Something good out of something bad

When you lose an animal, part of your heart gets torn out. They really are furry children, who rely on humans in every way, and when they take you as their human, they hold your heart in their furry little paws forever.

That’s how I’ve felt all week after having to put my son’s best feline buddy to sleep, but I knew – after having felt her little body struggle agonizingly to draw every breath – that it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t let her suffer. She didn’t deserve that after 16 years of love, friendship and joy.

I initially solicited donations to help me with Mac’s medical bills. Overall, they came out to $5000, which was quite a bit. Through the GoFundMe site I created, and through this blog, my generous friends and readers and even random strangers who stumbled across the posts contributed $2400 to help me pay that huge bill. The love and support has been overwhelming.

We can pay off the rest of her bill through CareCredit, so that’s not an issue, but there’s a huge part of me that desperately wants her death to mean something more – something greater. I want something positive to come out of all that heartache.

So instead of shutting down the fundraiser, I changed it. I found an amazing animal rescue organization in Northern Virginia. HART or Homeless Animals Rescue Team  is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue/support group that takes in and finds loving homes for abused and unwanted furfaces. According to their website:

HART works with local veterinarians, foster homes, kennels, and trainers to provide temporary housing, medical care and, where appropriate, training for our animals until s/he is placed in a loving, carefully-screened new home. HART takes in older, sick, and injured animals as well as the readily adoptable and never takes just the pups and kittens, leaving mom behind. We seek to direct our resources where they are most needed and to alleviate or prevent suffering wherever we find it.

HART is a worthy organization, so the rest of the money I raise toward the $5000 goal I set for Mac’s medical bills will go to HART.

Every last penny.

I don’t want her death to have been in vain. I want to do something for the homeless, abused, lonely animals looking for loving families with whom to spend their lives, so I figure if I can raise another $2500 and give it to HART, Mac’s death will have meant something more than just tears, grief and agony.

So there it is. Something good comes out of something bad.

You guys have been beyond generous to me and to my family. But now I ask you to direct that generosity – as much as you possibly can – to sweet, loving, lonely, abused and abandoned animals who need your help. Please go to GoFundMe and donate to help save as many homeless animals as possible in Northern Virginia.

I’ve changed the donation page, but the photos and the updates of my gorgeous little girl are still on there.

Please help save some really deserving, beautiful critters in her name. I know she would be so happy to see the love of humans who helped her so much also touch other innocent fur babies!

Here’s the site again. I’m taking nothing for myself, and will forward everything to HART. If you can’t contribute anything to this worthy cause right now, I understand. Times are pretty hard all over. That said, if you do nothing more than share the link to the page with everyone you know, I would be forever grateful!

Thank you to all.


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  1. Sounds like a great place to put the money towards. I have a lot of respect for animal shelters and what they do. We have a no-kill shelter here too, so I guess they try to be very selective about what they do.

    It’s too bad there’s no attach picture option, I’d love for us all to be able to share pics of the furbabies…


    1. Aw, damn. That would have been awesome! 😦


  2. Her death has not been in vain regardless; her life was a priceless gift to you; her struggle touched the hearts of people who have never met one another and brought from the depths of their compassion, gifts of tribute to you and to her. With her little furry life, she painted a portrait of human love and compassion on a canvas that stretches from where you live to the most distant regions where your readers live; she alone brought them all to a focal point, like the tip of a brush, to make that painting glow with life and love and beauty. As C S Lewis would say, hers was a life well lived, and hers is a legacy that will not fade. I work with our local rescue center, TEARS, which is where most of my rescued babies have come from over the years so I know first hand the financial struggles that all rescue operations face, and i applaud your generosity it assisting your group.

    I will ask a question on a separate note, feel free to ignore if you wish. I will explain the reason for the question too. did you / do you have a good relationship with your Father? If so, I would like to send you a link that moved me so deeply that I could only sit for a few minutes after watching the 3 minute video. If you did not / do not have a good relationship, then I would not want to send it. Just let me know when you can. Praying for your heart to find healing in the gratitude taht you must feel for having such a precious gift for so many years – julian


    1. Julian, thank you. You’re right – she did have a fantastic life. Truthfully, this was the first time in 16 years she ever had any sort of health problem. She had her regular vet appointments, shots, etc. every year, and nary an issue! She was a pretty incredible kitty!

      And yes, I have a wonderful relationship with my dad. He’s nearly as devastated at Mac’s loss as we are.


  3. I am happy to know of your relationship with your Dad ( far too uncommon these days) May the video touch your heart as it did mine. My own father was a genius, a generous man, later a raging alcoholic, and finally as a result of his addictions, an invalid I often had to clean up or carry because he couldn’t move. But he had a heart of gold.

    The video is only about 3 minutes; if you do not speak Hebrew you will need the subtitles, It is worth it. You may possibly want a Kleenex.


    1. I think I may have to wait a bit on that. I cry too easily nowadays, and I need to get my head straight.


      1. I do understand; just don’t lose the link, it is a thing of beauty. But I know that even now, over a year since losing my beloved, there are those moments… so take your time and when the time comes, you will know. God be with you.


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