Kroger Rejects Statist Mommies

This is my latest entry for the JPFO blog.

Kroger Rejects Statist Mommies.

The butthurt on Twitter is real. The whining, petulant, statist Moms just can’t seem to get over the fact that there are businesses out there who respect everyone, not just the paranoid loons.

Come check it out.

Bring the popcorn.

5 responses

  1. Good article, Nicki. However, it’s coming to light that this “witness” who claimed what you posted was very probably the accomplice of Brown in that strong-arm robbery of a convenience store, so HIS credibility is certainly subject to serious question.


    1. I think you’re talking about a different blog entry. There were supposedly two witnesses. The accomplice, and some lady. Their stories certainly haven’t panned out so far.


      1. True. I don’t know how I managed to get my comment here.


  2. It may be worth the 20 mile drive to the nearest Kroger’s. Oh yes, it just may.


    1. There are no Kroger stores in Oklahoma–more’s the pity. When I was living part-time in Louisiana, I always shopped for groceries at the nearby Kroger store and the Kroger’s in Indianapolis, IN, was where my parents always shopped.


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