Proof that shitbag blood is thicker than water

It’s pretty obvious to me that entitled thugs who think their perceived “need” obviates others’ “rights” come from families who support that kind of attitude. If you remember a few years ago, there was this genital wart named Lakesha Thompson who screeched in the national media that her thug of a brother-in-law who broke into the home of an elderly man deserved a “warning,” letting him know that there was a gun on the property, and that he was going to get shot.

My attitude toward the entitlement mentality of these savages hasn’t changed.

It galls me to no end that this defective, cretinous cuntwart had the balls to show up at this gentleman’s home making demands! It doesn’t occur to her that her brother-in-law did not deserve the courtesy of a warning. Her sense of entitlement tells her that even though Pipkins was a criminal thug, he somehow DESERVED a chance to get away – and maybe victimize others.

There have been other “families” over time who somehow decided that their slimy, criminal spawn/siblings/etc. deserved to live after attempting to victimize innocent victims. But this one takes the cake.

Thug comes into store to rob the place.

Thug is unsuccessful, because shop owner has gun and fatally shoots thug.

Family of thug comes into the store and threatens store owner.

The would-be robber’s brother came into the store Saturday morning, threatening to kill the family, Seth said.

“We are continuously getting threats from them,” said Seth’s 59-year-old father, who bears the same name as his son.

These filthy savages are actually coming into the store and threatening innocent victims who would likely be hurt or dead if it wasn’t for the fact that they refused to become prey to their odious family member! But I guess that doesn’t matter, because shit begets shit, and it probably doesn’t make sense to expect that they would acknowledge the fact that their boy got ventilated because he was a predator who tried to victimize innocent people.

As I said… shitbag blood.

Frankly, if it was MY store, and they came in threatening me or mine, they wouldn’t walk out. They would be carried out sporting a few significant holes.


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  1. A few years ago while I was still wearing a badge, an officer was killed with his own weapon after it had been snatched from his holster while involved in a bar fight. The shooter was also killed. The shooters family began calling the officers family and threatening retaliation for “killing a good boy”. I stood guard at the family home until after the burial. They ultimately left the state. Shitbags won that one.


  2. I feel your frustration on stuff like this. The other day I was at a McDonald’s, and saw a group of Mexicans jump up from their table and accost a man standing at the other side of the restaurant. I have no idea what he did “wrong”, maybe he looked at them funny. They stood in a circle around him, getting right up in his face and saying, “Homie, you can’t do shit like that,” while he apologized profusely. Despite his apologies, they kept going. It made me uncomfortable so I went outside to sit in my car. When I looked up from my phone, one of them was standing right in front of my car glaring at me; I actually jumped for a second it was so startling.

    My guess? They’re with M13 or some other shit like that. Maybe part of the recent illegal immigrant influx. The worst part is that it’s not just inter-gang rivalry; they’re aggressive towards ordinary, uninvolved citizens. Makes me wish more people conceal carried to take these assholes out of the gene pool and show them they can’t blatantly go around threatening everyone they feel like.


    1. We have a growing presence of those particular scumbags here in NoVA.


  3. Act like a thug, get a slug.


  4. I am of the same opinion, Nicki. Here in OKC, three thugs came into a drug store intent on robbing it and maybe “scoring” some dope. The youngest of the three got shot by the druggist and the other two ran outside. The druggist chased them. When he came back into the store, the thug he’d shot was on the floor by trying to get up so the druggist shot him again! The druggist is currently doing time in the State Pen! The two accomplices were also convicted of murder and are there, too. If it were my choice, I’d have bought the druggist a box of shells to replace those he used up….period.


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