the UK has, but have lower murder rates. The Czech Republic has three times the UK’s ownership rate, but has a lower murder rate. Then of course, there’s Switzerland, which has higher gun ownership and lower murder rates than any of them.

    Austria requires no licencing for most types of sporting gun and does issue concealed carry licences. The Czech Republic requires only that you satisfy their “shall issue” criteria to get a licence, then no further paperwork is required to carry concealed in public.

    To reiterate, you’re more likely to be murdered in Britain than you are in countries with several times the rate of gun ownership which allow the carrying of loaded firearms in public. Then again, while the US’s murder rate is high compared to any country in Western Europe, it’s pretty low in terms of the average for the world as a whole.

    By picking their points of comparison, gun control advocates can always make it look as if the US’s relaxed gun laws are the cause of the problem. By countering with comparisons of your own, you can counter their arguments.


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