Submitted for your information

There’s nothing I can say about this clueless, feckless twit that hasn’t been said already by the Internets. I’m just here to show you irrefutable proof that Moms Demand Action frothing lunatics are also ignorant of history.

Exhibit A:


Yes, this was from an actual conversation one of the guys I follow on Twitter had with a Moms Demand Action leader!

It’s quite obvious Alison A. Martin had no idea who Josef Goebbels was, so she replied in the usual gun-grabber flippancy.

I’m betting that after a cursory Google search, she realized what she said. But in typical gun grabber style, she deactivated her Twitter account and went into hiding, so to speak, rather than admit and own her mistake.

Cowardice, ignorance, and lack of personal responsibility… all trademarks of Bloombergian idiots.

Meet your adversary, and take the time to ridicule it.


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  1. If you don’t learn from History….. Although it can be argued these freaks sure learned a thing or two from the National Socialists in Germany.


    1. I was actually floored when I read this. I read it before it became an Internets thing. OMG!


  2. […] Submitted for your information […]


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