Maryland Judge Upholds Ban of Weapon Hardly ever used in Murders

A federal judge last week upheld Maryland’s “assault” weapons ban – a prohibition on nebulously-named “assault” rifles and and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

State officials claim the law will ward off mass shootings (like the 1994 “assault weapons” ban prevented Columbine), and Judge Catherine C. Blake agreed.

The burning stupid of this is… well… stupid.

Nationwide, rifles – just regular rifles – not even specific “assault rifles” about which Blake and the Maryland officials are shitting their pants are barely ever used in homicides. FBI data shows that rifles were used in just 2.5 percent of all murders nationwide – 323 times out of 12,665 murders in 2011. Hell, hammers and other blunt objects were used in more murders that year!

Nonetheless, Blake (whose opinion has nothing to do with her political views, nothing at all, move along, citizen, nothing to see here) opined from the bench that she doubts these rifles “are commonly possessed for lawful purposes” – even as store owners in Ferguson used AR-15s to defend their property from looting hordes of savages.

3 responses

  1. but… but it’s not a real assault weapon unless it has ‘the shoulder thing that goes up”. I think that if you took all of the judges in this nation and averaged their IQs, the mean would maybe equal room temperature.


  2. Agreed. One wonders HOW these morons achieve positions of such authority without knowing dick about that on which they rule. We need a SERIOUS house-cleaning of these idiots sitting on the bench.


  3. I would like to see someone ask her about those store owners in Ferguson protecting themselves using this now banned weapons in Maryland. It’s doubtful she would change her pathetic ruling on this, even with evidence they can be used for defense. This is exactly what we have been warning people about, slowly chipping away your second amendment rights. The end game is for you to only have what the government will allow.


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