Holy crap! Customer rep from hell!

I will admit I have Comcast. I haven’t had a problem with them, and their customer service, and I’ve had Comcast for probably 10 years. I have NEVER, EVER had anything like this experience! This guy needs a kick in the nuts.

This is a painful, whining, stalky, clingy ex, begging his girlfriend to not leave him – PROMISING he will no longer be a douchebag! This was quite possibly the most awkward, uncomfortable eight minutes I have ever had to listen to!

Please! Don’t leave me! I’m the best you’ll ever have! I’ll give you anything you want! Don’t go away!

Ryan Block – the guy who was calling to cancel his service – gave this sniveling moron way too much of his time.

After two minutes, my answer would have been: “I want to speak to your manager now, you whining dipshit. You either put me on with a supervisor, or I will personally hunt your stupid ass down and rip the confirmation of my cancellation of service out of your urethra. With a set of garden shears.”


3 responses

  1. Holy crap. Wow. I was gritting my teeth and can vouch for the fact that I would have started screaming at the guy at about minute three. I have had people not take no for an answer, but never ever this bad. The guy who cancelled service must have an internal wellspring of patience to have put up with 8+ minutes of that.


  2. I couldn’t take all of the call… you don’t think this was a put-on or anything? I like YOUR approach. I once lost it when dealing with an offshore rep for Leapfrog and the idiot ended up saying something like ‘are you threatening me?” Just because I said that I could find their office and come in personally straighten them out. Psssh! People!


  3. I’d hang up and try for another person. Done that many times….


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