Trouble in Paradise

Many of you know that I’ve been writing for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership for about four months now. JPFO is an amazing organization! It was founded 25 years ago on the principle that our rights should never be compromised away.

It is an organization with integrity, honor and a sense of purpose.

But trouble is brewing, and I cannot in good conscience say nothing.

The Great Claire Wolfe, whom I consider a good friend, and whom I have admired for years, has resigned from JPFO. Claire has been a driving force in the organization for years, and she has my trust and respect. Always. Claire is a firebrand in the liberty movement, and a tour-de-force in gun rights.

Here is the reason for her resignation.

We have recently learned that a single board member has unilaterally decided to merge JPFO with the Second Amendment Foundation.

I can not and will not tell you what you should do about this matter. I still work for JPFO, and I have hopes that the organization’s autonomy and no-compromise stance will be preserved. There are options.

The only thing I will say is go read Claire’s blog, and decide for yourselves.

I will also confirm this: should JPFO’s honor, integrity, passion and no-compromise status be diluted or eroded in any way, I will resign as Claire did.

Now go read. Carefully and fully.


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  1. Already sent my letters to the Board, and a nicer one to Chris who has always been a good hearted person. Since the board has chosen to pointedly refuse to respond, I am done with them. They have disrespected and dishonored Aaron, whom I admired, and have shown their contempt for the members who, like myself, sacrificed to send funds time after time to keep them afloat. Score one for Obama, Holder, et al ad nauseum.


  2. dammit. just after I posted to your blog and sent a note to Chris expressing thanks for all the good work… I’m sitting here and my eyes are kind of watering. Silly. It just feels like it did when i was sitting by my wife’s bedside in our final days together. Nobody is dying here, the world is not ending. But it hurts anyway. Love and blessings to you and yours. j.


    1. Oh no. I’m so sorry to dredge up pain! Hugs to you. And warm thoughts and all that. This is emotionally draining. BTW – looks like the board is pretty much ignoring all attempts at communication.


  3. Nicki – I signed the on-line petition…and was immediately assailed with demands for donations. Know that I have no intention of donating to JPFO IF they proceed with this craziness.


    1. Demands for donations to JPFO??? Or is it a quirk of the petition site?


      1. I didn’t pay that close attention. As soon as the donation demands popped up, I closed the window. It popped up as soon as I signed the petition and hit “send.”


        1. It’s probably the petition site. JPFO doesn’t do that. Just saying.🙂


  4. Read her blog. Really frustrating to see what is going on. I signed the petition, and a donation was asked for by the petition site. I really hope that JPFO can retain its independence.


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